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The Ultimate Men’s Guide To Caring For Your Hair and Beard At Home

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While most women only head to the salon every few months for a color touch-up or trim, men typically visit their barbers much more often. Whether you have a bi-weekly standing appointment to keep your fade in tip-top shape or pop in once a week to trim your beard, chances are good you’ve been missing your barber sorely since shelter in place orders went into effect. While we’re staunch advocates of leaving hair and beard grooming to the professionals, with plans for salons and barbershops to remain closed for the foreseeable future, it may be time to take your hair care into your own hands.

If you’re used to leaving the grooming up to your barber, you may not know where to begin—that’s where we come in. We tapped Carmen Marie Reyna, Baxter of California artist and barber at Baxter Finley Barber & Shop in West Hollywood, California, to get the scoop on everything you need to know to care for your hair and beard at home properly.

How To Care For Men’s Hair At Home

Caring for your hair at home is actually pretty simple, as long as you have the right products on hand. While the right styling products for your hair will depend on your hair type and desired final look, everyone should begin their hair care routine with a shampoo and conditioner.

“A good place to start is Baxter of California Daily Fortifying Shampoo and Conditioner that cleanses without drying,” Reyna says. “Shampoo and condition regularly, to make sure you are keeping your scalp clean. Try to minimize heat styling (like with a blow-dryer) to avoid drying hair out. It’s pretty simple!”

Now that your hair is clean and soft, it’s time to style. As we mentioned before, the right styling product for your hair will depend on a few things, but Reyna says there are a few basic products that can help to get beginners started.

“Our Clay Pomade is great if you are looking for high hold and a matte finish, or our Grooming Cream to smooth longer hair types. Our Clay Effect Style Spray is also great for a tousled, messy look,” she explains.

Looking for more product recommendations for your specific hair type? Check out our guide to our best men’s products.

You’ve got hair care and styling down pat, but what about hair cuts? While we typically advise against cutting your own hair, we know that desperate times call for desperate measures. If you keep your cut low and can’t stand to let it grow out, Reyna says you need to have a few things on hand.

“A comb with two sides of fine and wide teeth to achieve all details and angles and a full-size clipper with guards,” she says.

Unless you’ve had professional barber training, now is not the time to experiment with trendy haircuts. Instead, keep things simple. Remember, anything lower than a level two will show some scalp, so don’t go too low and take your time. Go slowly and follow the lines your barber made during your last appointment. The goal is to look clean and put together. Anything else can wait until barbershops are open again.

If your hair is on the longer side and you don’t want to mess with your style but are dealing with straggly split ends, Reyna has the perfect hack for you.

“Use a product like Grooming Cream to tame the split ends or go for a hat! A good barber with your best interests in mind isn’t something you can replace at home. Slick your hair back for now if you have an interview of a special event prior to your local shop opening,” she says.

How To Care For Your Beard At Home

Okay, so you’ve got your hair covered, but what about your beard? Whether you rock a five-o-clock shadow or a full-on lumberjack beard, you’ll have to show your face some TLC if you want your beard to look its best. Much like your hair care routine, Reyna says a healthy beard routine begins with a cleanser and moisturizer.

“Keep your beard clean. Our Baxter of California Daily Face Wash is a great sulfate-free, fragrance-free cleanser that can wash away anything trapped in there. Add Beard Grooming Oil to soften beard hair and soothe any itchy skin underneath,” she explains. The Baxter of California Beard Comb is great to keep it tangle-free.”

If your beard is in desperate need of a trim and you just can’t wait for barbershops to reopen, Reyna says there are a few tools and products you should have on hand to get the job done.

“A small cordless trimmer with guards. A razor—or if you want to be fancy, try our Safety Razor. A clear shave gel like our Beard Line Up, which allows you to easily see your shave lines. After Shave Balm to reduce skin irritation post-shave and Facial Scrub, which is a good skin exfoliant pre or post-shave.”

The rules for trimming your beard are very similar to those for cutting your hair. Go slow, follow the lines your barber made last time, and don’t make any drastic changes to your look.

Equipped with Reyna’s tips, you can make sure your mane and beard look their best, no matter how long it takes for you to snag an appointment at the barbershop.

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