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Bob haircuts are the ultimate it-girl look. Here are 20 elevated versions of short hairstyles that are wearable for every spring occasion.

20 Ways to Elevate Your Bob Haircut for Any Occasion

Bob haircuts are the ultimate it-girl look. Here are 20 elevated versions of short hairstyles that are wearable for every spring occasion.

If you’ve avoided short like the plague for fear of limiting your styling options, we’d argue that’s almost the exact opposite of the truth. As spring and summer events loom (! ! ! !), now may be as good a time as ever to reconsider going for the . Sure, bobs can keep your neck and shoulders cool, but there’s also *so much* you can do with a short hairstyle. From embellishing them with playful to trying out new ways to flip your ends, find out why a bob haircut is practically begging to be your plus one for all your upcoming events.

What is the most popular bob haircut?

You may think there’s not a lot of room to experiment with bob haircuts, but the truth is that bobs come in many different forms. Depending on who you ask, there will be different opinions on which bob is the trendiest cut, but each one lends itself to various versatile styling options. There are pixie bob haircuts, , layered lobs, , -inspired chops, and so much more—it’s up to you to decide which bob haircut will land a place in your short hair era.

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Does a bob make you look younger or older?

Age is just a mindset! Any haircut that allows you to be your most authentic and confident self is the key to exuding vibrant, youthful energy. However, with that said, there are some anti-aging benefits of short bob haircuts that can’t be overlooked.

Cropping your ‘do into a bob can eliminate straggly, thinned-out ends, which can otherwise cause your mane to appear fine and limp. Cutting your hair eliminates this dead weight, creating clean lines that will make your hair appear thicker while also adding movement and fullness. Certain styles, such as and , can be especially effective in giving your bob lasting volume. Chat with your stylist to see what style and haircutting method will work best for you and your hair goals.

Depending on your face shape, a bob haircut can emphasize your jawline or cheekbones, creating the illusion of sharp, youthful, and lifted features. And did we mention how easy bob haircuts are to style? What’s not to love?

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What face shape is best for a bob haircut?

Any can pull off a bob—it’s all about your features, hair type, and the style and length you’re interested in. An experienced stylist will consider all of these factors before getting to work on your new look.

We’ve rounded up 20 of our favorite looks for any occasion if you need inspiration before hitting the salon.

20 of Our Favorite Ways to Elevate Your Bob Haircut

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In-and-Out Ends

No time to get the recommended four-to-six-week ? Using a flat iron to flip your ends toward and away from your face can help you fake the look of shorter hair while disguising . To keep your ends as healthy as possible in between cuts, we recommend using a and a like L’Oréal Professionnel to cut down on further damage.

Bob haircuts are the ultimate it-girl look. Here are 20 elevated versions of short hairstyles that are wearable for every spring occasion.


These days, there’s not much a straightener can’t do. Case in point: These S-waves are created with the twists and turns of a , a look that every celebrity in the world seems to be sporting right now. No need to have FOMO just yet—get up to speed using our S-wave tutorial.

Bob haircuts are the ultimate it-girl look. Here are 20 elevated versions of short hairstyles that are wearable for every spring occasion.

Zig-Zag Part

The ‘ called, and they want their zig-zag part back. All you need is the end of a fine-tooth comb to zig and zag your part line into nostalgic perfection. Bonus points if you some strands into accent “highlights.”

Bob haircuts are the ultimate it-girl look. Here are 20 elevated versions of short hairstyles that are wearable for every spring occasion.

Flipped-Out Ends

Isn’t it funny how a simple hair flip can transport you right into a different decade? Soak up all the retro vibes by learning .

Video credit: @avreyovard


are trending this year, and we love how they look when styled with . Peep the video above for the how-to from Avery Ovard, and follow her lead by using Matrix’s and for more defined and textured curls.

Good hair day by @lamajbackwards

Knotted Headband

We may have popped on a for a quick pick-me-up during the pandemic, but it looks like the hair accessory isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Use a knotted headband to push back your short hair from your face and allow your to take center stage. Mizani will be just what you need to sculpt your delicate baby hairs into place.

Video credit: @luis_alvarez_images

Dimensional Waves

With a pro-worthy curling iron technique and a little bit of Biolage Professional’s , these old Hollywood waves could be all yours for your next spring soiree.

Good hair day by @luis_alvarez_images

Shaggy Pixie

Sure, a pixie bob haircut is as as it gets, but you can still have some fun with it by amping up its tousled texture.

credit: @pati.rodrigz

Curly Side-Parted Bob

Sometimes a new look is as easy as switching up where your part falls. This curly bob haircut is also topped with floral barrettes to take it from average to party-ready. If you need a quick ringlet refresh before heading out the door, spray a bit of Mizani’s onto dry curls and use your fingers or a curl pick to reshape them to your liking.

Good hair day by @kirsty_masterblow


Styling changes aren’t the only way to make your bob haircut stand out this spring. Why not dye it a fashion color like to make a statement? Keep it from fading fast with a formula like Pureology’s . This serum helps protect the vibrancy and shine of your salon color while protecting it from the damaging effects of UV rays.

Video credit: @marjthestylist

Curly Faux Hawk

Hesitant to chop your bob haircut into a full-blown mohawk pixie? That doesn’t mean you can’t temporarily experiment with the in the meantime. A faux-hawk is fun, edgy, and completely commitment-free.

Good hair day by @messy_tresses

Curly Wolf Cut Bob

It doesn’t get better than the to help style a bob haircut with bangs. A cross between the and , this ‘do ensures you’re the trendiest one at the party. Play up how your curls naturally dry into this style with a little help from Shu Uemura Art of Hair’s .

Good hair day by @nakawunde

Triple Bun Cornrows

This showstopping look lets you flaunt your and helps keep your hair out of your face.

Half-Up Scrunchie Ponytail

Love a half-up, half-down look but can’t be bothered with the labor of an extravagant style? Wrapping a half- up in a will have you ready and out the door in 60 seconds flat. Keep every last hair slicked into place using Mizani’s .

Good hair day by @mr_alexandrycosta

Ultra Sleek

If your signature look is a curly bob haircut, shake things up and show up to your special event with ! Sounds straightforward enough, but the change of pace will surely turn heads. A mask like Shu Uemura Art of Hair’s can prep your mane to help it achieve the ultimate sleekness and shine.

Good hair day by @mr_alexandrycosta

Lob with Rope Braid

It may look simple from the front, but an accent braid adds instant intrigue to the back of a long bob haircut without requiring too much effort.

Good hair day by @livedinhairbysue

Teased Bouffant

The 2000s are officially back, and we can’t get enough of how this bumped-up bouffant adds major volume at the crown of the head. To recreate this look at home with minimal damage, check out our expert guide on .

Good hair day by @philipwolffhair.

Parted Pixie Bob

Inspired by the ‘90s male heartthrobs, you can style a in so many ways. One of our favorites is sleek and parted down the middle, reminiscent of the way hair effortlessly flops into the face after a night of dancing on stage. Even if you’re not moving and grooving, a generous dose of Matrix can make it appear like you, too, just stepped off the world stage.

Slicked Double Puffs

If you’re working with a natural curly bob haircut, try this adorable slicked-back, double puff look on for size.

Video credit: @danielle.keasling

Faux Bob

We get it—taking the plunge into a bob haircut can be intimidating, especially if have long been your go-to. Fake it ‘til you make it with this genius faux bob tutorial from celebrity hairstylist Danielle Keasling. It’ll give you the look of a short bob haircut, even if only for the night.

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