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44 Festival Hairstyles Guaranteed To Light Up Your Night

three different braided hairstyles

Break out your favorite sundress and fringed booties because it’s almost our favorite time of year: festival season. It’s time to dance under the sun until your feet go numb and, most importantly, live out your wildest hair dreams. From intricate bohemian hairstyles to simple yet chic looks, we got you covered with 44 festival hairstyles to try this year.

Now, this list is a bit lengthy, so we’ll let you get right to it. Be sure to take notes because you’re definitely going to want to stunt with one (or two!) of these stunning hairstyles.

Festival Hairstyles To Try All Year Long


festival hairstyles double braided buns

Double Braided Bun

This double braided bun is a foolproof style that will last through the desert’s sweltering heat. The combination of braids and bun keeps your hair perfectly tucked away, so you can dance until the sky goes dark without worrying about an unkempt mane.


festival hairstyles bobby pins

Purple Pixie with Bobby Pins

You don’t need long strands or braids to serve serious festival vibes. Embellish your pixie with metallic bobby pins for a unique style that requires little effort, but offers maximum benefits.


festival hairstyles jeweled headband

Jeweled Headband

You don’t need to be a masterful braider to rock a cute festival style. Give yourself some beach waves and top it off with a jeweled headband. This style reminds us of everything we love about the hippie era, but with a modern twist.


festival hairstyles magenta wash and go

Magenta Wash And Go

Don’t be afraid to unleash your curly strands and rock a wash-and-go. Sure, detailed braids are fun, but there’s something about the natural twists and turns of curly hair that look amazing no matter where you go. Bonus points for dying your hair a vibrant magenta hue.


festival hairstyles colorful high and tight

Colorful High And Tight

If you’re most comfortable rocking androgynous haircuts, why not turn up the va-va volume with this electric high and tight look. With such a vibrant hue, you’ll be sure to stand out of any crowd.


festival hairstyles twisted fishtail

Twisted Fishtail

This half-up twisted fishtail braid is everything we love about boho hairstyles. It’s effortless and visually stunning.


festival hairstyles french pull through braid

Half-Up Pull-Through French Braid

This Parisian look gives the illusion of braids without requiring much arm strength. The secret? The style is not actually a braid, but rather a series of ponytails cascading down your mane.

pink lemonade festival hairstyles


Pink Lemonade

There’s nothing like a tall glass of pink lemonade to satisfy your summer sweet tooth. That’s why we love with this center part braid coupled with pink and yellow hues.


festival hairstyles bubblegum dutch braids

Bubblegum Dutch Braids

We’re positive Dutch braids will never go out of style. It’s one of the easier braided hairstyles to create, yet still totally chic. If you’re feeling really bold, ask your stylist to color each side of your hair a different hue.

accent side fishtail braid festival hairstyle


Accent Side Fishtail

Take your beach waves up a notch and add an accent braid. For this look, take a small section of hair from the side of your head and weave a fishtail braid. Once you’ve secured your fishtail with an elastic, pancake your braid to make it appear more voluminous.


festival hairstyles boho bun

Boho Bun

As the saying goes: suns out, buns out. However, this time we’re talking about boho buns. This look is super chic especially when you add a braid and there are a few strands coming loose.


festival hairstyles unicorn braided pony

Unicorn Braided Pony

Similar to a unicorn, there’s something about festival season that makes us feel majestic and free. Embrace those feelings with a cotton candy unicorn ‘do that has a center braid at the top of your head for ultimate festival vibes.

festival hairstyles curly ponytail


Curly Ponytail

 This textured look is perfectly paired with a center twist and looks gorgeous on ladies with a naturally curly mane.


festival hairstyles fiery florals

Fiery Florals

If you already have a bold hair color and want to take it up a notch, add some floral embellishments to your mane. If you want to turn heads, choose botanicals that are a similar color to your statement hue to create a lush monochromatic effect.


festival hairstyles space buns

Half-Up Space Buns

When we think about staple music festival hairstyles, our minds go straight to space buns. Compliment your double buns with some fun makeup to really make this look out of this world.


festival hairstyles rosy hearts

Rosy Hearts

These beautifully woven hearts will make everyone fall in love with your style during festival season.


festival hairstyles Hollywood waves and headband

Hollywood Waves And Headbands

If your style is more glitz and glamour than bohemian chic, don’t worry. You can still rock a festival-inspired ‘do that’s more up your alley. Combining glamorous Hollywood waves with a boho-inspired headband, is proof that you can do it all.


festival hairstyles  double dutch pigtails

Double Dutch Pigtails

When we want to dance freely without a care in a world, the last thing we want to worry about is our mane.This Dutch braid meets pigtail style is low maintenance and easy to achieve.


festival hairstyles french pull through ponytail

Pull-Through French Ponytail

The French braid dupe we all know and love can also be made into a beautiful ponytail. Start by styling your hair the same way as you would a pull-through French braid. Once you’ve woven your entire mane, secure a ponytail at the nape of your neck and leave the ends loose.

festival hairstyles sparkling braided buns

Sparkling Braided Buns

This gorgeous look incorporates all of our favorite festival staples: sparkle and braided space buns. We have some serious FOMO just looking at this fun ‘do.


festival hairstyles rainbow fishtail

Rainbow Fishtail

Embrace all of the beautiful ROYGBIV tones and go all out this season. Don’t forget to add a half-up fishtail braid to ensure everyone sees your vibrant hues.

braided crown festival hairstyle


Crown Braid

In the battle between humid temperatures and loose hair, humidity always wins. But, don’t be discouraged. You can opt for an updo without feeling too stuffy. This crown braid that wraps around your head is a perfect boho alternative to keeping your strands out this season.


festival hairstyles pineapple


Flaunt what your mama gave you and let your curls roar with this pineapple style. By bringing all of your hair to the crown of your head, you allow your ringlets to be real the star of the show.


festival hairstyles textured mini faux hawk

Textured Mini Faux-Hawk

For all the ladies with bobs, lobs, and everything in between, shorter hair does not mean less styling options. You can still get in touch with your inner flower child and rock your favorite festival look. Try this braided faux-hawk and add some beachy waves to your mane for some extra movement and swing.


festival hairstyles lilac buns with accessories

Lilac Buns With Accessories

Take your space buns to the next level by adding fun hair accessories. Music festivals are the perfect time to experiment with flower crowns and metallic embellishments.


festival hairstyles three braid pigtails

Three Braid Pigtails

Show off your braiding skills with this three braid pigtail look. Pro tip: Create the center cornrow before crafting your two larger cornrows. If you want to elevate your style, use some metallic hair ties to bring it all together.


festival hairstyles glitter buns

Glitter Buns

All you need to light up the night sky, is a little sparkle. Add glitter to your space buns for a look that’s ethereal.

festival  hairstyles mohawk


Multi-Color Mohawk

There is no hairstyle more fitting for a music festival than a mohawk. For those who aren’t afraid to indulge in vibrant hues, ask your stylist to create this multi-colored look.

Keep in mind if you don’t already have blonde hair, your stylist may need to use bleach to create the most vibrant hue. It’s important to note that bleach will cause damage to your hair. However, your stylist will work with you to leave you with the healthiest looking results.


festival hairstyles grecian floral braid

Boho Braid

Nothing says Grecian goddess like this elegantly adorned look.


festival hairstyles half up top knot

Half-Up Top Knot

A half-up top knot is a look for those who opt for easy and beautiful. If this look were to take human form, it would be a beach-side, sunkissed, Cali girl who looks gorgeous without trying.


festival hairstyles boho braids

Half-Up Boho Braids

Princess, let down your boho braids. For ladies with down to there hair, ask your stylist to craft these intricate braids.


festival hairstyles flower crown

Flower Crown

Trade in your store-bought flower crown for this beautifully designed crown made using your mane. We admit this style make take a bit of time but the wait will be so worth it.


festival hairstyles three tail pony with accessories

Three Tail Pony With Accessories

If you’re looking for a ‘do that won’t budge, this triple tied ponytail is it! Instead of securing your look with one tail, go for three and a jeweled hair accessory. You’ll be locked in and good to dance all night long.


festival hairstyles accessorized locs

Beaded Braids

We’re so obsessed with this stunning style. While accessorizing your braids with beads may be tedious, we promise it’ll worth every minute.


festival hairstyles jumbo bantu knots

Jumbo Bantu Knots

Go big or go home this festival season. We can’t help but feel drawn to these jumbo bantu knots as they remind us of a masterful sculpture.


festival hairstyles scarf wrapped ponytail

Scarf Wrapped Ponytail

For those who wait till the last minute to get ready (don’t think we don’t know,) throw a colorful scarf to your mane and call it a day. We’re all for lazy styles that look just as gorgeous as intricate updos.


festival hairstyles faux hawk bun

Faux-Hawk Bun

If your mane is anything like ours, humid temperatures, dancing, and loose hair is a recipe for disaster. That’s why we stan pulled back hairstyles, including this faux-hawk bun with a braid down the center.


festival hairstyles  decorated bow tie bun

Decorated Bow Tie Bun

Grace other festival goers with a bow tie bun embellished with a beautiful scarf. You’ll be the gift that keeps on giving.


top knot with a scarf wrapped

Scarf Wrapped Top Knot

We may be beauty editors, but messy buns are our go-to look for just about everything. On the days we want to dress it up, we simply throw on a scarf or headband.


festival hairstyles messy bun

Messy Bun

Prepare for sweltering temperatures with funky earrings and extra hair ties. When it gets too hot to bare, throw your hair up in a messy bun and let your earrings be the star of the show. Your hair will still look fabulous and effortless.


festival hairstyles backwards braided buns

Backwards Braided Buns

This fun twist on traditional space buns is one of our favorite looks for festival season. Pro-tip: You may need a friend to ensure your braids are even while you’re upside down.


festival hairstyles faux fringe

Faux Fringe

If you’ve always wanted to try bangs but didn’t want to commit, this style is for you! Simply, put your hair into a top knot and leave the ends loose. Bring the loose ends to the front of your face and voila! We’re told festival season is all about experimentation.


how to style festival chain braid

Chain Braid

If you need some help unleashing your creativity, repurpose your gold neck chain and add it to your braid. Adding this small detail will make a big difference to your hairstyle offering a long-lasting and gorgeous look. Check out our chain braid tutorial done with Cassandra Rolph, Redken artist.


Festival braided space buns tutorial

Braided Space Buns

Out of all the space bun variations to rock this season, these braided space buns are our favorite. They allow you to keep your hair out so you can let loose while dancing to your favorite bands, while also wearing a music festival staple. If you’re interested in recreating this look on your own, check out our braided space buns tutorial with Casondra Rolph, Redken artist.

If you’re looking for more expert tips, use our salon locator to book an appointment near you!

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