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The 42 Best Burgundy Hair Shades, Colors, And Styles Of 2024

Ready to try burgundy hair color but need some inspiration? Read on for 42 of the best burgundy hair color ideas to show your colorist.

Burgundy hair is a rich and saturated hue that falls somewhere between red and blue on the color spectrum. Think vampy maroon, deep plum, or red velvet. It’s safe to say we’re utterly obsessed. While the color itself is stunning, there’s an added incentive to try it out: it’s universally flattering. Yep, whether you’re fair skinned or dark complected, burgundy hair colors flatter pretty much everyone. The key is finding the right shade for you! 

To help inspire your next salon visit, we’re offering up 42 diverse shades to try. We’re also sharing color care tips to help get the most out of your new hue. Keep scrolling for everything you need to know. 

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What is burgundy hair?

Burgundy is the sensual hue you get when you mix dark red with shades of purple. Our favorite thing about the hue is that it looks stunning on literally everyone—seriously, everyone—but in case you needed even more reason to love the color, just wait until you find out where it got its name from. Burgundy is named after the color of Burgundy wine, a type of red wine that comes from the Burgundy region of France. So, pinkies up burgundy babes! You’re channeling your inner Parisian.

Who should try burgundy hair? 

This is an easy question, and the answer is simple: everyone. If you’re a brunette who’s ever considered trying something new with her hair but is hesitant to lighten up, burgundy is a perfect choice. From there, you have a clear path into even more adventurous shades—think lilac, violet, and mulberry. Light haired people can also enjoy the burgundy hair color trend. Prepare for a major difference, though! 

How To Care For Burgundy Hair

Once you’ve got your wine-inspired hue, it’s time to learn how to properly care for it. As with any hair color change, you can expect to make a few changes to your hair care routine. While burgundy may not look like a fantasy color at first glance, red and purple are notoriously difficult hues to maintain, and it doesn’t get any easier when you combine them.

To help your color stay vibrant as long as possible, we recommend swapping out your shampoo and conditioner system with one formulated for high maintenance colors like the Matrix Total Results Keep Me Vivid Shampoo and Conditioner.

Your colorist will ensure you walk out of the salon with strands that look and feel healthy, but that doesn’t change the fact that coloring your hair can do a number on your locks. Once a week, treat your mane to a little TLC with a deep conditioning mask like Matrix Total Results Miracle Creator Multi-Tasking Hair Mask. This multi-tasking treatment offers 20 hair beautifying benefits including nourishing hair, boosting shine, preventing heat damage from styling tools, reducing dryness, and preventing split ends.

At-home care is only half the battle. If you want to be sure your hair looks runway every time you step out of the door, be sure to head back to the salon every six to eight weeks for a touch-up.

The 42 Best Burgundy Hair Colors To Try Now

Does it sound like burgundy hair color is the perfect hue for you? We've rounded up 42 burgundy colors for hair of every type.

Burgundy Gloss

If your interest is piqued, but you’re not entirely sold on going burgundy, we’d advise you to give hair gloss a try. When the light hits your locks just right, reddish-purple notes create surprising luminosity and depth. To keep hair extra glossy, use Biolage ColorBalm Clear Color Depositing Conditioner. This formula provides a boost of shine in just five minutes while leaving hair 10 times more conditioned. 

True Burgundy

On first glance, you might even think true burgundy is just a red-hued chocolate brown, and that’s what we love about it. The color is ideal if you’re looking to make small first steps towards changing up your look.

Red Burgundy Hair

The more your burgundy edges toward red, the easier it is for anyone to wear. That’s why we love a hybrid shade, one that shines cherry red in bright light. Because the color leans toward full-on ruby with undertones of purple, we find it’s a particularly flattering way for ladies with warm skin to go redhead. There’s no need to jump straight to full-on copper.

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Maroon Auburn 

There are many ways to dip your toe into the world of auburn hair colors, but maroon red is our favorite. Notably, it’s also a color that looks stunning on very pale skin tones without washing them out—a feat that’s often difficult in the realm of maroons and eggplants.

To keep the shade looking fresh and youthful, we love a washed-out version of maroon red that’s closer to pastel than full strength. Ask your stylist for a pastel take on the shade, making sure to maintain extra-dark roots for a striking hair look. 

Violet Burgundy Hair

Here’s a vibrant take on burgundy hair that’s a perfect fit for festival season. Red violet hair (not to be mistaken for purple ombre) is all about the neon. The glossy, red-purple melange of color looks beautifully bright on pale, cool skin. Don't forget to use a hair protecting system such as L'Oréal Professionnel Vitamino Resveratrol Color Radiance Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner

Blonde And Burgundy Hair

Instead of signing on for a full head of the color, give it a try with blonde mid-lengths and ends. If you’re taking this technique to your stylist, be sure to specify a warm, honey blonde that complements your reddish roots.


Here’s one for the girls with medium to dark skin who are trying to find a red that won’t wash them out. You’ve probably already seen an array of pop stars and celebrities try out wine hair, which is incredibly versatile. The vibrant shade is perfect for fall and winter, breathing particular life into often-neglected cool skin tones.

Mulberry Wine

Mulberry wine hair is a nuanced take on plum tones, topping deep red-purple locks with the vibrancy of violet highlights. The hair color looks punchy and striking on short haircuts for cool skin tones, in particular. To achieve this burgundy hair color, ask your stylist for evenly-distributed neon notes. Avoiding streakiness or large chunks of color is the final goal.

Dark Magenta

Be warned: magenta hair isn’t for the faint of heart. While any skin tone can wear this dark burgundy hair color, the shade requires quite a bit of upkeep work. Talk to your stylist about the effort involved before fully committing.

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To keep this color at its full intensity, we recommend skipping shampoo for a few days after your salon treatment. Then, wash with cold water and (if you can swing it) use a purple-tinted shampoo.  

Red Velvet

We love red velvet because it’s one of only a few shades of purple that still registers as deep red versus in-your-face neon. If you’re concerned about a conservative office but still want to walk on the wild side, this is your go to.

Good hair day by @_claudiacruz_.

Rose Gold

We’ve officially reached the pink end of the burgundy spectrum, which melds both gold and red notes into a dynamic, sophisticated tone.

Deep Red

So, you’ve been itching to change up your look, but aren’t sure what route to take toward red. We recommend a deep red, which contains notes of both purple and red. It’s not fiery or in your face, but somewhat moody and a little unexpected.

Burgundy Hair Highlights

Do you remember being a little kid trying out temporary tattoos? They had all the instant joy of a real tattoo, but none of the pain (or permanence). The same goes for highlights, which adds a subtle hint of your chosen color while simultaneously boosting shine.

Good hair day by @michelleoconnorbeauty.


Ombre hair opens up a world of follicular possibilities, enabling women who usually wouldn’t go near a specific color to give it a shot. That’s certainly the case with burgundy, which can feel too intense for many.

Burgundy Purple Balayage

If you’re a natural light blonde with concerns about washing out your complexion, it’s best to delve into burgundy through a balayage application. Instead of jumping straight to the red end of the spectrum, try light brown hair with burgundy notes. If you love the color, you’ll always have the option to add more.

Good hair day by @ivan.nook.

Burnt Orange

To achieve this shade, ask your stylist for evenly distributed neon notes paired with your burgundy hair dye. The key is to avoid streakiness or large chunks of color for a seamless, beautiful blend.

Plum Burgundy

This is the ideal in-between shade for ladies who aren’t sure if they’d rather fully commit to purple hair or stick to something a little closer to red. Plum burgundy hair color takes all the best parts of the latte—warmth, depth—and combines it with the taste-making brilliance of plum.

Good hair day by @jessicapowerspaints.


Bronze hair is a subtler way to wear warm-leaning tones. You’ll be surprised to find the color breathing new life into your look.


Cherry adds more pink into the burgundy mix—and we’re totally OK with that.

Coffee Cranberry

A little sweet, a little spicy—cranberry is the perfect color for fall and winter.


The name may not be so sexy, but this moody purple shade is all the drama you need to make an impact.

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Make your favorite fruit color work for your hair with a berry-hued shade.

Good hair day by @hairordyechick.


Add a dash of the unexpected to your ’do by taking your shade all the way to violet.

Good hair day by @_oizysismyname_.

Purple Burgundy Hair

If purple hair tempts you, now is the time to embrace it. Purple hair has never been trendier than it is this year.


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Muted Burgundy

For burgundy hair that's less "out there," consider a muted version that almost leans metallic. 

Good hair day by @sydneyannlopezhair.

Burgundy Cinnamon

Forget pumpkin spice! Burgundy cinnamon is the fall-inspired hair color we’re living for. It’s the perfect way for dark-haired girls to spice up their look (pun intended). 

Good hair day by @artistic.aestheticss.

Black and Burgundy

Burgundy hair with black highlights (or should we say dark lights?) is a witchy way to do your hair, for sure! At the same time, the contrast makes for an exceptionally striking look.

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Chocolate Burgundy Ombre

Seeking some extra dimension but not interested in inky black with your burgundy? Try this burgundy dark hair look instead. It combines notes of rich chocolate with purple-red.

Good hair day by @meltedbymadib.

Burgundy With Red Accents

For this color, ask your stylist for a base of rich, dark burgundy and hints of red painted on throughout. Keep your tresses healthy with L'Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Color 10 in 1 Multi-Purpose Spray, a priming spray for color-treated hair that boosts shine, smooths frizz, and improves manageability.

Good hair day by @mirandak_kolors.

Burgundy With Yellow Accents

Go real big with bright yellow face-framing pieces on either side. This unexpected color combo is sure to turn heads. 

Good hair day by @isabellerosehair.

Dip-Dye Burgundy

For a subtle hint of this hue, have your stylist dye hair burgundy—but only the ends! This dip-dye technique offers a gorgeous spin on all-over color. You could add the neon bits picture here, or go without for a more subdued look.

Good hair day by @hair_princess_steph.

Fall Melt Burgundy

We argue that burgundy is one of the most appropriate colors for fall. Take the look one step further by having your colorist melt in other autumn-inspired hues, like orange, berry, chocolate, and black.

Good hair day by @janeair_studio_uz.

Flaming Burgundy

This girl is on fire! (But in a totally chic way.) Flaming burgundy leans more red than purple, lending to a look that’s hot-hot-hot. Since red is tricky to maintain, we recommend using a product such as Biolage Colorlast Shampoo to help keep your shade beautiful.

Good hair day by @hairbyerikacoffey.

Orange Money Piece

Pair your dark burgundy hair with a vibrant orange money piece. The two colors complement each other well while still offering a playful boost of contrast. 

Good hair day by @hairbyerikacoffey.

Red Money Piece

Instead of orange, opt for a fire engine red money piece against your super dark burgundy hair. Pro Tip: The ombre effect will help it melt more seamlessly. 

Good hair day by @xostylistxo.

Plum To Burgundy Ombre 

For a moody twist on ombre hair, keep your roots to mid-shaft an inky plum hue while lightening the ends up a bit with a metallic burgundy. Gorgeous! 

Good hair day by @melissas_manestudio.

Violet-Burgundy Melt

Have the best of both worlds with this gorgeous violet-meets-burgundy melt. It’s an especially stunning hair color for fall and winter. 


Good hair day by @mac.manes.

Neon Magenta

If you're not much for muted hues, why hold back? This neon magenta hair color is definitely a head turner.

Good hair day by @foilhair.

Bright Magenta

Those who prefer a brighter hue but don’t want to go quite as neon as the last picture, this is the burgundy hair color for you. It’s bright with notes of pink and berry. 

Good hair day by @created_by_cath.


Can we talk about how gorgeous this sunset-esque hair color is? It melds rich burgundy with bright orange, red berry, and a hint of chocolate all into one gorgeous, almost tie-dye like look. If you’ve got curly hair like this, use a curl-defining cream such as Mizani Curl Define Pudding

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Step further toward the red spectrum with this orangey red hue. It’s another look that’s perfect for autumn.

Interested in trying burgundy hair color? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

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