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The 57 Color-Treated Hair Trends We’re Eyeing for Fall 2024

Searching for fall hair color inspiration? We’ve got you covered. Keep scrolling for 57 trending fall hair colors for 2024.

There’s no season we look forward to more than fall. Between cozy sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes, fall has so much to offer. As you watch the leaves change from green to red and orange, why not change up your hair color too? With a line-up of new fall hair colors to try, now’s the perfect chance to revamp your look and start fresh.

Looking to get into the autumn spirit? Keep scrolling for the best fall hair colors of 2021, from fall hair colors for blondes to the best fall hair colors for dark skin. We’ll even share some of the best hair products to keep your autumn color in tip-top shape. 

The Best Fall Hair Colors To Try Now

Good hair day by @biancas_hair_pro.

All-Over Gold

Warm fall hair colors are going to be everywhere this season, which is why golden hair color is at the very top of our list. This warm-toned shade will pair perfectly with your end-of-summer tan. 

Good hair day by @shelbyweatherholtzhair.

Golden Balayage

If you want to go gold but keep your root maintenance to a minimum, opt for a golden balayage. 

Good hair day by @evgenikastylist.

Dirty Blonde

Dirty blonde hair is nothing new, but the dark blonde shade is getting a ton of love on social media as of late. The best part? It’s a perfect fit for all complexions and completely customizable. 

Good hair day by @curlysway_official.

Sunset Brown

Sunset brown hair is a warm-toned, medium brown with hints of auburn. It is also one of the best fall hair colors for dark skin because of the golden undertones. 

Good hair day by @foilhair.


Magenta is the fashion hair color to try for fall 2021. Need inspiration? Click here to discover the prettiest ways to make the purple-meets-pink shade work for you. 

Good hair day by @aaashleee.

Black Hair With Magenta Ends

If you’re a fan of magenta but not ready to commit to a full head of this shade, ask your colorist to leave your roots ultra-dark and paint a magenta shade onto your mid-lengths and ends. This is another gorgeous example of high-contrast hair. 

Good hair day by @hairbysamanthaj_.

Skunk Stripe

The skunk stripe hair trend kicked off this summer when a certain remake of a classic animated film sparked interest in this dalmatian-inspired hair color. We love this face-framing, high-contrast play on skunk stripe hair. 

Good hair day by

Half Dark, Half Light

Searching for another way to embrace the high-contrast hair trend? Have your colorist paint one half of your hair dark brown and the other half platinum blonde. This one is bound to turn heads! 

Good hair day by


Make a statement this fall by upgrading your brunette mane with burgundy undertones. 

Good hair day by @stylelushsalon.

Ash Blonde

Embrace the cooler temperatures with an ash blonde hair color. Ash blonde comes in a wide variety of cool-toned hues with undertones of gray and white. Just make sure to pick up a purple shampoo and conditioner like Matrix Total Results So Silver Shampoo and Conditioner to help maintain those ashy undertones between touch-ups. 

Good hair day by @lyndadidit.

Dark Ash Blonde

Dark ash blonde is slightly moodier and edgier than the lighter version of the shade, which makes it perfect if you want to lean into that vibe for autumn. 

Good hair day by @hellocindeee.


Embracing gray hair is in—so why not go gray for fall? Let your naturally graying hair grow out, or opt for a gray balayage at the salon. Either way, be sure to care for your color with a shampoo and conditioner like Redken Color Extend Graydient Shampoo and Conditioner. The purple-pigmented system tones and nourishes natural and color-treated gray hair. 

Good hair day by


Embrace a new level of ashy hair with silver strands. This hue is perfect if you’re hoping to add more of a high-shine finish to your gray hair. You can even try a temporary pop of silver with a color-depositing conditioner like Biolage ColorBalm Earl Gray Color-Depositing Conditioner. This formula adds a touch of silver to your locks in 10 minutes or less while leaving your hair 10 times more conditioned. 

Good hair day by @colorbymarina.

Soft Silver

Here’s another variation of silver for the girls who can’t be bothered to visit the salon every six weeks. This look features silver undertones throughout a dark ash blonde balayage with lowlights. 

Good hair day by @paintedhairbytanja.

Yellow And Gray

Combine Pantone’s two colors of the year for a fall hair shade that’s both bright and moody. 

Good hair day by @lindsey.marie.olson.


When you think of autumn-friendly hair, ginger may be the first shade that comes to mind. Luckily, ginger hair colors have been trending all year long, and we predict they’ll only become more popular come fall. 

Good hair day by @motorcitycolormelt.

True Orange

Orange hair might remind you of Halloween, but the shade will be on-trend long past October 31. If you opt for a ginger shade as bright as this, you’ll want to upgrade your at-home maintenance with a shampoo and conditioner like Matrix Total Results Keep Me Vivid Shampoo and Conditioner. This system protects the vibrancy of fast-fading hair colors. 

Good hair day by @degosta.

Ashy Copper

There’s been talk about whether or not ashy copper hair exists, and we say it totally does! Ask your colorist for a ginger shade with cool undertones, especially if you have very fair skin. 

Good hair day by @hairordyechick.

Coral Copper

Just because we’re saying goodbye to summer doesn’t mean you have to abandon summer hair entirely. If you’re looking to enter autumn with a touch of brightness, infuse coral undertones into your copper shade. 

Good hair day by @beautybybrittanymcentire.

Ginger Blonde

When it comes to fall hair colors for blondes, we recommend spicing things up for 2021. Have your colorist paint bright blonde highlights throughout a ginger base for serious autumn vibes. 

Good hair day by @janeair_studio_uz.

Vibrant Red

This fall, vibrant red hair colors will rule—so if you’re up for all the maintenance, you can’t go wrong with this bright red shade. It’s important to not wash your hair as frequently with a hair color as high-maintenance as this one, so we suggest utilizing a dry shampoo such as Redken’s Deep Clean Dry Shampoo to stretch the time between washes.

Good hair day by @coloredbycaitlin.

Red Highlights

Give any dark hair color dimension and brightness for autumn with red highlights. 

Good hair day by @live_love_dohair.

Amber Balayage

If you’re searching for fall hair colors for short hair, this soft amber balayage is a great choice. 

Good hair day by @ajaonyourmane.

Cool And Warm-Toned Red Blend

Can’t decide between cool-toned and warm-toned hair? This auburn and orange look offers the best of both worlds. 

Good hair day by @taylorhardeehair.

Mocha Brown

Another favorite for fall hair (and seasonal beverages) is mocha, a warm, dimensional shade of brown that works for every skin tone. 

Good hair day by @mollylane_hair.


Bronde hair is an obvious choice for fall. This halfway point between blonde and brunette is a great way to either lighten a dark base or tone down a bright blonde shade. Keep your bronde brass-free with a shampoo and conditioner like Redken Color Extend Brownlights Shampoo and Conditioner. This toning duo uses blue pigment to neutralize brassy, orange undertones in lightened or natural brown hair. 

Good hair day by @hairby_gloria.

Ash Bronde

Another way to try bronde hair is to keep it ashy. This variation is ideal for anyone with cool undertones in their skin. 

Good hair day by @nicolawelshhair.

Soft Bronde Balayage

Bronde hair color is already low-maintenance, but this bronde balayage promises an even more laidback maintenance routine. 

Good hair day by @lorenhairstylist.


Espresso is always one of the top dark fall hair colors, and for a good reason! This cool-toned, coffee-inspired brunette shade is stunning and naturally shiny. Amp up the shine with a hair serum like Pureology Style + Protect Shine Bright Taming Serum

Good hair day by @denisesuzanne_.

Espresso With Caramel

This one isn’t quite as high-contrast as skunk stripe hair but still gives espresso hair a bit more dimension and offers a more subtle way to try the trend. 

Good hair day by @msnataliejean.

Money Piece Highlights

The money piece trend has dominated the hair industry over the past year, and these blonde, face-framing highlights will continue to dominate for fall 2021. 

Good hair day by @hilaryphillipshair.

Colorful Money Piece

Your money piece doesn’t need to be blonde. Have fun with the trend by adding colorful face-framing highlights to a neutral base. 

Good hair day by @chrissiearia.


Pink is always on-trend, and we expect to see even more shades of pink during the fall months. 

Good hair day by

Multi-Toned Pink Ombre

Can’t decide which shade of pink is right for you? Opt for this multi-colored pink ombre. 

Good hair day by @barber.blondes.

Subtle Rose

Blondes and brunettes who want to test the waters with pink hair without going all-in can opt for this subtle rose shade. 

Good hair day by @pimpmydoo.

Hidden Platinum

Add a subtle touch of platinum to your fall hair color by bleaching only the bottom half of your hair and keeping the top half dark. 

Good hair day by @lulustone_.

Pumpkin Spice

If your craving for a pumpkin spice latte is as strong as your desire to try a fall hair color, combine the two with this gorgeous pumpkin-inspired hair color. 

Good hair day by @dremalczewska.


This warm, reddish-brown hair color is always on-trend, but there’s just something about a crisp fall day that goes hand-in-hand with a chestnut hue. To keep your newly dyed mane feeling healthy and hydrated, we recommend using L’Oréal Professionnel Absolut Repair Instant Resurfacing Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner. This shampoo and conditioner set works to hydrate your hair while also adding softness and shine.

Good hair day by @suetyrrellstylist.

Chocolate Brown

Raise your hand if you’re excited for Halloween! It’s the best time to dress up and play with your style, but it’s also the perfect excuse to indulge in chocolate—what could be better? While your hair may not satisfy your craving, you can make it look like your favorite sweet treat with this chocolate brown hue. With notes of caramel, red, and dark brown, this shade creates instant dimension and looks great on all complexions.

Good hair day by @hairmira.

Honey Blonde

For those looking to go lighter this fall, this pale, golden hue is a sweet color to try. 

Good hair day by @vivalahairrr.

Honey Brown

If you’re into dark fall hair colors but still want to get a taste of honey, ask your colorist for a honey brown shade. 

Good hair day by @she_runs_withscissors.


Maroon falls right between red and burgundy on the hair color spectrum. In order to keep this hue looking the way it did when you walked out of the salon, you need to show your mane some TLC. We suggest using Redken’s Color Extend Magnetics Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner. These products work to gently cleanse and strengthen color-treated hair to keep it feeling fortified and at its optimal vibrancy.

Good hair day by @ellendevinehair.

True Black

Black hair is one of the most striking hair colors for fall—particularly when it's paired with a razor-sharp bob. 

Good hair day by @hairbycasondra.


Cinnamon and spice make everything nice. Yes, this phrase even applies to hair! This ginger-red hue is an ideal choice for the fall. 

Good hair day by @caroliiine_k.

Navy Blue

Looking blue has a whole new meaning. When it comes to hair, it doesn’t mean feeling down or sad but instead feeling beautiful and bold! This deep navy blue hue is perfect for all complexions and looks stunning any way you style it.

Good hair day by @buzzedandfaded.

Two-Toned Pastel

Pastel may have a reputation as a summer color, but it isn’t going anywhere this fall. If you’ve been watching Tik Tok, then you’ve probably seen plenty of these two-toned pastel looks. 

Good hair day by @lindsayshair.

Muted Pastel

If you prefer your pastel shades to appear more office-friendly, you’re in luck! Muted pastels, such as this toned-down cotton candy look, are going to be huge this fall. 

Good hair day by @msnataliejean.

Half-And-Half Bangs

We’ve seen plenty of DIY half-and-half bangs inspiration on Tik Tok, but we recommend booking some time with your colorist if you want to nail this color-blocked trend. 

Good hair day by @coryhoffmanhair.


Lavender is an excellent choice for fall because it’s one of the easiest fantasy shades to maintain. When lavender fades, you won’t end up with a washed-out color, but instead, a sultry gray hue that is equally as stunning. 

Good hair day by @hairbyjero.

Cherry Cola

Cherry cola hair color features a brown base with violet and red tones that resemble the classic cherry cola you loved growing up.

Good hair day by @leohairartist.


Did you think you’d make it to the end of this list without catching a glimpse of auburn? This warm-toned reddish-brown color  is always a top pick for fall. From golden auburn to light auburn, this versatile shade comes in a variety of hues, so you’re bound to find a shade that works for you. If you aren’t able to get back to the salon for a while and need to conceal your roots, we recommend using L’Oréal Professionnel’s Hair Touch Up Root Concealer In Auburn in the meantime.

Good hair day by @beeblondor.

Creamy Blonde

This luscious, light blonde hue with a hint of warmth can help accentuate your end-of-summer tan. Cream blonde is another top pick for dark skin tones. 

Good hair day by @bettycombs.


Caramel complements all skin tones and pairs perfectly with many different colors, including mahogany, black, and auburn. 

Good hair day by @heidikenneyhair.

Caramel Brown

Keep it dark but add a touch of warmth to your ‘do with caramel brown. 

Good hair day by @esbeautyco.

Caramel Highlights

Are caramel highlights ever not a good idea? We don’t think so. Upgrade any base color with a crown of caramel streaks. 

Good hair day by @meltedbymadib.


If you’re not ready to give up summer hair just yet, pink and orange come together to create a warm-toned hue that is equally fun for fall. Whether you want to dye your whole head or just the ends, this color is so versatile that it looks gorgeous no matter how you style it.

Good hair day by @hairbyravenc.

Color-Blocked Mullet

Take two of the edgiest fall trends and combine them to create a gorgeous look that’ll really switch up your autumn hair vibe. 

Interested in trying a fall hair color trend? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

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