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16 Fall Hair Colors To Save Now And Try When The Temperature Drops

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There’s no season we look forward to more than fall. Between cozy sweaters, chic outerwear, and a lineup of new hair color ideas for fall to try, this season is a chance to revamp your look and start fresh. 

Looking to get into the autumn spirit? From ash blonde to dimensional dark brown hair, we’ve rounded up the 16 best fall hair colors to inspire your seasonal hair transformation. 

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The Best Fall Hair Color Ideas To Try


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Platinum Blonde

Let’s be real: There’s no wrong time to try platinum blonde hair. When it comes to fall blonde hair colors, this cool-toned hue is wearable any time of year! 

A shade as icy as platinum blonde needs all the love it can get—and that means investing in salon-quality purple shampoo to help maintain your brass-free hue between appointments. We recommend Kérastase Bain Ultra-Violet Purple Shampoo to help neutralize brassy or yellow undertones on lightened, cool blonde, or gray hair. For best results, be sure to follow your shampoo with the Cicaflash Conditioner for Blonde Hair


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Champagne Blonde

New Year’s Eve might be months away, but champagne blonde makes us want to celebrate all year round! This shiny, creamy blonde will keep you party-ready throughout the season—just like the bubbly beverage it’s named after. If you want to leave the salon with extra shine, ask your colorist to end your appointment with a hair gloss service. 


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Honey Blonde

If you usually lean towards cool-toned shades, warm up for fall with an on-trend hair color like honey blonde. This golden blonde shade can give your strands a sunkissed glow even as the weather cools down. 


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Money Piece

Even the subtlest changes can make the biggest impact. If you’re a brunette looking to slightly tweak your hue for fall, ask your colorist about the money piece technique. Your colorist will focus on painting highlights onto the strands framing your face. This technique accentuates your facial features while subtly brightening your all-over look. 


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Caramel Highlights

There’s no color trend more universally loved than caramel highlights—mainly because it looks stunning on every hair length and skin tone. Opt for a full head of caramel highlights to add sun kissed depth and dimension to your fall look. 


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Ash Brown Balayage

After a long summer of sunkissed highlights and beachy blonde, it might be time to cool things down a bit! If you’re leaning toward a cooler, edgier hue for your fall color transformation, you can’t go wrong with ash brown


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Chocolate Brown

Where ash brown is moody and cool-toned, chocolate brown can bring some warmth back to your brunette strands. Whether you opt for traditional chocolate brown or go bold with a dark chocolate hue, this shade is one of the autumn hair colors to look out for.


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Chili Chocolate

If you’re a natural brunette looking to explore warmer tones of red hair, turn to chili chocolate. This decadent blend of brown and red will instantly add dimension and a bit of spice to your overall look. 


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Forget rose gold—rosé will be your newest fall hair color obsession. Inspired by your favorite wine, this metallic pink hue is a standout that’s still wearable enough for work. 


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Ginger Peach

Everyone’s talking about ginger hair color, but the coppery hue with a twist should really be on your radar for fall. To achieve ginger peach hair color, your colorist will blend a peach hue over an auburn base. 


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Spiced Cider

Inspired by the perfectly blended seasonal beverage, spiced cider combines notes of cinnamon, auburn, and ginger shades. If you’re a natural redhead, this trend is perfect for adding a dimensional twist to your all-over color. 


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Mahogany Balayage

The balayage bob might've been one of the summer’s most sought-after trends, but  the look has followed us straight into the remainder of 2019. If you’re looking for hair colors for fall, this rich, mahogany balayage on a chin-length bob gives us serious autumn vibes. 


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If you’re looking for a bold color trend to take you into fall, you can’t go wrong with purple. From vibrant ultra violet to toned-down plum, there are tons of ways to make the look yours this season. 


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Smoky Gray

Light gray and silver are ideal for summer but for the fall months, we like our gray hair colors to have a bit more depth. That’s why for fall, we recommend opting for a smoky gray hue. 

Gray hair is notoriously difficult to maintain, so be sure to invest in a color-protecting shampoo and conditioner like Redken Color Extend Graydiant Shampoo and Color Extend Graydiant Conditioner for Gray Hair for brightening and nourishing gray and silver hair. 


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Green might be the most surprising color trend we’ve seen this year, but influencers and celebrities are loving the cool-toned fantasy shade. Ask your colorist for a pastel green balayage for a subtle, low-maintenance way to wear the look for fall. 


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Opting for jet black hair might seem intimidating at first, but the darkest of all dark shades allows you to keep your strands neutral while still making a bold statement. If you have a pale skin tone, black hair will look particularly striking on you! 

Interested in trying a fall hair color? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you. 

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