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Stay Golden: 35 Ways to Wear Golden Brown Hair All Year Long

To achieve golden brown hair, your colorist will create a brunette shade blended with golden undertones to add brightness, shine, and dimension to your look.

All the cool girls have been loving ash brown hair colors these past few years, but we’re finally starting to see a shift back into warm-toned territory. Hence,our renewed admiration for golden brown hair.

If you want to experiment with warm tones without giving up your dark brown hair, golden brown is the perfect way to do so. For everything you need to know about golden brown hair—including how to maintain it and the best ways to wear it—keep scrolling!

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What color is golden brown hair?

If you want all the brightening benefits of golden blonde hair but none of the commitment, meet golden brown. To achieve golden brown hair, your colorist will create a brunette shade blended with golden undertones to add brightness, shine, and dimension to your look. The best part? Golden brown shades complement any skin tone.

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Is golden brown good for grey hair?

If you’re looking to cover your grey hair, golden brown is a great option for your new hue. The key to completely covering grey hair is to have your colorist use a permanent hair color formula. Schedule a consultation with your colorist to see if a permanent golden brown hair color is right for you.

Is golden brown warm or cool?

The golden hue is naturally a warm color, which means most golden brown hair colors will appear warm. However, a talented colorist can manipulate your color to appear warm or cool. If you like golden brown hair but are looking for a hue that’s just a bit cooler, show your colorist some inspirational pictures of ashy golden brown hair.

How do you care for golden brown hair?

Unless you were born with naturally golden brown hair (um, jealous much) chances are good you had to head to the salon to achieve your new hue. And unless you’re blonde, your colorist likely lightened your hair to achieve your new color. While golden brown hair is markedly less work than say, platinum blonde, anytime you lighten your hair there’s a chance for brass and orange undertones to rear their ugly head. Upgrading your routine to include products formulated to nourish and color-correct your new hue will keep your mane looking fresh between appointments.

Begin by swapping your regular shampoo and conditioner for a system formulated for lightened brunette strands. We recommend the Matrix Total Results Brass Off Duo. This shampoo deposits blue-violet pigments when you wash your hair, so brassy tones are neutralized, and so you can enjoy your new color, and extend the time between salon visits, even longer. After the pigmented shampoo neutralizes unwanted warm tones, this conditioner, with vitamin hair oil, volumizes and smooths strands so hair is nourished, soft, and moisturized.

If you’re looking to punch up your brass-fighting measures, add the Matrix Total Results Brass Off Custom Neutralization Mask to your routine. This highly concentrated blue formula acts as a toner and a deep treatment. Lightening your hair can sometimes leave it feeling dry and brittle. If your hair is in need of some extra TLC, swap out your regular conditioner for a hair mask like Matrix Total Results Miracle Creator Nourishing Strengthening Mask. This multi-tasking mask revitalizes, nourishes, and strengthens hair in just 60 seconds!

Inspired to make a change? Keep scrolling for 35 of the best golden brown hair colors you need to know about.

The Best Golden Brown Hair Color Ideas To Try Now

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Honey Golden Brown Hair

A few strands of honey is all it takes to bring the warmth of your golden brown hair to the next level.

Good hair day by  @kerastase_official

Light Golden Brown Hair

This lighter take on golden brown is absolutely stunning (and a major win for fair skin tones).

Good hair day by  @beautybybrittw_

Brown Hair with Golden Highlights

Nothing quite shakes up a dark brown base like highlights. Ask your colorist to add a few golden highlights throughout your strands for a subtle change that will make your hair look so much brighter.

Good hair day by  @studioehair

Medium Golden Brown

If your natural hue falls somewhere between light and dark brown, opt for this medium golden brown shade to give your strands a low-commitment upgrade.

Good hair day by  @Laura_latino

Dark Golden Brown

If you have naturally dark hair, you don’t have to go much lighter to add a pop of gold to your hue. Opt for a dark brown hue with just a hint of gold to edge into the look without too much commitment.

Good hair day by  @emmalouiseconnolly and @flavienprioreau

Long And Layered

We’re firm believers that layers make any hair color look better. Ask your stylist for face-framing layers to accentuate your features and enhance your golden brown hue.

Good hair day by  @carla.jean.styles

Caramel And Golden Highlights

Looking to add even more warmth to your brunette strands? Ask your colorist for a mix of golden and caramel highlights for a dimensional look that’s perfect for any time of year.

Good hair day by @laquitaburnett_devacurl

Curly Golden Brown

When it comes to coloring curls, some brunette shades make ringlets appear flat and dull. That’s why we’re such huge fans of this dimensional golden brown hue on curly hair.

Good hair day by  @cathy_oscaroscarstkilda_

Golden Chestnut Brown

Who could forget about chestnut? If you’re thinking about adding a hint of red to your brunette strands, consider this chestnut shade with notes of gold your next big color change.

Good hair day by  @ismaelvvargas

Braided Golden Brown

Looking for the perfect hairstyle to show off all that dimension? It’s time to flex your braiding muscles! If you’re new to styling plaits, three-strand braids are a great place to start.

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Golden Chocolate Brown

This is the color you’d get if you combined the golden ticket and the chocolate bar from the iconic fantastical candy-making movie. To achieve this effect in real life, ask your salon about trying Redken’s new Shades EQ Natural Chocolate series.

Good hair day by  @denisesuzanne_

Golden Balayage Chocolate Brown

If you love golden chocolate brown hair but really want to take the golden hue to the next level, ask your colorist to balayage a vibrant golden hue throughout your chocolate brown mane.

Good hair day by  @rachel_redd

Golden Chestnut

Much like the snack that inspires this color, this hue is rich, golden, and nutty.

Good hair day by  @alis_cristache

Honey Golden Amber

Blonde, brunette, or redhead. Why choose one when you can have all three? Honey golden amber hair color perfectly combines light golden blonde, rich brown, and warm auburn for a color that shines all year long.

Good hair day by  @martaluspeluqueria

Soft Gold Brunette Balayage

Gold is typically a bright and warm color, but if you’re looking for a more muted hue, consider soft gold brunette balayage.

@shivvvey and @derickmonroe.

Subtle Golden Brown

Love golden brown hair but aren’t quite yet ready to part with your brunette locks? Subtle golden brown is the perfect way to take part in the trend.

Good hair day by  @mane_ivy

Golden Brown With Platinum Money Piece

Golden brown hair is stunning on its own, but if you want to take your look to the next level, pair your new hue with a platinum blonde money piece. This trendy hair technique is flattering on everyone and never goes out of style.

Good hair day by  @salaospaziobello

Sunkissed Golden Brown

Who doesn’t love the way their hair looks after a day at the beach? This hair color perfectly captures the sandy, slightly sunkissed, with a natural glow you usually have to catch a flight for.

Good hair day by  @viola_pyak.

Golden Brown Staircase Braid

Show off all of the dimensions of your golden brown hair with this seriously impressive staircase braid.

Good hair day by  @bencepaly

Sandy Golden Brown

If you prefer cool hair colors but aren’t exactly looking for an ashy hue, this sandy golden brown will be right up your alley.

Good hair day by  @stylewithpaulina

Golden Ash Brown

If gold and ashy hair colors sound like an odd pairing, think again. We love the way these hues blend together. Whoever said gold and ash brown doesn’t go together is seriously disturbed.

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Sunset Golden Brown

Searching for golden brown hair color inspiration. Look no further than the stunning daily sunset. This sunset-inspired golden brown hair color is sure to turn heads.

Good hair day by  @girlorgun

Golden 4D Foilyage

The Matrix-coined 4D foilyage technique is one of the best ways to make your golden brown hair color pop.

Good hair day by  @hitexturehair

Golden Brown Ombre

The ombre hair color trend is here to stay. Make it your own with this golden brown ombre look.

Good hair day by  @keratin_umidik

Golden With Brown Lowlights

Add depth to your golden hair with brunette lowlights.

Good hair day by @fashioncrave

Golden Brown Faux Locs

Golden brown hair looks stunning in this faux locs ‘do.

Good hair day by  mizani

Golden Brown Box Braids

Get vacation ready with these golden brown box braids.

Good hair day by  @pekelariley

Cocoa Brown With Gold and Bronze Highlights

Add just a hint of golden glow to your brunette mane with gold and bronze highlights.

Good hair day by  @cynthiaglam

Golden Brown with Rose Gold Highlights

If you love the golden brown hair color trend but can’t get enough of fantasy colors, ask your colorist to weave rose gold highlights throughout your mane.

Good hair day by  @bghairsalon

Cocoa Brown with Golden and Gray Highlights

Golden brown is an excellent hue for covering grays, but it’s an even better color if you’re looking to embrace your gray hairs. This look perfectly blends golden brown and gray highlights.

Good hair day by  @evgenikastylist

Cool Golden Brown

If you love the way cool tones look with your skin tone this cool golden brown is the perfect way for you to embrace this trend.

Good hair day by

Cinnamon Golden Brown

Looking to spice up your golden brown hue? Look no further than this dimensional cinnamon golden brown hair color.

Good hair day by  @michelleoconnorbeauty

Vintage Golden Brown

Vintage gold has a particularly regal hue. Embrace your inner queen with this vintage golden brown hue.

Good hair day by  @nurzh8n

Golden Bronde

If you’re a blonde at heart but can’t get enough of the golden brown trend, give this golden bronde hue a try.

Good hair day by  @stylesbyyessey

Auburn Golden Brown

This auburn golden brown hue is the perfect transitional color from summer to fall.

After you’ve gathered all of your golden brown hair inspo, shop for all of your salon-quality brunette hair care products.

Header photo: @tabethacarns and @beeblondor

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