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Here’s How To Win $1000 Of Free Hair Products

redken hair mask and woman with short beautiful hair

We love a good freebie, especially if can make our hair prettier, shinier-looking, and more on-trend! If you’re the same way, there’s good news on the horizon: we’re launching the Hair For Days sweepstakes and entry will take you one minute or less. Ten lucky winners will receive $1000 worth of salon professional-backed salon products.

While you many normally just invest in one product or two at a time, mega giveaways are the perfect chance to spring (uh, summer) clean your beauty routine and explore new options that may end up being your Holy Grail. Little do you know, but the latest and greatest formula might be lurking just around the corner!

To enter the Hair For Days sweepstakes for a chance to win, click here!

hair for days sweepstakes

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