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The Breakout Hair Trend In Every State In America


We build our beauty routines around trends. Whether it’s the latest hair color (hello, living coral) or a product that industry pros say we can’t live without (salon treatments, here’s looking at you), keeping an eye on what’s new is a full-time job for beauty obsessives.

To help you keep your finger on the pulse of what’s up next, we took a look back at what was hot in 2018—from dark brown hair to lobs. Below, the breakout search terms (as told by Google Trends) from every state. What were your friends, neighbors, and coworkers interested in? As it turns out, probably short hair and hair color trends.

A brief word about our method: These terms were pulled directly from Google Trends between December 2017 and 2018. In the few instances where a state had multiple breakout search terms, we chose the most unique one to feature.

Keep reading to learn more about the most significant breakout trends we saw this year.

2018’s Biggest Breakout Trends

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Alabama: Rice Water For Hair

Sometimes we turn to the past as far back as 794 A.D. for the best beauty tricks. In 2018, Alabama residents wanted to learn about using rice water for hair in hopes of minimizing breakage—a process straight out of Japan.

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Alaska: Dyson Hair Dryer

There’s no keeping the girls away from beautiful styling tools. The Dyson Supersonic dryer comes with a hefty price tag, but the innovative design and rave reviews from influencers make it positively drool-worthy.

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Arizona: Short Hair

For many pros, 2018 was the year of the bob. Women shed their split ends left and right, looking for a fresh cut to show off on social media.

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Arkansas: Short Hair

Arizona wasn’t the only state with its mind on short cuts. Short hair ruled in in Arkansas, too. Once you’ve cut your hair, learning to style it is a whole new challenge—that’s where we come in.

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California, Colorado: Hair Colors 2018

California has a reputation for being ahead of the curve on trends, so it makes sense that Californians spent their internet time trying to get a sense of the biggest hair colors in 2018.

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Connecticut: Short Hair

Short hair pops up in Connecticut, which befits a state famous for its preppy reputation. Why not combine a bob with another notable trend of 2018, layers?

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Delaware: UNice Hair

As beauty consumers grow savvier about wigs and extensions, we see more searches popping up that relate to faux hair. In Delaware, virgin human hair brand UNice ruled Google. Before purchasing, read our guide to understand what you’re getting into.

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Florida: Short Hair

Florida’s humid weather makes short hair ideal. Good thing that just happens to coincide with a major beauty trend!

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Georgia: Short Hairstyles

In Georgia, it’s not enough just to get short hairstyles–you need to know how to make them look good.

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Hawaii: Balayage Hair Ideas

Hawaiians are easy and breezy, so a low-maintenance hair color technique like balayage suits them fine. Use our guide to gather balayage hair ideas before heading into the salon.

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hair trends

Idaho: 2018 Hair Trends

If you’re in Idaho, you just want to be included. The state’s residents wanted the hair trends, no matter whether they were cut, color, or style.

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Illinois: Hair Colors 2018

Illinois, too, wanted the latest in hair trends. May we suggest iced latte hair color?

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Indiana: Rose Brown Hair

Softer than chocolate but more natural-looking than pastel pink, rose brown hair is truly a wonder. This soft fantasy shade helped usher in the increasingly natural-looking hair trends we saw across the country this year.

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Iowa: Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes

Customizing the elements of your wardrobe around your complexion and eye color isn’t a new idea, but Iowans are using it to achieve the ideal blonde hair color.

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Kansas: Short Hair

Young women aren’t the only ones looking for hair advice. More middle-aged women than ever before know how to use the internet to find the cuts they want—and we’re here for it!

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Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts: Hair Colors 2018

Beauty obsessives know that salon color is only as good as your maintenance routine at home. Good news! We know exactly which products you should use to help minimize premature fading.

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Michigan: 2018 Hair Trends

Just as 2018 was all about beautiful skin for many people, it was the year of gorgeous hair over here.

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Minnesota: Hockey Hair

In the land of snow and ice, hockey players are kings. It only makes sense that Minnesotans searched this flippy, long hairstyle all year long.

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Mississippi: Lace Wig

If you have a little disposable income and a desire to try new styles without damaging your real hair, invest in a lace wig. Stephanie Nolan, our resident wig pro, has all the details you need.

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Missouri: Nadula Hair

Montana: Silver Hair Color

Forget silver and gold, we’re all about silver and gray. Whether you’re embracing your natural shade as you age or trying out a little old lady-inspired style, be sure to read our guides before taking the plunge.

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Nebraska, Nevada: Hair Color 2018

Nebraska and Nevada, we’ve got just the thing for you. Smoky hair color is here to stay in 2019, so get a head start on it now.

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New Hampshire: Burgundy Hair

Red hair color is notoriously fickle, but all that struggle is so worthwhile when you get it right. Burgundy is an excellent example of this very thing.

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New Jersey: Rice Water For Hair

Rice water strikes again. In many cases, women who search it are looking for easy ways to make their hair look shinier. We’ve got you covered.

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New Mexico: How To Grow Your Hair Faster

Whether you’re prepping for a bridal updo, experiencing breakage, or just have hair that never seems to grow long, the wait for extra inches can be like watching paint dry. Our experts have plenty of tips that can help you improve the process.

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hair trends

New York: Hair Color 2018

New York has a reputation for staying one hair color ahead of the curve, which is why residents are always hunting for new ideas. What about toasted white chocolate mocha?

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North Carolina: Short Hair

In North Carolina, short hair was a hit—but what about ladies with curls or coils? We delved into everything you need to know about taking the big chop, which traditionally represents a transition from chemically straightened hair to natural texture.

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North Dakota: Men’s Hair Company

In the past few years, men have taken a growing interest in their maintenance routine. If you’re from North Dakota and searching for an unfussy men’s hair company to try, we recommend Baxter of California from the L’Oréal portfolio of brands.

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Ohio: Hair Colors 2018

Women with light skin tones weren’t the only ones searching for hair color inspo in 2018. If you have medium or dark skin, we rounded up the best shades to flatter your complexion.

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Oklahoma: Facial Hair Styles

Calling all lumberjacks! There’s no need to panic over which facial hair styles are best—we’ve already gotten advice from the pros.

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Oregon: Short Hair

Once you have short hair, the second half of the equation is learning how to style it. Buns are doable on even the shortest bobs.
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Pennsylvania: Hair Colors 2018

Need to think out of the box when it comes to the color you try? Let maroon hair color take it from here.

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Rhode Island: Monat Hair

Many Rhode Islanders looked into Monat-branded hair products this year. We usually start Googling brands around the same time we’re in search of a new routine—why not try our guide to starting fresh for low, medium, and high porosity hair?

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South Carolina: Short Hair

In South Carolina, Southern ladies looked for a new way to wear their hair. If you have thick hair, you’ll need a specialty cut—and our experts know just what to ask for.

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South Dakota: L’Ange Hair

When a brand pops up on social media, everyone is curious to find out whether or not it’s worth the price tag. In South Dakota, L’Ange Hair’s styling tools made waves. We thought so, too.

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Texas, Utah, Tennessee: Short Hair

More states searching “short hair” means a greater need for short hair photo inspiration. Texas, have you considered an asymmetrical cut?

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Vermont: Biotin

Vermont’s extreme weather and outdoor sports aren’t exactly conducive to healthy, shiny hair. Residents wanted to learn more about biotin, a popular supplement marketed for hair growth. If you’re interested in hair growth, we have the ultimate guide to it.

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Virginia, Washington, West Virginia: Hair Colors 2018

More hair colors wanted from states across the nation! Have you checked out silver as a hair color possibility?

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Wisconsin: Short Hair

If you’re going to go short, really commit to it! A pixie will do the trick, Wisconsinites.

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Wyoming: Hair Roller

All things old are new again, which is why hair rollers popped up on Wyoming’s most-searched list. These tried-and-true styling helpers are a godsend for hair that needs help holding volume.

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2019’s Upcoming Trends

Now you know where we’ve been, but what’s on deck for 2019? Our biggest predictions are a return to natural-looking hair colors like nuance brunette, blonde, and red blends. We also expect all those ladies who tried short hair in 2018 to ask for grow-out advice in the upcoming year.

What are your biggest predictions for 2019? Leave us a note in the comments with your thoughts.

Did this list spark some inspiration? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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