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Hair Pomade: How To Use It, Who Needs It, And Which Ones To Buy This Second

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Gone are the days where men’s bathroom cabinets held only a comb and a single styling gel. With the amount of hair creams, waxes, and pastes on the market, it can be hard to know which ones you should invest in (and which you can skip).

If you’re building a product routine from scratch, there is one style staple that should be at the top of your shopping list whether you have dark brown hair or ash blonde locks: hair pomade.

We spoke to Michael Mejia, Baxter of California brand ambassador, to end your confusion once and for all. Keep scrolling to find out what hair pomade is, which type from the L'Oréal portfolio of products is best for you, and how to make it a part of your routine.

What Is Hair Pomade Used For?

Wondering how men achieve those perfectly slicked-back, high-shine ‘dos? The answer is hair pomade. Hair pomade is a styling product known for creating hairstyles like quiffs, pompadours, and ducktails. If you skip regular styling gels because of the crunchy and clumpy feel they can leave behind, hair pomade might be for you. The product doesn’t harden once applied to the hair, making it ideal for setting hairstyles in place while remaining flexible.

Though many products that fall under this category leave hair with a high hold finish, they actually come in a wide range of textures—meaning they can be applied to any head of hair to create texture and hold.

Most men can use pomades whether you have long or short hair...The most important thing in using a pomade is to know your type of hair texture.

Not convinced hair pomade is a necessary addition to your routine? When it comes to styling products, Mejia insists that this is the one you absolutely need.

“All men can incorporate pomades into their daily routine,” he says. “They will find in using the right pomade they will only have to add product to their hair once.”


What's The Difference Between Hair Paste And Pomade?

In the vast world of men’s hair products, hair paste and pomades often go head-to-head. Since both products create hold with a pliable finish, many men are stumped on which styler is right to lock in their style.

Choosing which one is right for you depends entirely on the type of formula you like to work with. Hair pastes typically feature a thicker, tackier formula, while hair pomades offer a variety of textures and consistencies to choose from.


Is Pomade Good For Your Hair?

As the old saying goes: Everything in moderation! While hair pomades aren’t known to cause damage, certain formulas might be more difficult to rinse from your hair and can lead to product buildup. Skip a day or two in between uses if you’re experiencing product build-up.

If hair pomade has become a daily part of your hair routine, pick up a salon-quality shampoo and conditioner like the Baxter Of California Daily Fortifying line to help rid your mane of product buildup.


What Types Of Hair Pomade Is Right For You?

hair pomade

If you’re a beginner: Water-Based Pomade

Brand new to the world of men’s styling products? You’re going to want to begin with the basics. According to Meija, hair pomade newbies should opt for water-based formulas since they’re famously easy to wash out. We love the Baxter Of California Soft Water Pomade.

It’s important to note that water-based pomades might be a better fit for men with thick manes. If your hair is noticeably thinning, Meija warns that water pomades could make your remaining strands clump together. Not a cute look.

hair pomade

If you’re trying to achieve a lived-in look: Paste Pomade

If you’re somewhat familiar with hair pomades, you’re ready to take your styling game up a notch! For those still getting the hang of using hair pomade, Meija recommends paste-based formulas.

“These are usually easier to handle,” Meija explains. ”They are thicker in texture and when emulsified properly in the hands make it easy to distribute through the hair. Using pastes tend to make the hair feel thicker in texture with a pliable hold. You can achieve more of a lived-in or natural look with a paste pomade.”

hair pomade

If you like switching up your hairstyle: Clay Pomade

If you’re a man that craves variety, you’re going to want to choose a hair pomade that allows you to express that. Meija suggests clay pomades for anyone searching for a versatile styling product.

“This is like the jackknife of pomades,” he explains. “You can have a matte finish or shine finish depending on how, and the amount, you use. Once you know how to use this type of pomade you can achieve various hairstyles throughout the day without rewashing the hair and reapplying more product.”

For a firm hold and matte finish, opt for the Baxter Of California Clay Pomade. If you’re looking for maximum hold with a gritty, effortless-looking finish, try the Redken Brews Clay Pomade.

hair pomade

If you’re looking for a soft-hold formula: Cream Pomade

For those days where you want an au naturel soft finish, a low hold cream pomade like the Baxter Of California Cream Pomade might be perfect for you. We love how the creamy formula adds moisture and softness to your mane.

hair pomade

If you’re looking to add texture: Texture Pomade

Looking for the easiest way to add texture and movement to your mane? We recommend a texture pomade like the Redken Brews Texture Pomade. This matte pomade is best for men's hairstyles that need texture without crunch. Adds this to your hair for a grungy, undone look.

With Meija’s expert knowledge under your belt, you’ll be wondering how you never invested in a hair pomade before!

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