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So…You’ve Been Using A LOT Of Dry Shampoo, What Now?

is dry shampoo bad for your hair

Dry shampoo has always been a staple in our hair care routine, but after spending the last few weeks indoors, it’s become much more than a staple hair product—it’s our hair savior. When we heard we’d be stuck in our apartments for the foreseeable future, we had visions of week-long spa retreats, filled with countless hair treatments. Then, the reality of quarantine sunk in. The truth is, we’ve spent more time in sweatpants and a messy top knot than we’d like to admit—which is why we wouldn’t be able to survive without dry shampoo.

Dry shampoo helps us take our mane from greasy, messy top knot, to flawless bouncy blowout in just a few spritzes. We loved the results so much, we did something we almost never do—skipped our regular wash routine. Dry shampoo is great and all, but after a few days (or weeks, who’s counting?), the product can really start to build-up. And what began as a quick and easy way to make our sloppy hair presentable, can turn into a full-on hair dilemma.

If you, like us, have been relying on dry shampoo a little too much, you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading for everything you need to know about how the best dry shampoo formula to use in quarantine and how you can reset your mane after a dry shampoo binge.

What’s the best dry shampoo for quarantine?

If you’re skipping more than a few wash days, you’ll need a dry shampoo formula that’s up for the task. We can’t get enough of Redken Deep Clean Dry Shampoo. This high-performance dry shampoo eliminates excess oil to refresh the hair, leaving it looking and feeling clean. It’s perfect for all hair types and can be used to refresh third and fourth-day hair. It’s so good, no one on your Zoom call will ever know it’s been a week since you washed your hair.

Need a refresher on how to refresh your mane with dry shampoo? Read all about the right way to use dry shampoo here.

Is dry shampoo bad for your hair?

The answer is pretty cut and dry: No. However, you can certainly be using dry shampoo in different ways than it's intended to be used, leading to results that leave you less than pleased.

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What does dry shampoo really do?

It’s difficult to discuss the consequences of misusing a product without fully understanding what it’s intended for in the first place. In its most popular form, dry shampoo is usually a shakeable powder or spray that can help refresh the look and scent of your hair between washes.

Unfortunately for many dry shampoo lovers, the seemingly magical formula shouldn’t take the place of regular washing. If that’s how you’ve been using it, there may be an easy answer for why your hair feels far from squeaky clean.

Can you use too much dry shampoo?

Just because dry shampoo isn’t bad for your hair doesn’t mean you can’t have too much of a good thing. Many clients can go a week without getting their hair wet...but eventually, the scalp and hair need to be properly cleansed with shampoo and conditioner to help maintain healthy hair follicle. Your regular shampoo and conditioner formula should do the trick, but if you’ve got a few days (er, weeks) of build-up, you may need something a bit more heavy-duty.

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How To Reset Your Hair After A Dry Shampoo Binge

If your hair is feeling a bit more dingy than refreshed, it’s probably time for a hair detox. Redken Detox Hair Cleansing Cream is the perfect product for the job. Formulated with active chelating agents to help remove mineral deposits and fruit acids to strengthen the hair cuticle and add shine, this purifying shampoo formula removes product build-up, excess oil, and pollution residue in just one use! Simply apply to wet hair, massage into a lather, and rinse. Follow with your favorite Redken conditioner (we love Redken Extreme Length Conditioner With Biotin), and you’re ready to go!

Pro tip: Give yourself a five-minute scalp massage while washing your hair. This will help to loosen further and wash away any debris and help promote blood circulation to the scalp!

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