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A partial balayage is a low-maintenance way to infuse brightness into your mane

Lazylights Are the Effortless Hair Coloring Technique You Never Knew You Needed

It doesn’t get more laid-back than lazylights if you’re looking for beautiful, fuss-free hair color. A pro colorist breaks down this breezy hair coloring technique and how to get it.

While we adore dolling our hair up in the latest hair color trends, sometimes even the most bonafide hair guru craves something a bit more low-maintenance. Sure, it’s fun to rock a skunk stripe or sport a set of bright peekaboo highlights, but we understand that in our rare moments of downtime, some of us would rather kick back with a new paperback than run to the salon for a root retouch.

We asked L'Oréal Professionnel ambassador Tauni Dawson to weigh in on a low-lift way to change up your hair’s hue. Enter: Lazylights, a coloring technique that creates a softer transition between your root, base, and end colors for an effortless grow-out.

“You are already starting this look with a root, so you will not have any crazy regrowth showing, which gives you the freedom to not have to be in the salon for regular touch-ups,” says Dawson.

So whether you’re a gal on the go or simply want to slow down and relax while reaping the benefits of beautiful hair, here’s what you need to know about the lazylights trend, including a gorgeous transformation from Dawson herself.

What are lazylights?

Lazylights are soft, subtle streaks of color that create depth and brightness throughout the tips of the hair to ensure a purposeful grow-out.

“Lazylights allow you to hold onto dimension while having a little extra sparkle,” explains the pro colorist. “The great thing about lazylights is that you are working off the root, so you will have no maintenance unless you want to add more color or eventually bring the highlights up higher.”

You can utilize lazylights to either extend the time between appointments or phase out salon color completely without dealing with a harsh line of demarcation.

Good hair day by @brunodviana.

Who are lazylights good for?

These intentionally grown-out roots are suitable for anyone who can’t fully commit to appointments. While it may seem like an oxymoron, lazylights are an excellent service to opt for if you’re trying to plan your root overgrowth ahead of time—say, you’re heading back to school, or you just need to give your wallet a good ‘ole break.

As for the best hair colors that pair well with lazylights, Dawson loves their versatility on either dark or light strands.

“They work for both blonde and brunette clients,” she says. “For brunettes, it's usually adding more pops of brightness on the middle to ends of the hair. For natural blondes, it's about adding a little more of a melted root for an effortless vibe.”

Good hair day by @mane_ivy.

How do you get lazylights?

According to Dawson, your hair’s current shade will inform how your stylist creates your perfect lazylights look. For instance, if you have one color all over, you will likely need teased highlights to create new pops of color starting a few inches off your root. If you have lots of highlights and want more dimension, your stylist may choose to give you a root melt for extra depth. The best part about lazylights is that you can customize them to whatever works for you to ensure the most manageable upkeep possible.

“If you want to add more, pop into the salon,” says Dawson. “If it's grown out too much or you eventually cut the highlights off the ends, again, pop into the salon.” (Or, grow it out and call it a day!)

What is the maintenance like for lazylights?

To keep your lazylights looking fresh at home, Dawson recommends using purple shampoo, especially if you prefer to have more ashy tones in your mane. We love L’Oréal Professionnel’s Serie Expert Silver Purple Shampoo and Conditioner to help neutralize warmth and brassiness.

“Always use a moisturizing hair mask to keep your hair looking healthy and shiny,” she adds. Nourishment and hydration are basically insurance against fading and dulling, helping to preserve the life of your salon color. You can’t go wrong with L’Oréal Professionnel’s Absolut Repair Resurfacing Golden Masque. With the help of gold quinoa and protein, hair is left shinier and softer, resurfaced and less damaged, and light-to-the-touch—without any residue.

Now that you’re privy to all things lazylights, what’s stopping you from hitting the salon? Tell them we sent you!

Header image credit: @taunidawson

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