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Lengthy hair routines are so last year! Here are which 2023 hair trends to leave behind, plus the 2024 hair trends you can swap them for.

2024 Ins and Outs: The Hair Edition

Lengthy hair routines are so last year! Here are which 2023 hair trends to leave behind, plus the 2024 hair trends you can swap them for.
2024 Ins and Outs: The Hair Edition

Goodbye, fried ends and endless product shelves! 2024 is all about trading in tired hair habits for fresh, healthy trends that nourish your strands and spark creativity. We're saying ta-ta to heat damage and harsh chemicals and hello to protective styles, multitasking marvels, and embracing our natural roots. Whether you rock luscious curls or sleek strands, dedicate this year to celebrating your unique hair journey and treating your mane with the respect it deserves.

So, get ready to ditch the damage, simplify your routine, and unleash your inner hair goddess—these trends will set the style scene in 2024! (And for more hair “ins and outs” this year, be sure to check the clip above.)

Swap: Damaged Hair for Healthy Hairstyling Practices

Claim this for 2024: “Gone are the days of subjecting my hair to extreme temperatures and styling practices without any protection whatsoever.” Instead, prioritize using heat protectant sprays and styling tools powered by steam to minimize heat damage. Biolage Professional Thermal Active Hair Spray and L’Oréal Professionnel Steampod Flat Iron + Styler are our go-to’s in these categories. You’ll also want to air-dry strands and use heatless techniques whenever possible. See some of our favorite pro-approved ways to do this in our article, 15 Heatless Curl Techniques That Are Easy To Follow.

For those with textured hair, braid, twist, and loc variations offer a stylish and healthy way to protect hair from breakage and promote growth. (There’s a Microlocs craze happening right now!) Expect innovative weaving techniques, playful beading, and a celebration of cultural identity through protective styles. You can learn more about the trends happening in this space on The Texture Edit—our hub for everything coils, curls, and in between.

Swap: Hefty Product Arsenals for Multitasking Heroes

Chances are you probably have a few expired, barely used products in your stash right now. The key is to simplify your routine while achieving your desired styling results—not to mention you’ll save $$$. Ditch the hair arsenal and embrace multipurpose products like leave-in conditioners, styling foams with heat protection, and shampoos that double as scalp treatments.

Also hot on our radar right now are mousses that do it all: volumize, texturize, and act like a dry shampoo dupe. If you want to participate in this trend, try Redken Full Volume Mousse for adding body and taming fullness without weighing down strands. (Bonus: It’s a heat protectant, too!)

Good hair day by @slayejae

Swap: Harsh Bleach for Root Grow Out

Forget harsh bleach—in 2024, we’re embracing natural root regrowth, whether highlighting them with low-key balayage or sporting them proudly as a statement. An uber-trendy coloring technique that our pros are loving right now is root smudging (or, for an even gentler option, try gloss smudging). The result is a soft, blended finish that “smudges” the line where your root and salon color meet.

Sure, bleach is inevitable if you plan to rock a fantasy color this year, but techniques like the modern ombre can make the grow-out process more seamless. As always, we recommend visiting a professional colorist who is trained to keep your hair’s integrity top of mind. They can find the best way to help you rock those roots of yours.

Swap: Minimalism for the Accessory Renaissance

Minimalistic slicked-back hairstyles made popular by the rise of the clean girl aesthetic will always have a special place in our hearts, but hair accessories will reign supreme this year. From colorful clips and barrettes to playful headbands and scarves, accessories will add a touch of personality and fun to any style. Look for vibrant colors, unique textures, and sustainable materials.

With ballerina-core and pilates princess fashion still going strong, bows have already been crowned the “it” accessory of the year. See how to re-purpose those leftover ribbons from the holiday gifts to make a stylish, DIY statement here. And just like the rest of the internet, we’re still having fun incorporating ‘90s hair accessories into our looks for a touch of nostalgia. Think: claw clips, hair jewelry, and bandanas.

Swap: Hair-Only Focused Routines for Scalp Care Integration

Taking care of our split ends is just one-half of the issue when it comes to fixing damage. We’ll see an emphasis on hair health with gentle scalp care treatments and routines in 2024. Scalp scrubs, hydrating masks, and targeted treatments for concerns like dandruff and dryness will take center stage. We’ve seen this trend really take off, with footage of scalp cleansing rituals at Japanese and Korean hair spas spreading like wildfire on our TikTok feeds. (The hashtag #headspa has over 1.5 billion views on TikTok and counting.)

Indulge in your own at-home spa day with products from Shu Uemura Art of Hair, a brand rooted in Japanese haircare. Noteworthy is its Ashita Supreme Scalp Scrub—a weekly revitalizing treatment that cleanses and exfoliates to soothe and hydrate (not to mention gives off an invigorating cooling sensation). Those with dandruff will particularly enjoy Kérastase Symbiose, a five-piece collection that has everything you need to help keep flakes away.

The Bottom Line

So, there you have it! From sporting your natural roots to exploring playful accessories and prioritizing scalp care, 2024 is packed with hair trends that celebrate health, creativity, and self-expression. Trends may come and go, but we can’t stress enough the importance of basing your haircare routine on reliable sources like our L’Oréal portfolio of brands and pros. And remember, your relationship with your crowning glory is uniquely yours, so go forth with confidence.

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