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Everyone Is Trying 'Nude' Hair Colors This Spring

photo of woman with nude hair color

When you think about spring, what immediately comes to mind? For many people, it’s vibrant pops of color as flowers bloom for the first time and months of gray weather become a distant memory. When it comes to hair color, however, spring is all about softness and neutrality. In fact, we’re fairly certain nude hair color is about to take over.

Don’t be shocked by the name—there’s nothing explicit about this look. Instead of the pastel pinks and platinum blondes we’ve come to expect, this French-inspired movement is about finding a neutral shade that enhances your complexion without overwhelming it.

Sebastian Langman-Kirtley, L’Oréal Professionnel brand ambassador and artist, believes the nude hair color is just the understated look we need.

“When talking about tonality in hair color, most people think in terms of warm and cool. Nude hair falls somewhere in the middle. It’s subtle, understated, and chic,” he says, noting that the trend can fall in either blonde or brunette categories as long as it looks natural.

French women are famous worldwide for their seemingly effortless take on beauty—one that is now available in salons across the country. With a few hours in the chair, you can take a bit of that aesthetic home with you.

With a coat of dark blonde or light brown, you can shake off the winter color you wore months longer than you really wanted it. Taking your hair lighter is always a good way to embrace a new season.

While it can feel like trendy colors often don’t always flatter the average woman’s complexion, nude hair can work on any skin tone and age. Langman-Kirtley says your stylist should take the time customize your color. A golden-tinted nude will hint at long days spent in the sun, while beige tones create a more fashion forward vibe. Luckily, it’s difficult to make an incorrect choice.

“Nude hair looks great on everybody! Neutral colors are very easy to wear. Taking the individual’s skin and eye color into consideration will guide the colorist to choose the perfect nude shade for any client,” Langman-Kirtley says.

Not sure how to wear nude hair? You’re not alone. Luckily, L’Oréal Professionnel has curated 20 distinct takes on the color as part of its Color Me French collection. Alexa Chung, girl about town and fashion influencer, is the face of the look. If you need inspiration for your own nude style, Langman-Kirtley advises starting with Chung’s.

“Her hair effortlessly complements her skin and eye color. The base tone is a perfect complement to her brow color and the soft beige babylights look amazing with her neutral skin tone,” he says. If you’re looking for perfectly customized color, this is the ideal place to start.

As with all hair colors, be sure to bring several images to your stylist to show off during your consultation. You version of nude hair may be quite different than his or hers—and that’s not a chance you want to take.

Ultimately, any take on nude hair will require regular maintenance both in the stylist’s chair and out of it. When you’re in your own shower, Langman-Kirtley advises keeping salon quality products ready at hand.

“Keeping the hair healthy and strong is key when it comes to home care for nude hair. I recommend a color care shampoo and conditioner like L’Oreal Professionnel Vitamino Color A-OX which infuses tresses with moisture and shine,” he says.

With these tips, you’re ready to take on the best hair color trend spring has to offer. Going nude is a must-try!

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