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How To Get The Perfect Summer Balayage

photo of woman with summer balayage hair

Whether you want your hair to reflect your bright smile or match the sunny weather, a perfect summer balayage could be the hair color trend for you. Here the important things Min Kim, L'Oréal Professionnel brand ambassador and colorist, wants you to know about achieving a flawless summer balayage with the help of your stylist.

The Holy Hair Trinity For Summer Balayage

The key to a dreamy summer balayage is a sun-kissed, natural-looking vibe. Three key elements that must be in perfect harmony in order to perfect this seasonal look.

“A soft touch, visual placement, and a customized approach all come together for the perfect balayage execution,” Kim says.

Balayage Color: A Silky, Seamless Blend

Unlike foil highlights, balayage is painted by hand so that your lightened ends can softly blend in with your base for a sunny effect. Painting color by hand is no easy feat, however! It may look effortless, but balayage painting is a skill that can take years to master.

With that said, it’s better to leave your trendy balayage-to-be hair in expert hands.

Bright Accents In The Right Spots

When brightening up your ends for a balayage, you’re creating distinct focal points. Kim tells us that bright accents should be strategically placed in accordance with your facial profile in order to obtain a warm-weather look.

A trained stylist equipped with the right eye will know where highlights should be applied to accentuate your best features.

“A thorough working knowledge of the entire profile is essential to guarantee that the appropriate product was chosen to achieve the desired result,” Kim notes. Proper highlights can brighten the face, intensify your eye color, show off your cheekbones, and even help your complexion glow!

Kim advises that your stylist uses products from L'Oréal Professionnel’s customizable Blond Studio collection, a hair professional’s ideal range for a top-notch salon lightening service.

Above All, Always Opt For The Safest Method

Whether you’re a balayage virgin or a hair color veteran, maintaining your hair’s health during color treatment is a crucial part of any hair transformation. Kim recommends going slow and gradually lightening over several salon visits to safely color your hair.

“It is important to consider whether the desired result is achievable in one visit while maintaining the integrity of hair,” Kim says. “After all, the color will never look good if the hair doesn’t look healthy.”

Liven up your look in time for warmer weather with the perfect summer balayage!

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