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32 Blue And Purple Hair Ideas To Try Now

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So, you’ve been considering taking your hair in a beautiful, wild new direction. Unlike neutral ombres or some subtle highlights, we have a few inspo ideas up our sleeves that will have strangers stopping you on the street to take your picture.

Purple and blue hair? Yes, please!

Whether you’ve just been through a difficult time in your life or can’t wait to celebrate something new, a drastic hair change can help. Rather than wear an itchy wig all day, settle into your favorite salon chair and buckle up—with these wild styles, you’re guaranteed a fresh start.

How do you care for purple and blue hair?

Here at, we would be remiss to not point out that these bright, bold colors require some maintenance.

In between salon visits, our pros recommend the L'Oréal Professionnel’s Serie Expert Vitamino A-OX collection to help your purple and blue hair color wear beautifully. Try the daily shampoo and conditioner for regular care and spritz on the multi-purpose L'Oréal Professionnel Color 10-in-1 Leave-in Spray before styling for added color protection.

Ready to give purple and blue hair a try? Here are 32 of our favorite blue and purple hair ideas.

32 Blue And Purple Hair Ideas To Try Now

Woman with eggplant hair color


In the spirit of purple’s freedom and empowerment, there are no rules when rocking eggplant hair! Talk with your colorist about what would suit you best: Going bold with total coloration for a statement-making grunge or glam rock look, keeping it more subtle by glossing on reflective eggplant tones in a balayage style, or perhaps pairing a deep violet with blonde highlights for look that is reminiscent of peanut butter and jelly.

Good hair day by @conorjmd.


Why save indigo color exclusively for your denim? Try this near-black hue on long locks, creating a color that’s deep and dramatic. If you’re starting with naturally dark hair, chances are good you’ll be able to sneak in a few extra weeks between touch-up appointments.

Good hair day by @edgardscissorhands.


While it’s true trends come and go, rest assured that this violet plum hue is here to stay. No matter what time of year it is, everyone will marvel over your beautiful mane.

Cranberry Plum

Satisfy your sweet tooth with cranberry—dare we say, cran-plum—hair. The reddish hue complements all skin tones year round. It’s the most iconic duo since cran-apple juice.

Good hair day by @hairbymandypavia.


Almost as precious as the stone itself, amethyst hair is a sight to be seen. It’s a vibrant version of plum hair that looks amazing on lighter skin tones.

Good hair day by @analyalvaradohairstylist.

Chocolate-Covered Plum

If you’re conflicted about drastically changing your mane, lean into plum hair with this chocolate-inspired color. Adding hints of violet tresses to your dark brown hair creates a look that’s subtle yet eye-catching.

Good hair day by @nikki_inreallife.


Peacocks are legendary in the animal kingdom for their jewel-toned feathers and charismatic strut. If you’re searching for a look-at-me moment of your own, this blue, purple, and green hair look will certainly garner attention.

Good hair day by @coryhoffmanhair.


Don’t mistake fairy-themed hair for a look that belongs to the realm of children. While you might imagine anything that’s remotely magical might involve a hefty dose of craft glitter, this many-hued hair color is surprisingly wearable.

Good hair day by @uggoff.


For years now, women with an eye for show-stopping color have turned to reds, blues, and purples—why choose one, when you can have them all?

Good hair day by @mslameylynn.

Sky Blue

Instead of blonde or brunette, wear a hair color that’s reminiscent of a perfect, cloudless summer sky. This pastel shade is sure to bring out your blue or green eyes.

Good hair day by @alexcampeotto and @hairbyjackiepenev.

Navy Blue

Blue hair can’t be beaten. Although the color can be high maintenance to take care of, it may be a smart choice for ladies with naturally dark strands. A skilled stylist can recommend a specially tailored product routine to keep your new color looking fresh.

Good hair day by @SydneyAnnLopezHair.


Underlights came into fashion shortly after the rise of rainbow hair. They serve an obvious purpose: If you want multicolored hair but don’t want it to be the first thing people notice about you, hide gorgeous fantasy color under the top layer of your hair.

Good hair day by @lyndseyteresehair and @sophiehannah.


Neither blue nor green, aquamarine is a rich, expensive-looking shade that beautifully elevates medium and olive complexions. Try it with a sharply angled bob to look whimsical and sophisticated at the same time.

Good hair day by @alison_blo.


Fully committed to the platinum or silver lifestyle? Amp up your look with subtle, reflective shades that come along with opal hair color.

Good hair day by @kristinacheeseman.


Everything about this color says stunner. This fuschia plum color that leans pink is electric. Ladies with shorter locks, be sure to take notes because this color is a stunner on pixie cuts and bobs.

Good hair day by @jaymz.marsters.

Dipped Plum

Reap the benefits of vibrant hair without the maintenance by dipping your ends in a plum shade. If you ever get tired of it, you can simply cut it all off and go for a chic, short hairstyle that’s totally in right now.

Good hair day by @victor.nadolsky.

Faded Sky Blue

The loudest hair color isn’t always the most flattering one. Sometimes, less can be more. Talk to your stylist about a faded fantasy color in lieu of neon or jewel-toned shades.

Pop Of Color

Feeling edgy, but not too edgy? Start your whimsical hair color journey with a single pop of color hidden somewhere in your hair.

Good hair day by @cristianchiffi.


We’re living in a golden age of science fiction, so why not show the movement some love with your hair color? This retro mix of shades will certainly be eye-catching.

Good hair day by @lindsey.marie.olson.

Cotton Candy Hair

Confession time: Cotton candy is not actually that appealing. It’s sticky and tends to accidentally end up in our hair. Instead of opting for a sugar overdose, we’d rather take a seat at the salon and give cotton candy hair a try.

Mixing shades of blue, purple, and pink, this colorful hair calls to mind children’s toys and long, hot days of summer vacation. Asking your stylist for very cool tones is the key to getting this look just right.

Good hair day by @meganniccollshair.

Unicorn Hair

Think of unicorn hair as cotton candy hair with extra sugar and glitter sprinkled on it. This hopped-up version of the festival favorite involves a range of cool brights, including green and yellow. If you’ve always wanted to wear a rainbow but can’t quite commit, give unicorn hair a shot.

Good hair day by @marywiththegoodhair.

Geode Hair

By now, you’ve surely seen geodes all over your social media. The ordinary-seeming rocks split open to reveal dazzling, jewel-toned interiors. If you’d consider decorating with these extraordinary pieces, why not wear them as a hair style?

Brunettes, this one’s for you. Ask your salon professional for deep chocolate roots that transition into deep blue, purple, and green shades.

Good hair day by @nikki.diederich.

Galaxy Hair

When it comes to choosing your next hair color, think outside the box. For that matter, think outside the planet with galaxy hair. The technique is inspired by the deep blue-black of space, not to mention the red, violet, green, and purple shades of galaxies.

To attain this color, you’ll want your stylist to mix a variety of rich shades evenly. There shouldn’t be any stripes or oversize blocks of color. While this look might take a fair bit of maintenance, it looks absolutely otherworldly.

Good hair day by @Ashleigh2025.

Subtle Peacock

Itching to spice up your look, but intimidated by the vibrant colors? Lucky for you, it’s certainly possible to take a more subtle approach to peacock hair. We love this variation of the look. By keeping your natural hair color at the base and adding the slight strokes of color, your stylist enables you to indulge in this trend without all the maintenance.

Good hair day by


Mermaid meets peacock in this perfect combination of deep sea blues with hints of green and purple. Ask a professional stylist to help you reach this gorgeous blend of color that seamlessly combines the right shades of blue, purple, and green.

Good hair day by @kekkooo_m.

Purple Peacock

When you think about peacocks, you may imagine exclusively to blue and green tones on their feathers.
Here at, we like to be trailblazers. That's why we're obsessed with letting purple be the star of the show. Adding highlights or even an ombre of those cooler shades is the perfect way to be a trendsetter.

Good hair day by @makeupbyfrances.

Blue Peacock

Try blue if you're looking to captivate anyone who walks by. If you have naturally dark hair, expect to have your hair pre-lightened by your stylist to create a blank canvas before arriving at your dream shade. Although bleach will always cause damage your stylist will work to leave you with the best, brightest, and healthiest-looking results.

Good hair day by @karinnamagic.

Peekaboo Peacock

Sometimes, wanting to color your entire head is not the feasible option—which is why we're in favor of this peekaboo technique. This underlayer of peacock hair is the equivalent to the mullet's "business in the front, party in the back" motto. By keeping the top of your mane its natural shade, you can reap the joys of color without committing to a complete transformation.

Good hair day by @twyllajane.

Oil Slick

You can rest assured that oil slick hair is not synonymous for oily hair, no matter how it sounds. Oil slick hair is a technique targeted for brunettes who are looking to take part in the fun without all the pre-lightening, resulting in minimal damage. This trend allows stylists to use your dark color base as a blank canvas and achieve an iridescent finish.

Good hair day by @chloenorgaard.

Blonde Peacock

If you already have naturally blonde hair, you have the upper hand in attaining the most vivid and vibrant peacock hair. This balayage utilizes jewel-toned colors for such a breathtaking spin on a trendy color. All you have to do is ask your stylist to use pastel peacock shades to achieve this look.

Good hair day by @rebeccataylorhair.

Teal Peacock

Add your own spin to traditional blue hues by trying out some teal tones. It's the perfect way to add more depth and variation to your gorgeous colorful locks.

Good hair day by @hairbymadisonxrae.

Galactic Peacock

This style is certainly out of this world. This version of peacock hair is all about galactic vibes thanks to its black base that mimics space. Blending the vibrant colors with such a dark base makes the resulting look seem way more electric.

Interested in a blue or purple hair color of your own? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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