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The 12 Best Red And Pink Color Jobs, Perfect For Valentine’s Day

Women with long red and pink hairstyles

Candy hearts, romantic cards, a big night out (or a cozy night in)—there are tons of different ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. While anyone can rock a red or pink sweater and call it a day, only a true, committed fan of all that February 14 has to offer will go all out with a color job that would make Cupid proud (and jealous)!

No, we’re not talking simply applying an at-home, semi-permanent box of red or pink and calling it a day, either. Instead, embrace the special occasion and go big or go home with a sexy, subtle, or even far-out display of red, pink, or somewhere-in-between hair color. Read on for 12 of our favorite red and pink hair color ideas.


Pink? Red? Can’t decide? If you’re caught in the middle, opt for this bright, vibrant magenta and you’ll be turning heads long after Valentine’s Day ends.

Pretty In Pale(ish) Pink

Prefer a little more blending and less “pop”? This subdued strawberry style is romantic and unique, blending beautifully on blondes and lighter brunettes. Tie it up with a cute scarf for an extra dose of cute.

Rooted Red

How do you make a vibrant red even more edgy? A black root color is an excellent base for making your fantasy hue pop.

Pink All Over

Bubblegum, anyone? Fully commit to this pinkalicious style with root-to-end pink and some platinum peeking through. (Sans the cavities, of course.)

Brunette Rosé Ombre

Is there anything better than a well done ombre? Actually, yes—a brunette meets rosé ombre. This luxurious color starts out brunette with expertly-painted pink highlights. The result? A swirly, dimensional look that will last long after Valentine’s Day.


Calling all coral lovers! This mix of bright red and orange will keep you feeling warm and fiery in even the coldest of February temps.

Light Pink Ombre

Blonde roots blend with the prettiest of pinks in this fantasy ombre with balayage highlights that seems to say, “blondes don’t actually have more fun, we do.”

Red to Natural Fade Out

The curls! The color! The blending! We love everything about this color and style, which starts out naturally dark with a beautiful fade up to vibrant red ends.

Pink and Purple Ombre

If you can’t pick which festive color to wear, why not blend a few? This pink and purple ombre has us drooling as the colors seem to effortlessly complement one another.

Subtle Pink Balayage

Not ready to take the plunge to all-over, bright color? Give this subtle pink balayage a try. Golden brown and honey mixes with pinky-lilac hues to create an almost natural look upon first glance, with just a pop of fun and funky upon second glance.

BubbleGum Buzz Cut

Ready to really bring it? This bright bubblegum buzz cut is everything. A super short cut is the perfect canvas for fantasy colors—especially this pink hue.

Hot Pink Ombre

Fuschia, anyone? Perhaps the boldest look we found, this long ombre begins with a deep magenta and brightens up as it goes, finishing with the brightest, most stunning hot pink we’ve ever seen on hair.

Interested in trying a red and pink hair color? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

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