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Redken’s Clean Maniac Micellar Shampoo Will Be Your New Favorite—Here’s Why

You’ve heard about micellar water as a face cleanser, but what about a micellar shampoo? Below we’re sharing everything you need to know about Redken’s new Clean Maniac system of clean-touch shampoo—formulated with micellar technology–and conditioner!

If you’re a fan, chances are you know all about our love affair with micellar water. The trendy no-rinse cleansers that hail from France have been riding a serious wave of popularity over the last couple years that shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, micellar water has become so sought-after that the technology it’s built on has inspired brands outside of the skin care industry! One of the latest? Redken. Whether you have ash blonde or dark brown hair, read on to see if Redken Clean Manic system is the right for you. 

What are Micelles?

Micellar water has gone from a French import to a mainstream skin care go-to for cleansing. This is thanks in large part to micellar technology. Micelles are tiny molecules that attract—and subsequently trap—impurities like excess oil and dirt. When used in skin care formulas, they are suspended in a soft water solution that requires no rinsing to leave the skin feeling clean, but when used in a hair care formula—like Redken’s Clean Maniac—you’ll want to rinse the product away to leave your strands fresh.


Redken Clean Maniac Shampoo and Conditioner

Inspired by the beauty industry’s love of micellar water, Redken is set to launch its newest shampoo plus conditioner collection Clean Maniac. The sulfate- and silicone-free system was developed for ladies and gents with normal hair that they wanted to feel clean and free of dirt and debris. The shampoo utilizes micellar technology to gently lift impurities like pollution, daily grit, styling buildup, and excess sebum from the hair, leaving it feeling clean without feeling stripped or dehydrated. Additionally, the system is formulated with chelator—an antioxidant derivative—a UV filter, and Redken’s patented Neofresh Technology that helps to neutralize odors so your locks remain fresh and pleasant-smelling in between washes.

What the experts say

“Working in New York City, many of my clients are exposed to pollution and other environmental stressors that can make hair feel lackluster and less than fresh,” says Rodney Cutler, Redken Brand Ambassador and owner of Cutler Salons in NYC. “Redken has specific products for every clients’ needs—dry, damaged, color-treated. This new shampoo and conditioner provides consumers with what they want most today: clean, touchable hair. The Clean Maniac range cleanses and softens hair without weighing it down, and cleanses hair of pollution, excess sebum, styling buildup and daily dirt and grime. I recommend it to all of my clients who want their hair to feel clean, fresh, and healthy.”

How to use Clean Maniac Shampoo and Conditioner

Use both the shampoo and conditioner—both suitable for color-treated hair—in tandem. Start by applying the shampoo to wet hair and then massage into a lather and rinse away. Next, apply the conditioner throughout your newly clean strands, allow it to sit for a minute and then rinse well.

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