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A Celeb Stylist Says This Is The Best Way To Do Pink Hair In 2023

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Ryan Pearl is no stranger to trends. In fact, you could say the celebrated hair artist is very often the man inventing them.

At Redken’s House of Color event on June 5, we caught up with the Cutler SoHo artist to get his take on the way the pastel pink hair trend is changing in 2018. After years of the same rainbow shades and cotton candy washes, Pearl’s been coloring his clients’ hair a grungy, shadowed pink that’s a far cry from a fairytale vibe.

When he takes clients pink in the salon, the Redken influencer often uses City Beats professional shades. The bold, semi-permanent color comes in an array of exotic hues. There’s no arguing with Pearl about the best of the bunch, however.

“The City Beats Ballet Pink is the best one, it’s really sheer. Also the Midtown Magenta, I like that one—you can also dilute it,” he says. “Those two I feel like are my go-to’s. Most of my girls want the pink right now.”

However, not all pinks are created the same. After coloring a certain starlet’s hair on an influential religious-themed red carpet in May, Pearl’s seen a rising interest in watercolor washes of pink or rose gold color with a deep, natural-looking root.

“We did a little deeper at the root and sheer at the ends. [Shadow root] is the way it’s going,” Pearl explains, adding that he sees hair color in general swinging toward an effortless look.

As an added bonus, shadowy roots don’t just add dimension to your color and create the illusion of a thicker mane. They also make it easy to grow hair out longer between appointments. Instead of a clear line of demarcation, you’ll be left with an organic-looking fade into pink.

If you’re not sure pastel pink will flatter your complexion, Pearl is confident a talented stylist can customize the shade in the salon.

“You can vary the tones,” he notes.

Whether you’re hoping for an icy pink glaze or more of a rose with honey notes, make sure to bring up your hair color goal during your consultation appointment. Your idea of pastel pink might look completely different than the shade your pro is imagining, so bring pictures for reference whenever possible. If the color you’re dreaming about needs to be tweaked because of your hair color, damage, or any other reason, your stylist will explain the changes then.

Once you become a pastel grunge goddess, you’ll need to maintain your hair color at home with a care system that’s formulated to minimize the look of damage and keep your bright pink from edging into brassiness. We recommend Redken’s Color Extend Magnetics system, which includes a shampoo, conditioner, and vinegar rinse. When used together, the line can help strengthen color-treated hair. Follow up your normal shower routine with the Color Extend Vinegar Rinse, which has a brightening and shine-enhancing effect.

Ready to go pink? Let Pearl’s tips guide you.

If you’re interested in customized pastel pink hair, use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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