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Go Extra Short in 2024 With These Shaved Hairstyles for Women

If you’ve been contemplating a dramatic shaved haircut, this is your sign. Let our favorite shaved hairstyles inspire your bold new ‘do.

There’s power in a bold, chic short haircut to change your mood and make you feel ready to take on the world. But among the bobs, crops, and pixie cuts is the boldest of them all: the shaved head, which is arguably one of the trendiest looks for 2024! Years ago the world would gasp whenever a woman went uber short. Now, shaved hairstyles for women are viewed as the perfect combination of sophisticated, elegant, and fearless. Also, let’s not forget that a buzzcut is way less maintenance than other hairstyles.

Toying with the idea of shaving some (or all!) of your hair? You’re in the right place. We’re showcasing some of our favorite shaved hairstyles for women, including half-shaved hairstyles (aka undercuts) and beautiful shaved hairstyles for Black women.

What Is The Hairstyle Called With Shaved Sides And Long On Top For Women?

This edgy hairstyle is referred to as an undercut, which makes perfect sense when you think about it. The hair underneath is shaved close to the head, while the hair on top is longer. How much hair you shave on the sides is up to you. Some people prefer to have just a little bit shaved at the nape, while others bring the shaved section up to their ears or higher.

Half shaved hairstyles for women offer versatility and style. You can wear your hair down and still play with curls, waves, and texture—or you can pull your hair up to show off the shaved section. For an extra special “reveal” talk to your stylist about having a design shaved into the undercut section—perhaps an initial or symbol that holds special meaning for you.

Even though your hair is short don't forget to use a heat protectant—such as Redken Extreme Play Safe Heat Protection and Damage Repair Hair Treatment—whenever you heat styling your hair.

The range of versatility with this style allows you to experiment with hair length by keeping the top part longer or opting for something really short. Some people even style the longer section into a funky mohawk. To hold the spikes in place, work Shu Uemura’s Ischi Sculpting Paste into your towel-dried or dried hair.

Where you take this style is totally up to you!

What Is The Side Shaved Hairstyle Called?

Even though it looks a bit different, this shaved hairstyle for women is also referred to as an undercut. However, it goes by a few other names, including a half shaved hairstyle or sidecut. With this style, the shaved section tends to go higher—usually all the way up to a deep side part. Some people prefer a super short buzzed cut, while others keep the hair slightly longer in the “shaved” area.

How Do You Style A Shaved Side?

You’ll have a lot of flexibility in styling this shaved hairstyle for women, too. Usually, though, you’ll want to start by parting your hair where the shaved section begins, then “folding” the rest of your hair over to the other side. This allows you to show off the shaved look.

For the shaved section, there’s really not a whole lot you can do since it’s super short. For the longer side, you can create some texture with curls or waves. Even a simple texturizing spray, like Matrix Miss Mess Dry Texturizing Spray, can quickly create some nice dimension before you run out the door. You could also try braiding the longer section.

7 Shaved Hairstyles For Women To Try Now

Want to explore the world of short shaved hairstyles for women? Let these ideas inspire you!

7 Shaved Hairstyles That Will Make You Want To Go Short


Undercut styles are a fun and subtle way to jump on the shaved head trend, without getting rid of too much of your hair. After just a few weeks with your itty-bitty undercut you may even feel compelled to ask your stylist to go bigger next time.

Psst! This is also the perfect option if you want to try a shaved hairstyle for women but are worried about what your boss (or let’s be honest, your mom) may say about your shaved side. Your hair will be long enough to cover the shaved side when you want!

Good hair day by @cajsawessberg.

Classic Minimalist Buzzcut

This simple style goes straight to the basics. Hair remains uniform in length across your entire head, and upkeep is as easy as heading back to the salon every few weeks for a quick trim. You can keep your given color for more of an au naturel look, or you can elevate the look further by going platinum.

Good hair day by @peachsodaa.

Rainbow Buzzcut

If you’re someone who loves to experiment with color, the thought of shaving off your hair might give you pause. How can you possibly slay every color in the rainbow if you get rid of your precious locks? Answer: A rainbow buzz cut, of course!

Even though a buzz cut is just a few centimeters away from having a completely bald head, this short shaved hairstyle for women leaves just enough hair for you to experiment with any color your heart desires. So color your whole head orange, red, green, blue—or combine them all for a killer rainbow ‘do that is bound to turn heads.

Oh, and even though your hair is technically short, you’ll still want to use a hair care system that preserves the color. Try Matrix Total Results Keep Me Vivid Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner.

7 Shaved Hairstyles That Will Make You Want To Go Short

Hair Tattoo

You could just shave your hair off and call it a day, but why not have a little extra fun in the process? You can go in all sorts of directions here, too. We’re particularly obsessed with shaved geometric designs, but a skilled stylist can create just about any design your heart desires. Go big!

7 Shaved Hairstyles That Will Make You Want To Go Short

Tapered Pixie

The tapered pixie is the perfect way to give this style an edgy upgrade. Simply ask your stylist to shave the sides and back really close to your scalp for a more tapered look. Bonus: Keeping your hair longer on top gives you more day-to-day styling options, while the sharp edges can make your face appear slimmer.

7 Shaved Hairstyles That Will Make You Want To Go Short

Shaved Side

As mentioned above, this half-shaved hairstyle is a versatile cut that will undoubtedly add some pizzazz to your look. Whether you have short, long, straight or textured hair, a shaved side offers major edge and plenty of styling options.

Good hair day by @naru_bunny.

Asymmetrical Buzzcut

Feeling really bold? Try a shaved hairstyle that pushes the boundary of symmetry and traditional. This approach definitely leans more sculptural art than a standard haircut. This is your sign to go for it!

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