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The 10 Best Hair Colors For Short Hair To Try Now

Searching for short hair color ideas? We’re sharing 10 of our favorite picks that look stunning no matter your hair length.

You finally did it—you got that very short haircut you’ve been dreaming of for months. Now that you’re flaunting a shorter look, you might be thinking of making another big change: coloring your short hair. 

Deciding to make the chop is already a huge step, so committing to a new hue may feel like an undertaking. You want to make sure you choose the right color to feel confident and have no regrets. 

If you’re looking for short hair color inspiration, we’re here to help! Whether you’re looking to go blonde or try colorful hair, these are 10 amazing shades to consider. 

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Can very short hair be colored?

To put it simply, yes. However, it does require more precision, but when done correctly, it can look spectacular. A seasoned colorist is equipped with all the tools necessary to color your short strands. They’ll make sure to color it in a way that works perfectly with your skin complexion, style and help to protect your hair from damage. 


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Can you highlight short hair?

While we love the look of highlights on long hair, they can look equally as stunning on shorter strands. Ask your colorist for a blend of highlights and lowlights to add dimension and brightness to your mane. 

It’s important to know that if you opt for highlights at the salon, your colorist will need to use bleach to lift your current hue. Bleach can cause your hair to become dry or damaged. While your colorist will help to improve the look and feel of your strands in the salone, it’s important to follow a color care routine to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy. We particularly recommend using a hair mask like Pureology Hydrate Superfood Treatment Mask on bleached hair. 

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What color looks best on short hair?

Just like long hair, short hair can sport so many different colors flawlessly. However, it’s essential to choose a hue that will look best with your skin complexion

If your skin has warmer undertones, stick with colors such as auburn, mocha, chestnut, and honey. If you have fairer skin with a more cool undertone, strawberry blonde, ash blonde, and ash brown could be better suited for your complexion. 

When you go to see your colorist, they can help point you in the right direction towards colors that will compliment you and match your current aesthetic.

If you’re ready to try short hair color, keep scrolling for 10 of our favorite looks. 

The Best Hair Colors For Short Hair To Try Now

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Gray With Pastel

A short bob that mixes light gray and soft pastels creates an edgy yet feminine final look. To keep your salon hue fresh between appointments, be sure to usea shampoo and conditioner like Biolage Colorlast Shampoo and Colorlast Moisturizing Conditioner. This gentle system cleanses and conditions to maintain color depth, tone, and shine. It extends the life of your color and leaves strands soft, detangled, and shiny.

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Neon Pink

Whether you have a darker skin tone or a fairer complexion with cool undertones, coloring your short hair bright pink will look fantastic.  

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Platinum Blonde

If you want to stand out in the crowd, platinum is the way to go. This icy look will undoubtedly make heads turn. Just keep in mind that in order to combat yellow or orange undertones, you’ll need a color-toning shampoo and conditioner that reduces brassy tones like Matrix Total Results So Silver Shampoo and Conditioner.  

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Platinum Blonde With Colorful Roots

If you have gray or very light blonde hair, consider adding colorful roots to the mix! You’ll feel like a rockstar ready to take on anything. Pick up the Redken Color Extend Magnetics Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Color Extend Magnetics Conditioner to protect your hair from damage using RCT protein and keep it fresh and smooth!

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Copper Fire

For those who want to brighten their complexion but don’t want a full-blown bright red hair color, a coppery hue is ideal. Pair this with a cute dark lip, and it’ll be fire. 

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If you are already a brunette, ask your colorist to go a few shades darker with your hue. Black hair looks extra edgy on shorter strands. 

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Ocean Blue

This beautiful dark blue color contrasts nicely with those who have a warmer tone to their skin. It looks incredibly unique and won’t require a ton of lightening to achieve. 

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Colorful Peekaboo Hair

Peekaboo hair is super popular among those who want to try fantasy hair but don’t want it to be too obvious. That’s why we love this rainbow peekaboo look for short hair. 

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Bright Colored Highlights

Highlights are already fun and gorgeous, but highlighting your hair with bright colors might be the exact look you need to spice things up. 

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Brunette To Blonde Ombre 

You might think your hair is too short for an ombre, but think again! A colorist can customize your ombre look to match your hair length. 

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