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A Blonde Moment: The Blonde Color Trends You Need To Know About For 2024

blonde hair color trends predictions for 2021

Last year, we declared 2020 the year of the brunette—and throughout the past 12 months, we saw so many new brown hair color trends and award-winning, color-toning products specifically made with brunettes in mind. While we love admiring our brunettes, we can’t deny that blondes have more fun. After a year of salon closures, DIY bleach sessions, and at-home root touch-ups, we’re ready to give the blonde babes out there the attention they deserve. That’s why we’re predicting that blondes are going to have a serious moment in 2021.  

Say hello to in-salon services, new shades (we’re anticipating a wave of baby blondes and French balayage on your IG feed), and new at-home innovations that make managing blonde manes easier than ever before. If you want to learn how to achieve your best blonde yet in 2021, we tapped a few experts to discover the care tips and color trends that are going to dominate in the new year. Keep scrolling for everything you need to know. 

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Baby Blonde

While icy, platinum tones are always on-trend, we’re predicting that you’ll see a wave of baby blondes on your IG feed in 2021. Baby blonde is a shade close to platinum, but with subtle notes of warmth throughout. This shade allows you to stay on-trend with a cool-toned blonde, while the added warmth makes the hue slightly lower maintenance. 

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French Balayage

We love French-girl hair (like the classic French bob that took over Instagram this year), so it’s no surprise that we also love French balayage, a low-maintenance technique that we predict will be everywhere in 2021. According to Min Kim, L'Oréal Professionnel global ambassador, color services like L'Oréal Professionnel’s French balayage can keep your in-salon maintenance as effortless as possible. 

“It has the French touch, so it's almost like the hair that is done but doesn't look so done,” Kim explains. “It's really about enhancing a woman's natural coloring in a way where it's going to always grow out beautiful and still be flattering.”

Basically, French balayage is like traditional balayage, but the results are even more natural and effortless. 

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Face-Framing Color

Sure, we’re used to seeing a full head of gorgeous blonde hair, but according to Jamie Wiley, Pureology artistic director, blondes are becoming braver at the salon. 

“I really predict blondes stepping outside of what they're used to and being brave with their blonde in 2021. So that's really exciting for me, and as a colorist behind the chair—recommending different types of blonde for them, and also different placement,” 

One of the most-requested placements, Wiley says, is face-framing highlights.

“We’ve seen an intro to the ‘90s in 2020, but that's here to stay,” Wiley says. “So color that’s a bit heavier in the front, different placements, and different tones.” 

Not only are face-framing highlights on-trend, but they’re also a low-maintenance option for those who can’t make it to the salon for touch-ups every few weeks. 

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Hair Glosses

If you’re looking to keep your blonde as low-maintenance as possible in 2021, look to hair glosses. These low-commitment formulas tone, refresh, and add shine to your hue in minutes. 

When it comes to leaving the salon with your best blonde possible, Johnny Ramirez, Redken brand ambassador, recommends a Redken Shades EQ Level 10s service to every single client. 

“Shades EQ Gloss gives beautiful shine to clients with all hair textures, and there are so many different tones which allows me to create a customized color for all of my gorgeous clients.” 

Color Toning Products

With new at-home care innovations, it’s becoming easier than ever to maintain your blonde hair color at home. While salon blondes went months without seeing their colorists in 2020, they looked to color-toning products to keep their hues vibrant and brass-free. For 2021, keep an eye out for all new purple shampoos, hair masks, and treatments formulated to keep your blonde in the best shape possible. If you’re searching for the best purple shampoos to buy, click here for our full guide. 

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In-Salon Treatments

With salons reopening countrywide, bottle blondes can also take advantage of in-salon treatments like Pureology’s Color Sealer Back Bar Treatment. 

“It's quick, it's easy for the colorist, it takes five minutes, and it adds color vibrancy and color longevity,” Jamie Wiley explains. “It's going to make your hair color last three times longer, and it's also going to make it super shiny, and your hair is going to feel incredibly soft.” 

With these expert tips and trend predictions in mind, you’re ready to achieve your best blonde ever in 2021. 

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