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What’s Hot In Hair: Our 2022 Hair Trend Predictions

Want to know what hair trends are going to be hot in 2022? We’re sharing six 2022 hair trends to look out for in the new year.

When it comes to discovering new year hair trends, we’re always on the edge of our seats. Before the ball drops on New Year's Eve, we need to see what cuts, styles, colors, and products await us for the next 12 months. Luckily, at, we have an in with some of the top brands and salon pros in the industry—which means you do too!

Want to know what’s hot in hair for 2022? These are six trends we’re predicting will be everywhere in the new year. From low-maintenance haircuts and styling to nostalgic ‘90s-inspired looks, you’re bound to find a 2022 hair trend that you’ll love.

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Health As An Aesthetic

Gone are the days of bleaching and heat styling our manes and not thinking twice about potential damage. We’re prioritizing healthy hair above all else in 2022.

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  • People want their hair to look and feel as healthy as possible—think sleek, polished hair or bouncy, shiny curls.
  • We’re committed to embracing long, strong hair and achieving healthier hair growth.
  • Products like acidic shampoos, conditioners, split end sealers, leave-in treatments, and shine serums will help your hair look as healthy as it feels.
  • Scalp care will be an essential part of routines—after all, healthy hair starts at the scalp.

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Bigger, Brighter Hair

After months (or even years) spent indoors, people are going brighter and bolder with their hair color and styling.

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  • People will be asking their colorists for bright, brass-free blonde hair color—and maintaining it at home with color-depositing shampoos and conditioners.
  • Hair colors and hairstyles that emphasize shine like platinum blonde or rich, dimensional brunette will be more popular than ever.
  • Voluminous hairstyles like big bombshell curls and bouncy blowouts will be everywhere.

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Experimentation Is Back

Played it safe while staying at home? People will be ready for big, bold transformations again in 2022.

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  • After a year of DIY hair color or putting off appointments, people are returning to salons and making the most out of their experience.
  • Temporary hair color products like color-depositing conditioners and in-salon hair gloss like Redken Shades EQ make it easy to experiment without commitment.
  • Dramatic haircut trends like the wolf cut, shaggy layers, and mullets will dominate.
  • Daring hair color trends like gray and shades of red will be the most sought-after shades.

High-Impact, Low-Maintenance

Simple, low-maintenance hair hacks and hairstyles went viral throughout 2021—and the trend will be even bigger in 2022.

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  • People will be elevating their styling routines with everyday hairstyles and upgrading them so that they can also be formal.
  • Skipping heat styling in favor of no heat hairstyles like buns, ponytails, textured waves, and blunt bobs with accessories will be more common.

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Redefining Beauty

Between men’s grooming becoming more popular and protective hairstyles being seen as glam, people are redefining the standards of beauty.

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  • We’re rethinking natural and protective hairstyles, focusing on styles and techniques that take your natural hair to the next level of glam.
  • Men had a year in quarantine to embrace grooming routines—and they’re ready to make them public.
  • More men care about the health of their hair than ever before.
  • Men are embracing longer, more low-maintenance haircuts and styles.

Good hair day by  LA | Los Angeles Hairstylist @alexthaohair • Instagram photos and videos.

Future Nostalgia

2022 hair trends are all about making what’s old new again.

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  • Women are embracing hair trends from past decades, including Y2K hairstyles, ‘90s, and ‘70s-inspired hair.
  • Nostalgic hair accessories like claw clips, butterfly clips, and scrunchies will continue to be on-trend.
  • Grunge hairstyles like mullets, wolf cuts, and shag cuts will be popular again.

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