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The 40 Best Medium Length Haircuts And Styles For Every Hair Type

Medium Length Haircuts

In 2019, it seems like every woman has a lob. The shoulder-grazing, full style has entirely taken over the beauty world. In part, that’s because it’s so versatile. Whether you’re interested in cool girl waves or super straight locks, the lob is your best friend.

Still, even the best style can get a little tired. If you’re interested in medium haircuts but don’t want the same old ‘do, rest assured that we’ve found your inspiration. From shags to bobs, we love fresh takes on the neck length style.

If you’re tired of wrangling your lengths every morning and can’t stop daydreaming about the breeziness of a lob, it’s time to make a move—a mane move, that is.

Blunt Cut

Feeling like you’re ready to make a statement? There’s no better way to let your mane speak for you than with a haircut that’s as sharp as a knife. Although the look requires regular trims at the salon, don’t let that dissuade you from trying it out.

Face-Framing Layers

If you’re looking for a trim that’ll put you on display, ask for face-framing layers that fall just under your chin. Just make sure to keep them subtle, so you don’t end up looking like a ’90s sitcom extra.

Long Bangs

Have you gotten the memo yet? Bangs are back, baby, and they’re better looking than ever. To make this trend your own, ask your stylist for thin fringe that falls just below your eyebrows.

Baby Bangs

While we’re on the subject of fringe, it’s crucial for you to know that all kinds of bangs are fashionable at the moment. We love the look of ‘90s-inspired baby bangs, a cropped cut that reminds us of girl-led pop bands and extra-shiny lip gloss.

Single Length Cut

If you’ve had layers for most your life, it’s difficult to imagine a universe in which hair can be just one length and still look good. Welcome to a new generation of haircuts, the kind in which a blunt look can be just as striking as cascading layers.

Choppy Lob

To maximize your texture in the prettiest way, we love the look of very choppy layers on a long bob. The shorter pieces will curl more efficiently, providing all the bounce and movement you’ve been seeking.

Razored Bob

If you have thick, dense hair, a razor cut can be the solution to your weighted down woes. This look means feathery, light ends and a full crown—plus plenty of delicate layers, of course. For a woman with wavy hair who’s interested in boosting her texture, a razor cut is a game changer.

Curly Mixed Layers

Women with curly hair know that it’s a journey, one that takes dozens of haircuts and products to conquer. When you’ve finally achieved a winning style, however, the entire process turns out to have been worthwhile.

Angled Bob

Those looking for a sharp cut with added visual interest should try out an angular lob, one that’s subtly slanted to show off volume and movement. It’s an excellent choice for hair that tends to fall flat and looks particularly beautiful with a few added beach waves.


Unlike the ringlets you grow up with, s-curls are achieved by gently tugging on each section of hair after you loosen it from your curling iron or wand. The technique lengthens the curl for an easygoing vibe.

Sleek Chignon

To get the most out of this look, style it in a way that’s silky and sleek (bonus points if your wear a center part, too). We recommend treating your hair with a frizz-preventing blow dry cream before heat styling. Don’t be afraid to spritz a little hairspray on an old toothbrush and brush down any flyaways around your hairline, either.

Modern Ballerina Bun

Did somebody say weekend hair? This version of the ballerina bun is clean and chic without squashing the personality of your hair.

Dutch Pigtails

A lob is lovely when you’ve got extra time to style it, but Dutch pigtails are the perfect choice for days when you don’t.

Half Top Knot

Don’t let an unshampooed mane cramp your style. The cutest little top knot can help hide the look of oily roots (and the bun will stay in place better, too).

Tight Curls

For most women, the ultimate hair goal is texture, visually exciting hair that looks as if it could belong to a model on her day off. That’s easier said than done, particularly if you have naturally wavy or curly hair, but the right professional can be a real help.

Air-Dried Texture

Once you’ve sheared off your excess inches, think about investing in a curl-boosting cream and a diffuser. The resulting look is summery and youthful, a far cry from pin-straight strands.

Beachy Lob

If you’re like us, you may still be shaking off the nightmares from years of bad bobs. The bowl cut? The wannabe pixie? We’ve tried it all (and regretted it all, too). Luckily, today’s cropped cut isn’t the one we remember from adolescence. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much it’s changed.

Twist Out

Make the most out of your curls by twisting them into defined ringlets. For a little extra panache, add a matte metal clip or assorted hairpins.

Pinned Back

Pulling your hair away from your face doesn’t have to mean totally squashing your texture. Try pinning back just one side for a minimalist style.

Scarf Bun

Everyone expects a bun held in place by an elastic, so give them something they didn’t see coming: A scarf.

Defined Curls

Every woman deserves beautiful curls. With the help of a genius styling product like Biolage R.A.W. Curl Defining Styling Butter, you can actually achieve them.


When the weather’s warm, the last thing you want is hair sitting on your neck. Cool off with this understated pompadour, instead!

Vintage Rolls

While mid length hair is bouncy and photogenic, it’s important to remember that short cuts will always require a more effort than a long mane. Whether you’re blow drying or applying product, there’s a whole skillset to learn. Be sure to talk it over with your stylist before you fully commit to a new lifestyle.

Curtain Bangs

We know that bangs often get a bad rap, but that’s just because they’re often cut incorrectly. Avoiding the temptation to pull lots of hair from the middle of your head, your stylist should section off the hair that’s right at the point where your forehead naturally begins sloping. Instead of fighting to style your bangs every day, you’ll be surprised at how easily they fall in place.

Angled Curly Lob

When you’re ready to schedule your hair appointment, be sure to choose a stylist who’s known for curl know-how. A good indicator of experience: He or she should always cut your hair dry since wet curls look very different than the everyday kind.

Tied With A Bow

Ribbons are all the rage this year, so use a colorful one to tie back your mane during a day out.

Ombre Lob

It isn’t just styling that can set your mane apart. A bright flash of color will do the trick, as well.

Shaggy Lob

To keep this style as striking as possible, we recommend asking your hair professional to cut it between chin and collarbone length. If you’re a deep side part or center part girl, this is the moment to really commit to it.

‘90s Bob

If nostalgia is the note you’re looking to hit, ask your stylist to take you back to the ‘90s in a hair time machine. Baby bangs look extra punk when they’re matched with a blunt cut, so don’t be afraid to go there.

Scrunchie Bun

The ‘90s are back in every way. Expect to see more and more scrunchies as time goes on—and expect to find them really versatile in almost every style.

Blunt Bangs

Few cuts make a statement the way blunt bangs do. As with all sharp cuts, you’ll need to visit the salon regularly to ensure your fringe remains on point.

Pearl Headband

If you grew up around the time of the Millennium, you’ll fondly remember butterfly and spin clips. Today’s version is a little less glittery and little more office-appropriate.

Voluminous Cut

Sleek hair has its place, but we love a head of outrageous ringlets. If you’re aiming for bounce, make sure you see a stylist with plenty of experience cutting curls.

Headband Braid

The headband braid is a simple but brilliant way to keep your hair away from your face. As an added bonus, it looks gorgeous in photos.

Subtle Layers

Not about to get a shag? No worries.

Point Cut Lob

For added dimension and texture, ask your stylist about a point cut lob. The technique creates visible, gorgeous movement.

Brushed Back

There’s a common misconception that a stylish haircut should be the focal point of your look, but we’re here to disprove that theory once and for all. Your face is always the star of the show, so ask your stylist for a cut that highlights your looks.

Lived-In Texture

Nothing screams “relaxed” like a beautiful lived-in ‘do. We recommend applying a texturizing spray like L'Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art Next Day Hair Dry Finishing Spray.

Curly Cut

Cutting off length can help your curls spring into place, so we always recommend a good cut when you’re ready to get serious about styling.

Graduated Bob

For maximum volume, opt for graduated layers.

Interested in a customized medium length haircut? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.