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The Clavicle Bob Is The Celeb-Approved Haircut Trend We Can't Get Enough Of

two brunette women with clavicle bob haircuts

Thanks to the influence of their stylists, celebrities always manage to stay one step ahead of the trends. When it comes to hair, we’re constantly scrolling through social media to identify the haircuts that are about to be everywhere. This fall, the short cut of the moment is the clavicle bob! On dark brown hair or even lighter shades, this stunner of a look upgrades your mother’s old-fashioned bob cut into a look that plays with more inches and added movement.

To get all the details on what the clavicle bob is and how you style one, we tapped Nick Arrojo of Arrojo Studio in New York City. The salon owner and legendary stylist—famous for his skill with a razor and a swingy cut—broke down the essentials of the clavicle-length bob for us! Keep reading to learn more.

blonde woman with clavicle bob

What is a clavicle bob?

You’re probably already well-versed in the bob (a single-length cut that falls anywhere from your earlobe to your jawline) and the always-trendy lob (a single-length cut that sits right above your shoulders), so think of the clavicle bob as a much-needed addition to the list. It falls right below your shoulders at that sweet spot between short and medium-length haircuts, long enough to pull back but short enough to benefit from the added volume and bounce. 

Arrojo says the clavicle bob is actually engineered to bring attention to your face and body, which makes it all the more appealing!

“The clavicle bob is a fraction longer than a lob and features more asymmetry for a soft face-framing effect,” he explains. “The eyes of the observer are encouraged to drift across the face, catching feminine features like eyes and temples, lips and cheekbones, neck and clavicle.”

As it turns out, scoop neck dresses aren’t the only way to show off a delicate bone structure! Your haircut can do all the work for you. It isn’t just the length that’s flattering, either. Arrojo loves the way the clavicle bob works so well in real life, not just the one day you get it professionally styled in the salon.

“It’s easy to make it loose and wavy for lived-in looks, and a quick blow-dry or flat iron will create a smooth, shiny, dramatic finish,” he says.

Once you’re sold on this flattering cut, there’s only one complication: how do you get your dream cut at the salon? Luckily, Arrojo has the answers.

brunette woman with clavicle bob

How do you ask for a clavicle bob?

When it comes to a new cut, we always recommend bringing plenty of photo inspiration to your appointment. More images mean a better chance of being exactly on the same page with your stylist about what a clavicle bob is and how’d like yours to look. Ask for a collarbone-length cut that has plenty of movement. If you need more customization, Arrojo recommends adding bangs

“You can also push it around, putting the hair behind the ears for a cool-girl, off-the-face look, sweep it across for a sexy softness, or pair with micro bangs and texture for more of a rock-and-roll look. So you can really wear this length of cut any way you want, which helps to make it desirable.”

Now is the perfect time to trade your safe, down-to-there length for a cut that makes you feel like a cooler version of yourself! 

“Fall is also when we get back to blow-drying our hairstyles into more polished and pulled together workday looks,” Arrojo explains. “Not only will a fresh cut be easier to work with than hair with frizzy, dried-out ends, a shorter style means less blow-drying time, and easier change-ups from day to night.”

Embrace your inner fashionista and take a risk!

brunette woman with clavicle bob

More importantly, how do you style a clavicle bob?

The clavicle bob can be worn about a dozen different ways, which means there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to which hair products you should use. (Let’s be honest, you wouldn’t want there to be!) For that it-girl tousled look,  Arrojo recommends his line’s Styling Whip for texture with luster and shine. Finish off the look with a wave-boosting spray and roughly blow dry your hair.

When your alarm is going off and there’s no time to shower, get gritty with your styling! L’Oréal Professionnel’s Tecni.Art Next Day Hair Dry Finishing Spray can give your hair new life in just seconds. Spray it at the roots, tousle with your fingers, and go! 

Once you have your clavicle bob, you’ll be right on trend—you can thank Arrojo for that!

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