Black Lives Matter

black lives matter

It’s the beginning of the month, and this is usually the time where we write about what’s going on in the hair world, what products and trends you should expect to see dominating your social media feeds. But we recognize there’s nothing usual about what’s going on this month. There are no products or trends worthy of our time right now, as the country reckons with the pain and hurt Black people have been subject to in America for hundreds of years.

As lovers of all things beauty, we know just how powerful it is to have control over the way you look. But having control over the way you look means nothing when something as simple as the color of your skin can be used against you—can put your life in danger. The work we do has no meaning unless every single person who comes to our website, no matter their race, ethnicity, sex, religion, or sexual orientation, can find content that speaks to them.

The beauty industry and as it pertains to hair, in particular, hasn’t been a leader in championing diversity in the past. Admittedly, neither has That will change. If it wasn’t clear before, let us be clear now: At, we do not stand for inequality or injustice. We are privileged to be a part of an industry that celebrates color, diversity, and inclusion.

We will continue updating you on the latest hair trends you’ve come know and expect from us, but we are also taking this time to listen, learn, and think about how we can use our platform to be a force of good. To ensure is a place that not only welcomes all readers but also celebrates them.

If you’re looking for resources or organizations to donate to, here are some that can really use your support:

National Bail Fund Network

NAACP Legal Defense Fund

Minnesota Freedom Fund

Heal Haus

The Nap Ministry

Please stay safe and never forget, #BlackLivesMatter

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