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14 Timeless Short Hairstyles For Women Over 50

photo of older women with stylish short hairstyles

Women of all ages collectively raised a glass to one very welcome recent trend: silver hair, which signaled that we’ve finally embraced the idea of going gray. Women of all ages are sporting every kind of hairstyle, from short and sassy to long and classic—proving there’s no reason your hair needs to look like your mom’s just because you’ve reached a certain age.

While you may feel liberated to let your natural color shine, strands often take on a thinner, wiry feel beginning in your 50s. This new texture makes hair harder to style—especially at longer lengths. Longer hair also tends to drag down features and add years to the face. Enter the short haircut.

Shorter hair accentuates your features to give you a fresh and chic look, no matter your age. If it’s your first time losing length, rest assured that there’s a short hairstyle for every face shape and hair texture.

Hair texture not an issue? Just look at many of your favorite A+ list celebs over 50 who constantly prove that long hair is no longer off-limits for the over-50 set. With the right layers and possibly bangs, longer hairstyles can look both timeless and sophisticated.

Ultimately, hairstyles for women over 50 shouldn’t sacrifice femininity or good taste. An experienced stylist will help you achieve a seriously fierce, not frumpy look. Paired with the perfect shade of lipstick or an eye-popping liner, a stylish short chop is the kind of self-care that makes you feel strong and sexy.

Here are 14 timeless short hairstyles for women over 50 to bring to your next salon appointment.

Pop Of Color

Forget about dying to blend in! Try a pop of unexpected color, like pink or violet-colored hair, for fun minus the commitment. Plus, a pop of color can be easier to add to naturally silver or white hair, since your stylist may not have to lift your natural shade first.

Beachy Waves

Here’s a big bonus of your new wiry texture: Beachy waves may be more attainable than ever. Twist damp hair into one or two loose buns and let it dry. Once you pull your hair loose, your strands will likely look as wavy as if you spent a day at the beach.

Effortless Layers

A top complaint from women over 50: Hair loses volume, and any single-length style falls flat. Combat helmet hair by adding soft, feathery layers throughout your cut. Shorter strands sway every time you move your head, giving your hair natural body and volume.

Short Crop

Extra inches weigh hair down, especially if your hair is thin or wiry. A bob highlights your face for the illusion of a sharper jawline. Ask your stylist for a chin-grazing bob for a French girl look that’s effortlessly chic.

Classic Bob

Bob haircuts are timeless—the jaw-brushing length brings your face into focus. A razor-edged side part and blunt ends are all you need to elevate this style, which dries with almost no effort. Just be sure to check in with your stylist for regular trims to keep your cut looking sharp.

Side-Swept Bangs

If your hairline is higher and you want to minimize your forehead—or if you want to lengthen a rounder face shape—talk to your stylist about cutting side bangs. Unlike curtain or full bangs, longer fringe won’t steal the show, but they’ll simply accent your overall look.

Curly Shag

A trendy short chop hailing from the 1970s, the shag is a chic very layered cut that keeps curly locks manageable while adding volume. Instead of cutting your ringlets straight across, your stylist will shape your ends to build volume at the crown. Ask your stylist to recommend a customized product routine for extra control.

woman with curtain bangs

Curtain Bangs

These are the bangs for women who think they hate bangs. This classic style from the ‘60s has made its way into mainstream culture again, unseating the heavy fringe that was everywhere the past few years. Curtain bangs sit at about your cheekbone and are typically parted down the center and pushed to either side of the face like dramatic theater drapes. Be sure to ask your stylist for a blow-drying tutorial before you leave the salon.

woman with tapered pixie hairstyle

Tapered Pixie

Choosing the right haircut is a lot like buying a pair of jeans. You can shell out for the latest cropped and distressed trend, or invest in a tailored, classic pair that you can keep for years. The tapered pixie is the latter: A timeless cut that highlights your best facial features and accentuates your jawline. Keep up with your salon appointments to keep your cut looking its best.

woman with a stacked bob hairstyle

Stacked Bob

Whether you’re dealing with cold winter winds or a rainy day, no bad weather can’t flatten your style with the stacked bob. To create a stacked bob, your stylist will add short layers through the back half of your ‘do. Even better, it works for waves and fine hair alike. Because a stacked bob really benefits from a shiny blowout, talk to your pro if you’re not sure how to make that round brush work for you.

woman with an A-Line bob hairstyle

A-Line Bob

At first glance, the A-line bob is quite similar to its stacked counterpart—but it’s less about punchy layers and more about a jaw-defining angle. Wear it just above your shoulders as a wink to the millennial favorite—the lob haircut.

woman with a gamine cut

Gamine Cut

Nothing packs the feminine punch of a gamine cut. This classic style is as timeless as your favorite pair of black heels. The super-short length draws attention to your eyelashes or brows, plus it’s effortless to style: just air or blow-dry and go.

woman with curly long pixie hairstyle

Curly Long Pixie

You don’t have to have stick-straight hair to look chic with a short style: Adding layers to very short curls can give hair a sexy, tousled look. Add dimension with a touch of lighter color at the tips.

Interested in trying a short hairstyle? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

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