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The Cherubim Haircut Is The Celebrity-Approved Chop That Men Need To Try

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Long hair for men has grown in popularity over the past few months—we can thank quarantine for that one. With celebrities and Tik Tok stars debuting longer, shaggier chops, tons of men are working with extra length this fall. Two of the biggest male celebrities recently debuted the cherubim haircut, an angelic-inspired chop with textured, face-framing curls and bedhead vibes. They say history repeats itself, and this 70’s-inspired cut is no exception!

Whether you decide to go for the messy bedhead look or choose to keep it out of your face with long pushed-back bangs, this style is a must. If you want to know more about the cherubim haircut and how to achieve the look, keep scrolling for everything you need to know.

Good hair day by @baxterofca.

What is a cherubim haircut?

The cherubim haircut resembles a young boyish figure featured in works of art from ancient history, better known as the cherub. This angelic figure has light, bouncy curls that rest just above his shoulders, depicting a sense of innocence and beauty. Now, you're probably wondering how the hairstyle managed to make its way back to the present day. Let’s be honest, we all want long, effortless curls—thus, the cherubim haircut was reborn as the on-trend mens cut for 2020.

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How do I get the cherubim haircut?

If you want to achieve a cherubim haircut the right way, we always recommend enlisting the help of a seasoned barber. Next time you visit the barbershop, bring a picture of the specific look you want to achieve. Your barber will be able to make suggestions based on your hair texture and face shape to create the look that best suits you. Once you have the haircut down, the next very important step is styling. Styling is where all the magic happens to create those soft, angelic curls.

How To Style The Cherubim Haircut

The cherubim haircut can be worn a few different ways, whether you favor a bowl-shaped cut or a middle-part with tousled ringlets. Another popular way to style this retro cut is to allow your long curly bangs to frame your forehead to help shape your face. If you're not feeling grown-out bangs, then opt for an upward and back swoop. Pushing the long pieces of your hair back to rest on top of your head like an effortless sweeping motion. Any of these styles are sure to catch someone's eye!

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The texture of your hair will determine how much product you need to use. While this style can work with straight hair, the classic cherubim look is perfect for curly or wavy hair. If you don’t wake up with naturally bouncy ringlets, this can be achieved by scrunching some hair gel or hair pomade into wet or damp hair. We recommend using the Redken Brews Texture Hair Pomade, which offers the perfect amount of textured separation between the curls without being crunchy or flaky. Once your locks have had time to dry, finish your look with a few sprays of Redken Brews Thickening Spray. This will add some dimension to your curly mane, taking your style up a notch.

Once you’ve applied both the pomade and spray to your hair, you should be good to go for the rest of the day. For second-day hair, try using Redken Brews Molding Hair Paste to revive and rework your curls and add an extra boost when needed.

If trying out new hairstyles isn’t your strong suit, ask your barber for a few styling tips before you leave the shop. They’ve likely worked on hundreds of clients and know what will look best on you and the easiest way to achieve the look you want. Try giving this long style a go—we promise you won’t regret it.

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