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Should You Be Using An Oil Shampoo? An Expert Explains

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If you’re looking to shake up your hair care routine, look no further than oil shampoo. The recent rise in popularity of oil shampoo has some people wondering if it’s time to swap out their cream shampoo for this trendy alternative. To help you decide if your shampoo is due for a change, we sat down with Travis Valdez, stylist, brand ambassador, and education manager for Shu Uemura Art of Hair. Valdez explained to us what oil shampoos are, what you might expect from them, and who can use them. You’ll wish you’d tried oil shampoo sooner!

What sets an oil shampoo apart from standard cream formulations?

While oil shampoos can look and feel different from their creamy counterparts, they’re both formulated with the same intent: To cleanse your hair. Oil shampoos can help get rid of excess oil and product build up and refresh the look of hair.

“Oil-based shampoos are known to gently but efficiently cleanse,” Valdez says.

Who can use an oil shampoo?

Valdez insists cleansing oils can be great for anyone, but he believes they can be a great option for people with oily hair.

“I often suggest [oil shampoo] formula for clients who only shampoo once a week or for anyone with an oily scalp,” Valdez says of his experience using this type of product. “I’ve also found [oil shampoo] is great for clients with active lifestyles, people who regularly exercise, or those who may live in cities that are exposed to pollution and environmental aggressors.The purifying properties are outstanding!”

Cleansing your hair with oil when you already have an oily scalp may sound counterproductive, but Valdez say that’s actually not the case. Oil or cream, a shampoo’s ultimate purpose is helping to cleanse the hair.

If you’re concerned a cleansing oil shampoo like Shu Uemura Art of Hair's may be a little too moisturizing for your locks, the stylists suggests giving it a try before making any big decisions. On the other hand, if the formula leaves your hair craving more moisture, Valdez suggests supplementing your routine with a few nourishing products.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t try an oil shampoo?

Valdez maintains that oil shampoo can be great for everyone. If you have dyed locks the stylist suggests using an oil shampoo specifically formulated to help maintain your bright hue.

“I really do believe [oil shampoo] is great for almost anyone, but for clients who have vibrant colored hair like a bright red or a fashion shade, I’d suggest something to preserve color,” Valdez says.

What kind of conditioner can you pair with an oil shampoo?

With a nourishing and moisturizing shampoo such an oil-based one, it’s easy to think you can skip conditioner, but don’t be fooled. You should always follow up your shampoo with a conditioner and oil formulas are no different.

Luckily, Valdez says oil cleansing shampoos work well with most conditioners, but for the best results he suggests using products from the same system. Additionally, it’s important to note if your hair care system includes a mask or treatment. It’s only by using the full routine that you’ll maximize your results.

Now that we know oil shampoo can be for everyone, go on and treat yourself! We’re sure you hair will love the luxurious addition to your routine.