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11 Photos Of Rainbow Hair That Scream #HairGoals

24 January 2018
curled rainbow hair

Emily Arata

Senior Editor

Here is a fact we wholeheartedly believe: Some women are unicorns. Whereas most of female-kind is happy to settle for beachy blonde highlights or a rare ombre tip, you’re not about to settle for anything less than vibrant.

You’re not just anyone—you’re a lady who needs rainbow hair. We adore the neon combination of shades on all skin tones and in all variations. Whether you’re choosing a peekaboo stripe of rainbow or really creating something major (we see you, peacock hair), you’re committing to a lifestyle with hair that’s a serious focal point.

If you’ve been looking for a dramatic change, rainbow hair might be just the thing to take your style up a notch. Release your inner wild child and book an appointment with a hair colorist. Like all Instagram-friendly hair looks, this one requires time, money, and patience. Be sure you’re prepared to give all three before committing.

photo of curly mermaid hair

Mermaid Hair

You don’t have to live in the ocean or sing romantic ballads to be a mermaid, anymore. Anyone can achieve the rainbow-hued look, thanks to a very talented colorist and long, wavy strands. Unlike classic rainbow hair, mermaid strands start with a blue-green base that gives everything an aquatic tint. Whether you opt for a navy base or a something a little brighter (we’re big fans of luminescent aqua), you can’t go wrong.

photo of unicorn hair color

Unicorn Hair

Of all the whimsical hair techniques we’ve seen emerge over the years, unicorn hair is one of the most flattering. In lieu of harsh brights, unicorn color brings a pastel mélange of hues to your mane. If you’d like, your colorist can even build the look on a base of pink or blue shades. As with all pastels, you’ll want to avoid anything that can hasten fading. Be sure to talk to a professional before you begin the coloring process. This is a lengthy process, and you’ll want to go about it the right way.

photo of peacock hair color

Peacock Hair

If you’re in the market for rainbow hair but don’t like the idea of looking childish or over the top, peacock hair is the answer to your prayers. With a chocolatey base complemented by notes of purple, green, and blue, you’ll look glamorous but work appropriate. Plus, you won’t deal with the damage that comes hand in hand with lifting color from dark strands.

photo of rainbow ombre hair

Ombre Rainbow Hair

Not totally sold on the idea of dying your strands every color on the spectrum? Don’t panic, there’s a solution for you, too. Instead of asking your colorist for a whole head of reds, yellows, and purples, opt for an ombre. You’ll keep some of your natural color while also experimenting with something new.

The upside here is that ombre gives you endless options. Once you’re tired of the color, you’re free to chop it off and work with a stylish lob—no commitment, no problem.

photo of dip dyed rainbow hair

Dip Dye Rainbow Hair

If you’re a bold lady, one who’s not afraid of making a statement, use this moment as a chance to try several trends at once with dip dyed rainbow hair. Instead of an entire head of brilliant hues, your colorist will create a rainbow that begins in a straight line about two-thirds of the way down your head. The look is especially striking on lobs or blunt bobs. Why not make a statement?

photo of cotton candy hair color

Cotton Candy Hair

Cotton candy hair hit the social media scene a few years ago, combining two of the most popular trends on social media (things with cute names, soft pastel colors) to create a mega hit that not even hairstylists saw coming. If you’re something of a kawaii devotee and can’t imagine your life without pinks and blues, say hello to your new favorite color.

photo of neon rainbow hair color

Neon Rainbow Hair

Subtlety isn’t for everyone. When it comes to making a commitment to rainbow hair, there’s a choice group of women who won’t settle for anything less than neon. Sound like you? Make sure you bring photos of the vibrancy you desire to your consultation so that your colorist understands the work ahead of him or her.

photo of french braid with rainbow hair color

French Braided Rainbow Hair

When it comes to updos and braids, it’s important to consider which looks will show off your hair color to the best effect. If you’ve already spent the time and money it takes to create the perfect rainbow mane, a classic French braid is the way to go. Because the ‘do pulls smalls sections of hair from all over the hair, you’ll be surprised to see the blend of colors that appear.

photo of hair with peekaboo rainbow highlights

Peekaboo Rainbow Hair

So, you’ve got both a corporate job and a hankering to try an entirely new hair style. What to do? Luckily, you don’t have to decide between your two callings with peekaboo hair. To try out this technique, ask your colorist for a stripe of color that sits halfway down the back of your head. This horizontal piece of hair will bear all the colors of the rainbow, but be totally hidden by the rest of your mane. It’s not magic, just magical hair design.

photo of hair with rainbow undercut style

Rainbow Undercut

While we’re on the subject of statement hair that you can still hide during the day, let’s talk about the utilitarian undercut. By shaving a portion of hair at the neck and dying your rainbow there, your colorist can create a look that’s edgy but still versatile. This isn’t the punk rock haircut of your teenage years. Instead, it’s considerably more sophisticated. On the weekends, you can tie up your mane and show off your array of colors.

photo of pixie cut with rainbow hair color

Rainbow Pixie Cut

Hooked on short hair? You’re not alone. The whole world is rediscovering how feminine and gorgeous pixie cuts can be. Lest you worry the cut is taking away from your style or falling a little flat, try a rainbow of hair colors across your scalp. Instead of seeming like a lost mermaid, your look will read as fashion-forward and chic. Plus, the whole world is a little kinder to a woman who’s bold enough to wear a rainbow on her head. Trust us.

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