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19 Shades Of Grey Hair That Prove Silver Is Still In Style

Grey hair isn't just for old ladies any more. This gorgeous, silvery hair color is everything, and we're sharing how to get silver hair.

We’re going grey, and not just to be dramatic, either. Grey hair is one of the most beautiful, striking trends we’ve come across in recent years. When worn with a pastel or as part of a blonde ‘do, silver grey can be youthful and lighthearted. Deepened and paired with black, however, grey hair is all vampy goodness.

Looking for inspiration? Here’s proof grey hair will never go out of style.


If you’re taking the plunge into neutral hair for the first time, we’d like to suggest you start with a bright silver. Although the shade may seem best suited for little old ladies, it’s versatile and youthful. Both in care and execution, silver hair is surprisingly similar to light blonde. You’ll even use the same purple shampoo.

To ensure your silver is as flattering as possible, make sure the undertones of your new hair color match those of your skin—warm or cool.

Dark Silver

Truly, there are very few hair colors we find as unique and mesmerizing as dark silver. Unlike the often-repeated shades of blonde and brunette, this is a color that will set you apart. With its bluish or violet undertones, you’ll find yourself wanting to wear it through all four seasons.

Here’s the extra perk of such a dark color: If you’re a natural brunette who isn’t afraid of visible roots, you can make this shade last a very long time.

Blue Silver

Feeling a little aquatic? Blue silver is the way to go, particularly if you don’t identify as a pastel hair color person. The interesting part of this color is the variety. You can choose to meld your silver with an aqua or true blue, but you can also ask your stylist for navy balayage. It all depends on how much maintenance you’re willing to go, and how bold you’d like the style to look.

We stand by an allover light blue with very bright silver undertones. It’s striking without being over-the-top—just the way we prefer our hair to be.

Silver Ombre with Dark Roots

Here’s another technique designed just for the girls who can’t be bothered to revisit the salon every six weeks. If you’re interested in the possibilities of grey hair but hope to keep your natural or dyed brunette around the face, opt for a silver ombre.

For a hair color upgrade that’s a little out of your comfort zone, ask your stylist to place silver pieces around your face.

Silver Highlights

Committing to a new hair color is an intimidating process, particularly if you’ve never before dyed your locks. Rest assured, there’s an easy way to go about it. We recommend transitioning into your new shade slowly, with the help of partial-coverage techniques like highlights.

Whether your natural shade is dark or light, highlights will create more depth while brightening the entire head. We particularly love the way silver highlights look on blondes since they add icy flair to the shade.

Grey Lowlights

Feeling like your hair color has totally gone flat? Don’t be stuck with lifeless strands. Instead, ask your hairstylist to add dark grey lowlights to your ‘do.

Just the way contouring carves out hollows beneath your cheeks and creates the illusion of sharper jawlines, lowlights add visual depth to your hair. In other words, you just faked your way to a thicker (and more stylish) mane.

Grey Hair with Blonde Ends

This isn’t your grandma’s grey hair. While the trend may have started with uniformly silver and grey hair, we’ve since found that mixing grey with blonde makes the shade appear far more youthful. Instead of looking like you’re on the way to collect your pension payment, seem like you attend festivals every day by adding blonde ends.

Pro tip: For this look, platinum is your go-to shade of blonde. The cooler, the better.

Grey Violet

We’re already obsessed with purple hair, so a combination of grey and violet was an absolute no-brainer. We love all combinations of these two shades, but the most popular is undoubtedly a purple-tinted grey all over the head.

If that’s not the right fit for you, try a grey to purple ombre or balayage. We even recommend including a few notes of deep purple in the mix, just to give the hair added texture.


Like its namesake flower, lilac the hair color hovers somewhere between purple, pink, and grey, with an emphasis on muted beauty. This shade can work for warm and cool skin tones, and is extremely beautiful on all textures. In other words, this is the perfect hair color.

As lovely as the shade looks in spring and summer, we find it’s at its best in winter. The contrast between the delicate beauty of the color and thick, cold-weather sweaters is truly wonderful.

Holographic Hair

Here’s a shade specially designed for you, blonde beauties. Holographic hair, which has only recently come into popularity, uses many shades of pink, blue, and purple to achieve a mesmerizing 3D effect.

Instead of trying this technique on purely platinum hair, ask your stylist to layer down grey as part of your new hairdo. The shadowy take on holographic hair is much more office appropriate.

Grey to Pink Ombre

We will never get over pale pink hair. It’s feminine while remaining edgy, the perfect unexpected shade to dye your mane. The only thing better than a cotton candy cloud is one that balances the pink with a little grey.

For this look, make sure you’re requesting a beige-like grey instead of a darker shade.

Grey Teal

So, you’re not a girl who ever wants to wear pink in her hair? That’s totally fine. Instead, try a moodier color paired with dark tones. Trust us, teal grey is the dreamy, blue-influenced shade you’ve been dreaming about.

As with many shades of blue, you have the opportunity to choose vibrancy and undertone here. We’d start with a very dark teal, so as to enjoy the color as long as possible.

Black Hair with Grey Balayage

Drama queens, this is your time to shine. Instead of taking grey anywhere subtle, pair it with jet black hair for a gorgeous look that most people won’t be bold enough to try.

We love this look on pale, cool skin tones. It’s striking, dark, and totally memorable.

Who says you can only wear one shade of grey at a time? We love this gradient look, particularly on long hair.


To mimic one of the natural ways hair goes grey, try a deep grey base with lighter silver highlights. The bright pieces can flatter you complexion—particularly when they’re placed around your face. Use a grey-enhancing care system like Redken’s Graydient to help ensure those silver piece remain brass-free.

Is anything more eye-catching than a luminous pearlescent shade? We think not. Keep in mind that although this shade is beautiful, it’s not for the faint of heart. Bright silver is an ideal choice if you’re already accustomed to the care routine that comes with platinum blonde.

If pearlescent hair isn’t enough of a statement for you, try this silvery grey shade that borders on white. For fall or winter, it presents a striking new take on seasonal hair color.


Going grey doesn’t mean eschewing color altogether. Those who feel bold can experiment with muted accents of smoky hair colors like this neutral blue. Just don’t be surprised when strangers start asking for your colorist’s name.


If the rainbow hair color trend appeals to you but you don’t have the energy to go full neon, try a greyscale version of the trend instead. This gorgeous blend of pinks and blues.


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