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How To Grow Out Your Undercut Without An Awkward Stage

photo of woman growing out an undercut

Undercuts have been a popular style for men for decades, but they didn’t become a popular styling option for women until the early 2000s. Ever since everyone’s favorite celebrities begin debuting undercuts on the red carpet, it’s become the easiest way to take your style from tame to edgy.

An undercut may be an easy way to add a rock-and-roll vibe to your style, but it is by no means an easy style to maintain. Between bi weekly trips to the barber to keep your undercut in tip-top shape and trying to figure out ways to cover new growth, undercuts can get old real fast.

If you’ve been thinking about growing out your undercut but aren’t sure how to get past that awkward stage, you’ve come to the right place. Pati Rodriguez, Matrix brand ambassador and artist, is breaking down everything you need to know about growing out an undercut.

How long does it typically take to grow out an undercut?

The time it takes to grow out your undercut really depends on the length of the hair you’re trying to make the undercut match. If you have really short hair and your undercut is a more subtle design, it should only take a few months to grow out. If you have very long hair, on the other hand, it can take up to two years for both lengths to match up. The process may seem daunting, but Rodriguez says you just have to give it time.

“Growing out an undercut can seem like a challenge but with a little bit of patience and time it can definitely be achieved,” Rodriguez.

While growing out your undercut you may be tempted to steer clear of haircuts to allow your hair to get as long as possible, but don’t stay away for too long. While cutting your hair won’t make it grow any faster, it will help to keep your hair looking and feeling as healthy as possible by getting rid of your split ends. If you wait until your undercut is completely grown out to head to the salon, don’t be surprised if your stylist suggests you get rid of a significant amount of length to remove any damaged ends.

While there is no way to speed up the process of growing out an undercut, there are ways to make the transition less awkward. Rodriguez says the best way to embrace your undercut during the awkward stages is to find a few hairstyles that you love that pull attention away from your undercut.

“The great thing about styling the rest of your hair while growing out an undercut is that [the shave portion] is typically hidden,” she says.

Looking for a little style inspiration? Below, Rodriguez shares her five favorite styles to cover growing undercuts.

Sleek Low Ponytail

“A sleek low ponytail is my go-to look for hiding a growing out undercut,“ the stylist says. Whether your undercut is on the back or your head or the side, a low ponytail will cover it right up.

Beach Waves

“Beachy textured waves are a great styling option because they help to hide a spiky undercut,” she explains. Rodriguez recommends using Matrix Biolage R.A.W. Texturizing Spray to create flawless beach waves every time.

Undone Updo

“A messy updo is an easy way to dress up and camouflage the growing out process of an undercut,” Rodriguez says. The perfectly imperfect ‘do will take attention away from your overgrown undercut.

Glamour Waves

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated style Rodriguez recommends dazzling with some old Hollywood glamour.

“Glamorous waves are a beautiful option to detract from the growing out process that can be annoying,” she says.


When you feel good, you look good—and what feels better than a fresh blowout?

“You can never go wrong with a great bouncy blowout,” Rodriguez says. Use Matrix Biolage Blowdry Glotion for a voluminous blowout that will cover any undercut and make you feel like a million bucks.

Interested in customized advice about growing out your undercut? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.