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Is growing out bangs in your hair forecast? These pro tips and easy hairstyle ideas for how to grow out bangs will make the in-between phase chic.

The Ultimate Survival Guide To Growing Out Your Bangs

Is growing out bangs in your hair forecast? These pro tips and easy hairstyle ideas for how to grow out bangs will make the in-between phase chic.
The Ultimate Survival Guide to Growing Out Your Bangs

After months of deciding between inspirational photos and asking your friends for their opinions, you’ve officially committed to bangs. But once you’ve taken the plunge, there’s no turning back—until you’re officially over your bangs phase, that is. While having bangs is a rite of passage for most hair enthusiasts, at some point, all good things must come to an end. Unfortunately, growing out bangs can get tedious.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to your fringe, we’re sharing pro tips on how to grow out bangs with the help of three stylists: Award-winning Matrix educator and stylist Dilek Onur-Taylor, Redken artist Laura Frazier, and Kérastase pro stylist Kim King.

Keep scrolling for their expert advice, plus browse hairstyles for growing out bangs that can help you bypass that awkward in-between stage.

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How long does it take bangs to grow out?

According to Dilek Onur-Taylor, it typically takes three to four months for bangs to grow out, but this varies from person to person. Some factors to consider are the fringe style and length you’re starting with and how fast your hair grows (on average, half an inch per month).

“How short you cut and how full the [bangs are] can directly affect grow out,” adds Laura Frazier. "A full fringe is much harder to grow out (probably six months) than a framing fringe, like bottleneck bob bangs, which is the softer option to a full fringe.”

Frazier notes that you could have a face-framing fringe grown out and blended into your haircut in a matter of 8-10 weeks.

Your hair type also plays a role in your bangs journey. For example, curly and coily bangs grow in a loop rather than straight down, making achieving extra length feel even more drawn-out.

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Is it easy to grow out bangs?

Growing out your bangs shouldn’t be a stressful or frustrating ordeal—but it can require some patience. As your bangs grow out, there are a few things you should be prepared for. First, they will constantly change lengths and frame your face differently. The reality is that not all of these lengths will be flattering, which is why fringe is infamous for having an awkward grow-out period.

What’s more, as they grow, your bangs will likely fall into your eyes or stubbornly stick out from updos despite your best styling efforts. But don’t despair: Growing out your bangs is a marathon, not a sprint. There are so many creative and fun ways to style your bangs at any length as they catch up with the rest of your hair. (We’ll get into a few pro-loved ideas below.)

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Should I trim my bangs as they grow?

Some stylists swear by trimming your bangs as they grow out, but Frazier believes in retaining additional length first.

“Focus on products for strength and growth and put the shears down. I wouldn’t trim a bang to blend or style it into a cut until it touches the cheekbone,” Frazier says. Her go-to system when growing out bangs is Redken’s Extreme Length Shampoo and Conditioner: “It strengthens the hair while revitalizing the scalp and follicle, promoting growth.”

Once you have more length to work with, your stylist can create face-framing layers or use thinning shears to lighten your fringe into a lower-maintenance wispy bang. We recommend transitioning them into Korean air bangs, the wispy trend du jour.

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When’s the best time to grow out my bangs?

When it comes to growing out bangs, Frazier says deciding on the time of year can be a guiding force. “Pick a season [when] you find yourself with fewer challenges to grow out fringe. For most, summer is hot and frizzy, but if you're outdoorsy, a laid-back, air-dried look can help create a blended [style],” she notes. “No one will notice that fringe growing out!”

If winter works best for you because you love to accessorize with hats, scarves, and headbands, then Frazier suggests going that route. In both fashion and functionality, customizing your look to your grow-out style can make your bangs transformation more seamless and enjoyable.

What can I do with my bangs as they grow out?

Once you’ve decided on your official “goodbye bangs” season, Onur-Taylor recommends breaking it down by month to ease the grow-out process. This is a great way to tackle each phase step-by-step, and before you know it, those bangs will be gone.

Month 1

The healthier your hair is, the quicker it will grow back, which is why Onur-Taylor echoes Frazier’s plan for focusing on improving your hair’s condition during month one. “Treat yourself to weekly deep conditioning treatments to keep your hair healthy and well-hydrated,” Onur-Taylor explains. “The more nourished your hair is, the faster it will grow.”

Her favorite hair treatment formula is Biolage Professional’s Smooth Proof Deep Treatment Pack Hair Mask. This mask leaves hair softer and more manageable while taming frizz, split ends, and flyaways.

Onur-Taylor also suggests reducing daily wash sessions and scooping up a dry shampoo. The thought is that fewer wash days can help limit styling time, resulting in less damage from hot tools. “The Matrix High Amplify Dry Shampoo will refresh your locks and extend the life of your blow dry and styling,” she says. Plus, the formula adds texture and prolongs hair volume, so you’ll be less tempted to pick up your styling tools. If you do need a hot tool touch-up from time to time, always prep your hair with a heat protectant spray. We’re partial to Redken’s Thermal Spray Low Hold for lightweight, touchable hold.

Month 2

After two months, your bangs should have some length to them, meaning you can begin playing around with different styles. Frazier advises experimenting with your part. “Change it up! A new look may give the appearance of intention and seem like a makeover.”

You can try switching to a side part and blow-drying your bangs to the side using a paddle brush for a sleek and smooth look. Or, if you prefer an airy, voluminous finish, use a round brush and blow dry upward to mimic the look of the on-trend curtain bang.

When styling curtain bangs, “keep it light and moisturizing,” explains Frazier. “I like [Redken] One United and Quick Blowout to protect from all the elements of life and styling. [They are] light enough not to build up or clog the cuticle or follicle.”


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Month 3

When you reach month three, it’s all about finding creative ways to conceal your remaining fringe. One of the easiest ways to do this is by utilizing hair accessories. “Use bobby pins that match your hair color to blend and tuck bangs away, part hair at an angle, and use barrettes to secure an unruly bang into a chic style—or push the hair off of your face altogether with a headband,” Onur-Taylor says.

To ace this style, simply comb your hair back and apply a firm-hold hairspray before slipping on your headband. One hairspray to try is Matrix High Amplify Proforma Hairspray. This flexible, strong-hold hairspray gives your strands beautiful shine, plus all-day humidity resistance and frizz control. It also features protein for an added boost.

Month 4

At this point, your fringe should almost be fully grown out! Now, Onur-Taylor says it’s time to really start getting playful with your hairstyles. Whether you create a slicked-back wet look, a sleek ponytail, or a top knot, the options are endless. Eventually, your newly long fringe will resemble face-framing layers, and your short blunt bangs will be a fleeting memory.

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How can I make my bangs grow faster?

Nothing can actually make your bangs grow faster, but keeping your locks strong and healthy can help prevent breakage and promote hair growth. One way to help reduce unwanted breakage is by detangling your hair correctly, which will stop strands from prematurely snapping. Our guide on How to Detangle Your Hair In Four Easy Steps lays out what you need to know to keep your mane in tip-top shape.

Also smart: Incorporating strengthening protein products into your hair care routine. Protein is one of the main building blocks of healthy hair; therefore, hair needs protein to look and feel as fortified as possible. Our pick is Redken’s Extreme Mega Mask. It contains Redken’s Strength Complex with protein and lactic acid to restore strength, balance pH levels, and add smoothness to hair. Whether hair is distressed and brittle or extremely damaged, all hair types can benefit from this rinse-off treatment.

When in doubt, try one of the below tutorials for grown-out bangs. These flattering looks are a quick way to style your bangs at any stage of your journey.

How to Style Bangs as They Grow Out

Is growing out bangs in your hair forecast? These pro tips and easy hairstyle ideas for how to grow out bangs will make the in-between phase chic.

Curtain Bangs

“One of the first stages that you [may] hit after a full fringe is a curtain fringe,” says Kérastase artist Kim King. “I would recommend using a one-and-a-quarter inch curling iron, then taking a triangle on either side of that middle part, pulling that fringe area up, and lightly bending [the curling iron] backward.” This will give you a gorgeously-styled curtain effect.

Is growing out bangs in your hair forecast? These pro tips and easy hairstyle ideas for how to grow out bangs will make the in-between phase chic.

Twist and Clip

“If you’re looking for some styling tips to hide bangs for the day, one of my favorite ways is to do a simple little twist,” says King. Here’s how to achieve the look: “Start by taking a small triangle right in that fringe area, and rotate and twist it back away from your face. Then grab another section, add that to your twist, and continue twisting back.” As the last step, she says to secure your twist with a bobby pin or a cute hair clip.

Try braiding the strands along your hairline to take the simple twist up a notch. Keep the ends of your fringe from popping out by misting your hair with water and applying a firm hair gel (such as Matrix Controller Gel) for ultimate control and shine.

Is growing out bangs in your hair forecast? These pro tips and easy hairstyle ideas for how to grow out bangs will make the in-between phase chic.


According to King, headbands are a stylish way to get bangs out of your face. “Never underestimate the power of a super cute headband,” she says. Onur-Taylor agrees: “No matter what length your bangs are at, a headband is a perfect accessory to camouflage in-between lengths.” Frazier loves playing with fun fabrics, such as silk and satin headbands. “They're modern and elegant but also gentle on the hair and scalp,” she explains.

With this trio of stylists' tips, tricks, and styling ideas—and a bit of patience—your bangs will be grown out before you know it.

Need help styling your new fringe? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you. Check back on for more expert advice and tips.

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