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The Ultimate Survival Guide To Growing Out Your Bangs

If you’re wondering how to grow out bangs gracefully, we’ve got you covered! Our expert breaks down everything you need to know.

After months of deciding between inspiration photos and asking all of your friends their opinions, you officially committed to bangs. Whether you’re tired of the maintenance or want to switch up your look with face-framing layers, there will come a time when you officially decide to grow them out. When it comes to ditching your fringe, however, the grow-out process can get a bit tricky.

If you want to know how to grow out your bangs the right way (and deal with that awkward in-between stage with ease), we’ve got you covered! Dilek Onur-Taylor, Matrix artistic educator and NAHA Award-winning stylist, shares everything you need to know about how to grow out bangs the right way. Keep scrolling for her expert tips and tricks plus hairstyle ideas you can try to hide your regrowth.

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How long does it take to grow out bangs?

According to Onur-Taylor, it typically takes bangs three to four months to grow out—depending on the fringe style, the length you’re starting with, and how fast your hair grows (which, on average, is half an inch per month).

What can I do with my bangs as they grow out?

To ease the grow-out process, Onur-Taylor recommends breaking it down into phases by month.

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Month 1:

The healthier your hair is, the quicker it will grow back—which is why she recommends focusing on achieving optimal hair health during month one.

“Treat yourself to weekly deep conditioning treatments to keep your hair healthy and well-hydrated,” Onur-Taylor explains. “The more nourished your hair is, the healthier it will stay, and the faster it will grow.”

Her favorite hair treatment formula is Biolage’s Smoothproof Deep Treatment Pack Multi-Use Hair Mask. This formula leaves hair softer and more manageable while taming frizz, split ends, and flyaways.

Onur-Taylor also suggests cutting down on daily wash sessions and investing in a dry shampoo to limit styling time.

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Month 2:

Even though you're smack dab in the middle of your grow-out journey, you’ll still need to trim your bangs every six weeks.

“Trimming promotes healthy hair and actually helps your hair grow more quickly,” Onur-Taylor explains.

When it comes to styling, switch to a side part and blow dry bangs to the side using a paddle brush for a sleek and smooth look. Or, if you prefer an airy, voluminous finish, use a round brush and blow dry upward to mimic the look of curtain bangs.

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Month 3

When you reach month three, it’s all about finding stylish ways to conceal your remaining fringe. One of the stylists favorite ways to do that is by utilizing hair accessories.

“Use bobby pins that match your hair color to blend and tuck bangs away, part hair at an angle and use barrettes to secure an unruly bang into a chic style, or push the hair off of your face altogether with a headband,” Onur-Taylor says.

Comb hair back and apply a firm-hold hairspray such as Matrix Total Results High Amplify Proforma Hairspray before completing your look with a headband.

“No matter what length your bangs are at, a headband is the perfect accessory to camouflage in-between lengths,” Onur-Taylor says.

Braiding the strands along your hairline can be another easy, go-to style while you’re growing out your bangs. To keep the ends of your fringe from popping out of hairstyles, mist hair with water and apply a firm hair gel such as Matrix Vavoom Hold My Body Forming Gel for ultimate control and shine.

Month 4:

At this point, your fringe should almost be fully grown out! Now, Onur-Taylor says it’s time to start experimenting with your hairstyles. Whether you choose to create a slicked-back wet look, a sleek ponytail, or a top knot, the options are endless. Eventually, your newly-long fringe will resemble face-framing layers.

How can I make my bangs grow faster?

Nothing can actually make your bangs grow faster, but keeping your strands strong can prevent breakage and promote healthier hair growth. Be sure to detangle your hair correctly to avoid breakage as well as adding strengthening products to your routine.

With Onur-Taylor’s tips, tricks, and styling ideas, your fringe will be grown out before you know it.

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