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Salon Spotlight: J. Christopher Salon In New York, NY

photo inside j. christopher salon

Everybody loves a makeover story. Whether it’s a teen ugly duckling making her big entrance at a party or a business getting a fresh start, the idea of getting a new lease on life appeals to the optimist in all of us.

That’s exactly the narrative behind J. Christopher Salon in New York, NY. In 2017, this Matrix salon opened with a fresh coat of paint. Since then, this newly eco-friendly business has pledged to start giving back to the neighborhood that made it.

The Location

J. Christopher salon is a 500-square-foot space that’s hardly bigger than a one bedroom apartment in Manhattan. It was once painted dark red and black, the color of Matrix, but recent years have brought enormous change to the little salon.

After working as a Matrix educator for more than a decade, salon owner Christopher Walsh was about to get the opportunity of a lifetime. Matrix would help him turn his business into a salon entirely dedicated to its Biolage R.A.W. line. Over a period of just 12 days, the salon got a complete overhaul and is now 80 percent sustainable, according to its owner. The business’s LEED certification (a rating certification designed to promote sustainable buildings) and live moss wall speak for themselves.

It isn’t just the trash that’s being taken care of, either. The salon boasts LED lights specially designed for coloring hair and sends out unused color formulas for processing through Green Circle.

Eco goals aside, Walsh hopes the improvements can make his salon a better part of the neighborhood. According to him, a bright white paint job and counter at the window have already gone a long way towards making J. Christopher Salon a more welcoming place.

“It really has a presence outside. I think the seating area looking out over the street looks very inviting. So the response has been overwhelmingly positive,” he says. “[People are] amazed by it. They miss the salon or they’ll knock on the window and go, ‘Wow!’”

The Products

In a R.A.W.-themed salon, there’s no doubt you’re going to leave addicted to the fragrances and results of the Matrix Biolage R.A.W. collection. J. Christopher Salon offers a full range of Matrix products, including ColorLast and HydraSource.

Since the entire appearance of the salon mimics an upscale juice bar, it would only make sense that the products highlighted continue the healthy living vibe. The staff of J. Christopher Salon updates an oversize “menu board” of services that’s visible to clients while they get their hair shampooed. There’s also wall of on-trend open shelving displaying the various R.A.W. shampoos and conditioners in their transparent bottles.

“People actually come in and think [Biolage R.A.W. shampoo] is a juice bottle, something healthy,” Walsh says. “They look healthy. And the response to the product itself has been really great. It leaves their hair clean and fresh.”

It’s not just take-home product the salon sells, either. For $30, you can purchase a Biolage R.A.W. Deep Conditioning Treatment in salon. We love adding on an extra service when hair feels particularly dry or overstyled.

By the time you leave J. Christopher Salon, Walsh hopes that more than just your hair feels beautiful. You should be proud to put your dollars behind a business that’s experimenting with a more environmentally friendly way of operating a hair salon.

“People are looking for ways to leave a better footprint on our earth,” he explains. “If you can buy a product that does that as well as makes your hair feel great and clean, and feel good about it, you’re going to feel good about buying the product.

The Services

If you’re in need of a cut, color, or style for either men or women, you’ve come to the right place. A men’s cut at J. Christopher salon starts at $60, while a clipper cut is $25. For women, a standard cut will run you around $80 (more for extra long hair). Even children are welcome at J. Christopher—a kiddie cut costs $45.

It’s not just length that the salon can help you with, either. The salon boasts a full range of color services like balayage application ($200), full highlights ($200), single process color ($80), and eyebrow tinting ($20). You can also schedule an in-salon intensive treatment ranging from a Deep Conditioning Treatment ($30) to a global keratin treatment ($350). Extension removal ($100) and chemical relaxer ($130) are offered onsite.

The Details

J. Christopher Salon is located at 43 Seventh Avenue, New York. To book an appointment, call 212-929-5505 or visit

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