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Salon Spotlight: Style House Salon In Nashville, TN

salon spotlight Style House Salon

While Nashville is known for its eclectic music scene, it’s also home to some of the top-rated salons in the country. You won’t have to look too far to find a salon that can deliver great hair, but if there’s one thing that sets Style House Salon apart from its competitors, it’s the emphasis they put on customer service and client comfort.

If you’re looking for a salon with staff that are passionate, talented, and simply want to make clients feel good about themselves, read on to find out why you should book your next appointment at Style House Salon in Nashville, Tennessee.

salon spotlight style house salon

The Brand

Lee Wright always knew he wanted to be a hairstylist, but it would take years (and a major career change) to make that dream a reality.

“In my high school, we had a cosmetology program...I was always walking down the hallway peaking through the door of the cosmetology room and just seeing what they were doing,” Wright says. “I just didn’t realize at that point that it was a viable career.

Before Wright’s work began behind the chair, Wright spent years as a graphic designer—so you know he’s always had a knack for color and design. His interest in hair never faltered, however, and after spending years doing cuts and colors on family and friends, he decided to finally turn his passion into a career.

“I liked it, but it wasn’t my passion. I owned my own business for a while and worked for an ad agency...It just didn’t feel like whatever it is that hair does for me,” Wright says. “I looked into a career change, started over, and went to hair school...Once I was there, I realized I was on the right path.”

In 2013, Wright left the salon he was working for and opened Style House in a small, one-chair space that was attached to another salon, before eventually moving to the upscale, boutique space that stands today.

“I needed more space with more chairs, and it kind of just grew from there,” Wright says.

When it comes to the staff at Style House, they’re all about making clients happy. No matter what beauty budget you’re working with, they’ll match you with a stylist (or a few) that fit your specific needs.

“We have a lot of clients that have two or three stylists they visit.They all have their main stylists that they want to see first, but they also have two or three backup people that they’re completely comfortable going to for their maintenance visits,” Wright explains. “A lot of my clients, especially those where their budget is not as open as others, I’ll talk to them about seeing an associate that is less expensive.That’s how they get comfortable seeing multiple people at the salon.”

If there’s one thing returning clients at Style House boasts about the salon, according to Wright, it’s how well the stylists work together.

“We do what we call a ‘signature consultation,’ especially if someone is coming in for a color correction or someone that’s a new client that wants to make a change from what they’re normally doing...We all will collaborate with each other,” Wright says. “There’s a whole toolbox worth of options for everyone and another stylist might have a different approach, and another stylist might say something that sparks a creative thought.”

style house salon

The Location

When you look at the layout of Style House, it’s evident that the space is owned by a former graphic designer. Every inch of the space, with its black chairs, funky wallpaper, and brass pendant lights, is laid out with one ultimate goal in mind: To be an upscale salon with a comfortable vibe.

“The first salon had a sort of industrial, reclaimed wood kind of vibe...I just felt like that look was getting kind of tired...When we moved to our new space, I wanted to elevate it. Because we partner with L'Oréal Professionnel, I wanted to make sure we were representing ourselves as well as that brand,” Wright says. “I still wanted to have a comfortable feel, because our whole thing is that we are an upscale boutique salon, but I don’t think we’re intimidating.”

Style House Salon in Nashville, TN

The Services

When you’re building a salon, especially in a major city like Nashville, it’s essential to curate a staff who specialize in anything and everything hair. However, every salon has its niche—and for Style House, it’s color.

“90 percent of our new clientele are coming to us because of color,” Wright explains. “We have four L'Oréal Professionnel balayage-certified artists on staff, one being a LP Educator and one a LP National Artist."

While color has become what drives so many clients to book an appointment with Style House, the salon specializes in more than just balayage (half from $88+) and highlights (partial from $73+). Style House’s staff are skilled in everything from women’s cuts ($59+) to multiple hair extension techniques including the very popular weft application. (price available upon consultation).

If your strands are in need of something extra, the salon also offers treatments like like Kérastase’s Fusio Dose Treatment: ($30+), Scalp Scrub Treatments: ($25+) and multiple smoothing treatments ($250+).

Style House Salon in Nashville, TN

The Products

While having a variety of services and quality customer service can make a salon successful, the products that line the shelves of the space can also be make or break. From salon color to the styling products, Style House is all about L'Oréal Professionnel.

“Some color lines might pull a little green or a little warm, but LP is what it says it is,” Wright says. “We carry many options for styling at different price points for our clients... everything from L'Oréal Professionnel’s Serie Expert to Tecni.Art lines up to Shu Uemura.”

The Details

Style House Salon is located at 2210 Crestmoor Rd, Suite 3 in Nashville, Tennessee. Visit or call 615-915-2066 to book an appointment. Follow the salon on Instagram @stylehousesalon.

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