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For many of us, the moms in our lives were our very first style icons. Here are seven looks we give mom credit for inspiring us to try today.

Got It From My Mama: 7 Trendy Hairstyles Mom Probably Wore First

For many of us, the moms in our lives were our very first style icons. Here are seven looks we give mom credit for inspiring us to try today.
Got It From My Mama: 7 Trendy Hairstyles Mom Probably Wore First

If someone were to ask you about your beauty inspiration, you'd probably fire off the names of your favorite celebrities or influencers. However, there may be one key person you’d forget to give credit to: mom. You may have spent hours playing with her hair products and pursuing through family albums to admire (and maybe even poke fun at) her retro hairstyles. Yet, many of those go-to looks are still on trend today. To prove that mother often knows best, we’ve rounded up a few so-called vintage hairstyles that are just as popular today. You’ll also find styling tips and tricks to help tailor some of these looks to your personal flair.

7 Mom-Inspired Hairstyles That Are Trending

Good hair day by @nextsalon1992

Classic Bob

Any superstar that steps out with the revived blunt bob usually gets all the credit for bringing it back. However, we’d like to think our moms are the originators of this super short chop. To achieve this look, ask your stylist to snip your hair into a blunt bob that falls just below your chin. You can have them add wispy bangs if you’d prefer to soften up the bluntness or incorporate long layers to help add dimension.

One misconception about short hair is that it can limit your styling options, but that’s far from true. One of our favorite ways to switch things up is to flip in the ends of a bob to instantly transform your look and help add movement and body to your mane. Simply use a blow dryer and round brush to twist the ends of your hair toward your face as you dry it. Just be sure to prep your strands with a heat protectant before getting to work. We’re partial to the Biolage Professional Hydra Source Blow Dry Shaping Lotion to help provide the perfect combination of heat protection, weightless hydration, and shape memory.


A traditional pixie is as effortless as it gets, which makes it perfect for any mom on the go. More and more young women are ditching their length for chic, modern pixies that play up their striking facial features and make styling a breeze.

If you prefer an edgier take on your mom’s pixie cut (like the one shown above), ask your stylist to keep your sides short and leave lots of length on top so you can sweep back into a coif. Use a mousse, like Matrix Setter Mousse, to give your pompadour volumizing lift and texturizing hold when finessing your style.

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Thick Fringe

Bangs always seem to get reinvented, and your mom likely rocked some version of them over the years. While we love all kinds of fringe, a thick set that extends across your entire forehead is our absolute favorite way to wear them. If you do decide on full, blunt bangs, get ready to hit the salon every 4-6 weeks for a trim so they maintain their shape and length. When you’re over them, check out our guide, How To Grow Out Bangs, According to Pros, for tips on making the grow-out process more seamless.

Good hair day by @ellieclarke_hair


You may have heard horror stories about your mom's first perm, but not all types of perms yield that larger-than-life volume she may have sported in the ‘80s. Nowadays, there are so many types of perms to match any desired look, from soft waves (discover digital perms!) to spiral ringlets. Regardless of the route you go, you’ll leave the salon feeling like a totally new you.

Just remember that getting any kind of perm can be a serious commitment. Once you’ve taken the plunge, you’ll typically be locked into your chosen style for about six months while your hair grows out. Consider booking a consultation with your stylist first to determine whether a perm can suit your goals and lifestyle.

Good hair day by @zuul_dana

Shaggy Mullet

We know what you’re probably thinking: Who would want to bring back the mullet? But hear us out: Modern mullets have come a long way from the grungy looks inspired by iconic rock stars. Matrix artist Philip Wolff agrees.

“As with anything, there are the early adopters, trend followers, the masses, and then people who never left the original times,” says Wolff. “With social media having the ability to spread words and images faster than word-of-mouth, it allows anything to trend at a faster rate. Everything eventually makes a comeback with that specific era’s twist.”

The mullet cut of today forgoes the stark transition from short to long. Instead, it features blended layers that give your hair a softer, shaggier effect that still maintains length at the back of your head. If you love showing off your hair’s natural texture, this may be the perfect cut for you.

Good hair day by @cesar4styles

Roller Curls

In an era when new and improved curling irons hit the market all the time, you may have forgotten about hot rollers. Lots of us have our moms to thank for teaching us how to achieve the perfect voluminous spirals the old-fashioned way. Here are a few hot roller tips to help jog your memory:

  • Choose your size. The bigger your roller, the looser your curl, so be sure to select your size based on your desired look. You can also mix and match a few sizes to create natural-looking movement throughout your mane.
  • Apply heat protectant. Although hot rollers don’t typically reach the same temperatures as a traditional curling iron can, you still want to apply a heat protectant prior to styling to help minimize potential damage. We’re partial to Mizani Style Shifter Society Heat Screen to help protect hair from thermal styling and get sleek, frizz-controlled results with glossy shine.
  • Divide your hair and roll. Separate your hair into sections that are slightly smaller in width than your rollers. Then, roll the top sections of your hair first before working your way down to get the most long-lasting volume at the crown.
  • Set your look. Let your rollers sit for about 15 minutes (or until no longer warm) before removing them. Gently finger-comb your curls to loosen them up before spritzing on a workable hairspray, like Redken’s Brushable Hairspray, to set your look.

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A chignon that sits just above the nape of the neck is a timeless style we never tire of seeing. It may even be your mom’s go-to for fancy occasions to this day. The best part is that this simple bun updo is also one of the most versatile: You can rock it sleek and tight for any formal event or loose and messy for everyday wear. Our roundup, 32 Chignon Hairstyles That Are Perfect for Every Occasion, breaks down our favorite styles to try—along with the salon-quality products you need to recreate them.

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Header photo credits: @zuul_dana and @nextsalon1992

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