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Got It From My Mama: 7 Trendy Hairstyles Mom Wore First

mother daughter bonding

If someone were to ask you about your beauty inspiration, you'd probably list off the names of celebs and fashion icons.There may be one key person you’re forgetting to give credit to, however: mom.

As kids, our moms were our biggest beauty inspirations. We’d spend hours playing with their hair products, watching them get ready for a big night out, and looking through old photographs from their teen years. If you're being honest, you probably owe most of your daily styling tips to mom.

Looking for another reason to be thankful this Mother’s Day? Keep scrolling for some iconic hairstyles your mom wore first.

Classic Bob

The classic bob is back and more popular than ever. Any superstar that steps out with a revived throwback ‘do usually gets all the credit for bringing it back, but we’d like to think our moms are the originators of this super short chop.

To achieve this look, your stylist will snip your hair to fall just below your chin. For dimension and movement, ask your stylist to add long layers throughout your mane.


Short hair, don’t care! Nothing screams mom cut like a traditional pixie. The style is as effortless as it gets, which makes it perfect for any mom on-the-go. However, more and more young women are ditching their length for stylish, modern pixies.

For an edgy take on your mom’s pixie cut, ask your stylist to keep your sides short and leave some extra length on top. Apply a few spritzes of texturizing spray, tousle to create texture, and finish the look with a medium hold hairspray.

Thick Fringe

Whether you’re opting for a soft side bang or thin strands that softly frame your face, fringe is in. While we love all kinds of fringe, a thick set that extends across your entire forehead is our absolute favorite way to wear the look.

If you do decide on bangs, get ready to hit the salon every few weeks for a trim to maintain their shape and length.


You may have heard the horror stories about your mom's first perm, but perms nowadays can be tailored to match any desired look. Whether you want tight ringlets or pin-straight strands, you’ll leave the salon a totally new you.

Be warned: Getting any kind of perm can be a serious commitment. Once you’ve taken the plunge, you’ll be locked into your chosen style for about six months. Before you decide if a perm is right for you, be sure to book a consultation with your stylist.

Shaggy Mullet

We know what you’re probably thinking: Who would want to bring back the mullet? However, modern mullets have come a long way from the disastrous looks inspired by iconic ‘80s rock stars. The modern shaggy cut is a runway staple.

To achieve the perfect mullet cut, your stylist will add choppy layers throughout your strands while leaving the hair towards the back of your head longer than the front. If you love showing off your hair’s natural texture, this may be the perfect cut for you.

Roller Curls

In an era where new and improved curling irons hit the market all the time, you may have forgotten about hot rollers. We have our moms to thank for teaching us how to achieve the perfect voluminous spirals the old-fashioned way.

Searching for a modern set of hot rollers to add to your styling arsenal? We recommend the T3 Volumizing Hot Rollers Luxe Set.


A chignon that sits just at the nape of the neck is a mom-inspired style we never get tired of seeing. The best part? This simple bun updo is also one of the most versatile.

A chignon can be worn sleek and tight for any formal event or loose and messy for everyday wear.

So thanks, mom, for taking care of us—and for the timeless mane inspiration.