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50 Easy Natural Hairstyles to Try In 2024

Looking for inspo for your natural hair? We’ve gathered 50 styles, so you’ll never get bored.

If you have natural hair, chances are good that “easy” is the last word you’d use to describe your mane. Natural hair may sound effortless, but anyone with natural hair knows just how much time and money they spend making their hair look and feel amazing. While maintaining your natural hair may not be a walk in the park, styling it doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ve rounded up 50 natural hairstyles that are so easy to pull off anyone can do them.

50 Easy Natural Hairstyles


A wash-and-go is the quintessential easy natural hairstyle. While the name of the style emphasizes its ease, there are a few more steps than just washing and walking out of the door with flawless hair. Once your hair is clean, apply a leave-in conditioner and styling gel such as Mizani True Textures Perfect Coil Oil Gel.

Good hair day by @kensthetic_

Two-Strand Twist Out

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to prolong the length of your Senegalese or two-strand twists, simply release the twists for enviable spiral curls.

Braid Out

Much like twist-outs, braid-outs are a great way to get a few more days out of your braided styles. Take care when taking down your braids; you’ll be rewarded with beautiful texture.

Satin Lined Cap

Hats and curly hair go together like oil and water, but this simple design trick can help your curls flourish in the winter. Be sure to look for hats lined with satin, as satin doesn’t disturb your natural texture.

Fluffy Rod Set

Extend the life of your blowout by a few days with this fluffy rod set. Wrap small sections of hair around flexi rods and allow them to set for a few hours. When you unravel them, you’ll have seriously bouncy and voluminous waves.

Good hair day by @blesnyaminher


When it comes to Afros, the bigger, the better. Use a hair pick to create volume at the root of your hair for maximum lift.

Good hair day by @curly.edgy

Wet Look

If you love how your hair looks after applying your product but before it completely dries, this style is perfect for you. You can start styling your hair right after you’ve washed and gently dried it, or fill a spray bottle with water and spritz your locks until they’re damp. Alternatively, use a spray leave-in conditioner like Mizani 25 Miracle Milk. The liquid formula will dampen your hair while ensuring that it feels hydrated.

Once your hair is saturated (but not soaking wet), work a light-hold gel like Matrix A Curl Can Dream Light-Hold Gel For Coily and Curly Hair through your hair to set your texture. Allow your hair to dry before walking out the door, and it’ll look chic and shiny all day.

Low Puff

Give your puff a more understated look by placing it at the nape of your neck instead of on top of your head.


Looking for a style that appears put together without having to do any work? Simply pop an oversized headband, and you’re ready to go.

Good hair day by @theindiahoward

Double Puff Buns

Whether you’re headed to a concert or a fun night out with your friends, these double puff buns scream the life of the party.

Cornrow Pigtails

Flaunt your natural texture with these half-undone French braids. Braided pigtails are also great for creating second-day hair waves. Keep the braids in overnight to wake up with perfect waves.

Good hair day by @t_wildflower

Side Swept Jumbo Hair Clip

Do you need a quick fix when your curls are flourishing but your edges look worse for wear? All you need is some edge control like Mizani Artful Edges Edge Gel and a jumbo hair clip to get your edges in check.


Simple straight-back cornrows are a classic style that can last days, making day-to-day styling a breeze. Use the Mizani Scalp Care Calming Lotion if your scalp needs extra TLC before wash day. The pointed nozzle is perfect for getting in between your cornrows.

Good hair day by @pekelariley

Deep Side Part

If you love hairstyles that require minimum effort but give maximum effect, look no further than the deep side part. Simply parting your hair on the side can give your locks some much-needed movement and volume.

Bedazzled Bobby Pins

Add some sparkle to your style with these bedazzled bobby pins. They’re super easy to use and go with any look.

Good hair day by @lamajbackwards

Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are another one of our favorite two-for-one styles. Bantu knots the first day and loose curls when you take them down the next day.

Good hair day by @lamajbackwards

Accent Bantu Knot

If you’re not ready to commit to a full head of Bantu knots, you can give the style a trial run with a simple accent Bantu knot.

Good hair day by @micheleneauguste

Finger Waves

Finger waves are the perfect way to coax more definition out of your wash-and-go. Simply wet your hair and apply a curl-enhancing product like Mizani True Textures Curl Enhancing Lotion. You’ll want to wind a single curl around your finger, hold for 10 seconds, and pull your finger out. Continue around your whole head for defined coils!

Good hair day by @styledbyreece and @modelesque_nic

Faux Hawk

Shaving the sides of your head may look striking, but it’s anything from low maintenance. If you love the look but aren’t ready for the commitment, a few strategically placed bobby pins can give you a whole new look as shown here.

Good hair day by @lamajbackwards

Faux Bob

Always wanted to try a bob but scared to lose all of your precious lengths? Simply pins your ends at the nape of your neck for the look of an on-trend bob in seconds.

Half-Up High Ponytail

A half-up high ponytail is one of the best ways to get your hair out of your face while still flaunting your natural texture.

Good hair day by @officialamilnaestevao

Teeny Weeny Afro (TWA)

The best part about cutting your hair very short is that you’ll likely cut your styling routine down to mere minutes.

Good hair day by @styledbyreece

Crown Braid

This style looks regal and complicated but is super easy to pull off. If you know how to French braid hair, just create one jumbo braid around your head and pancake the braid for a fluffed final look.

Good hair day by @petermazilu

Messy Bun

Chances are good that you’ve relied on this hairstyle more times than you can count. To take your messy bun from rolled-out-of-bed to chicly tousled, allow a few tendrils of hair to frame your face.

Good hair day by @styledbyreece

Pineapple Updo

We love how versatile this updo is. It looks just as good paired with a casual outfit as it does when you’re dressed for a night out.

Faux Ponytail

Hair not long enough for a party ponytail? Fake it til you make it. A clip-on ponytail takes a few minutes to attach and looks amazing all night.

Good hair day by @pekelariley on the beautiful @lipstickncurls

Flat-Twist Accented Ponytail

Give your go-to ponytail a much-needed upgrade. Simply create a flat twist down the center part of your hair and secure it with a clear hair elastic. Then, gather all of your hair at the top of your hair and secure your ponytail with an elastic.

Good hair day by @thelifeofdebb

Wash-and-Go Refresh

Many people have a hard time getting their wash-and-go’s to last more than a day or two. But with the right products and techniques, you can make your day four wash-and-go look brand new. Simply spray your hair with water and apply a softening leave-in conditioner such as Redken All Soft Mega Mega Curls Hydramelt to help restore moisture and definition to your hair.

Box Braids

Ok, box braids may not be easy to pull off on your own, but what's easier than heading to the salon and letting someone else do your hair? Once you have your box braids, you won’t have to worry about styling your hair again for at least a few weeks.

Good hair day by @ellyciaaaa

Half-Up With Face-Framing Tendrils

Add some romance to your half-up look with a few face-framing tendrils.

Good hair day by @iydamichael

Accessorized With a Scarf

Whether you’re looking for a style that will completely cover your hair or accent your natural texture, there are endless ways to style your hair with a scarf. Check out the tutorial above for eight styles we’re obsessed with.

Curly Clip-Ins

Check out our curly clip-in tutorial to learn how to add lengths to your natural hair in minutes!

Good hair day by @cynthiaglam and @laurenridloff

Half-Up Flat Twist

Flat twists are perfect for anyone who loves the look of cornrows and French braids but just can’t get the technique down.

Good hair day by @beautybylee

Side-Parted Pixie

Just because you have short hair doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with parts. If your short strands have a hard time staying put, use a strong-hold hair gel like Mizani True Textures Sleek Holding Gel. As a bonus, it will give your hair a chic wet look.

Good hair day by @bycandicejones

Half-Up Bantu Knots

Love the look of Bantu knots but want to give your natural texture time to shine? These half-up Bantu knots are the best of both worlds.

Half-Slicked Back Double Puffs

A boar bristle brush, a firm hold hair gel, and a few hair ties are all you need to put this look together.

Good hair day by @curlsandcurvesrv


Simply sweep all your hair over one shoulder for a romantic look that can be pulled off in seconds.

Curl Formers

Curl formers take a bit of technique to master, but once you get it down, it’ll be one of your favorite ways to stretch and curl your hair without heat.

Good hair day by @marcelcurlsyouon

Half-Up With Hair Clip

A statement hair clip is one of the best hair accessories for half-up hairstyles.

Good hair day by @haircolorkilla

Crown Braid With Accent Twists

Before creating your crown braid, create two accent twists with small sections of hair near your ears.

Good hair day by

Half-Up Loose Top Knot

If you have literally three seconds to do your hair, grab a scrunchie and throw the top half of your hair in a loose top knot. Perfectly undone is the look you’re going for with this style.

Perm Rods

Get the look of perfectly defined curling iron curls without using heat!

Roller Set

Straightening your hair can be a real task, but a roller set is one of the easiest ways to pull it off. Simply set your hair in rollers and let your hooded dryer do the rest of the work.

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