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The Best Hair Products And Trends For November 2019

two photos of women using new hair products for november

Feel that? It’s the holidays, lurking right around the corner. As much as we can’t wait to dive into weekends packed with parties and sparkly jumpsuits, there’s also an underlying anxiety to the season that typically throws your standard routine totally out of whack.

This November, Hair.com is gearing up for the holidays by focusing on time-saving solutions to common problems (when do you even have time to get your blonde hair touched up before Thanksgiving?!), the easiest styles that still look like you put in effort (overnight styling, anybody?), and the gifts guaranteed to give everyone on your list a good hair day.

Take a deep breath, shake out your hair, and let’s dive into the best new hair products and trends coming up in November 2019!


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Single-Process Color: What Gives?

Hair color transformations don’t always have to be the jet black to platinum blonde transformations you see on social media! For real women, a shift between their lighter shade and something slightly brighter and glossier can make all the difference. Read our full guide to single-process transformations and we bet you’ll be texting your stylist to lock down your next appointment.


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Styling Tricks For Your Busiest Weeks

Between frantically booking holiday flights and trying to find at least one day when your whole squad can celebrate Friendsgiving together, those long hours that made up summer days suddenly start to slip by. At the same time, there are more opportunities to dress up! Rely on the expertise of our best hair pros and try our best quickie styling hacks.

Whether you’re learning overnight hairstyles or trying out a side part to prolong your blowout another day, ‘tis the season to spend less time on your hair and look better than ever.

photo of powder shampoo

All About Powder Shampoo

It’s the age of disruption, which means shampoo doesn’t just come in gel or cream form anymore! Meet powder shampoo, the formula that doesn’t have to live in your TSA liquids bag, takes up less space in the shower, and claims to be less wasteful. We’ve got the scoop on this hot commodity—and whether or not it’s the next big thing!


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The Ultimate Hair Holiday Gift Guide

The time has come to overanalyze every single person in your life in an attempt to buy them the perfect thoughtful-but-not-too-showy gift that demonstrates how intensely you’ve listened to every single thing they’ve ever said. Take some of the pressure off yourself by giving the gift of good hair. Everyone can use a confidence boost, and don’t you want to be the friend/sibling/partner who caused theirs?


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You’ve Gone Natural—Now What?

You mustered all your courage, got the big chop, and have happily seen your curl pattern return to its natural state. Great! Now what do you do with all this fabulous curly hair you’re so focused on growing? This month, we’re tackling those Next Step Blues with guides to growing long natural hair and managing any transition period woes.

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Hair Fibers That Actually Work

Thinning hair can make you feel self-conscious and less than your best self, so investing in products that help you feel more confident is a must. Hair fibers have come a long way from the days of spray-on paint and we’re investigating the ones that actually make an impact and stay put all day. We do the research, you benefit! That’s a win-win relationship.

Need a haircut while you’re planning for the new month? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.