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10 Of The Best Ways To Try A New Hair Color Without Commitment

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Whether you’re indecisive, a commitment-phobe, or just love switching up your hair color as often as the seasons change, you may be hesitant to make a permanent hair color change. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to try a new hue without whipping out the bleach and permanent hair dye. While there are so many low-commitment options, there are also some that require no commitment at all. 

From salon services to at-home products, we’re breaking down 10 no-commitment hair color ideas that you can try anytime. 

Hair Gloss

Hair glosses are great for adding shine or toning your existing hair color, but they’re also a quick (and commitment-free) way to switch up your hue temporarily. While there are hair gloss formulas that you can try at home, we always recommend opting for the salon service to achieve the best results. Not all hair glosses are created equal, however. If you’re headed to the salon, be sure to ask your colorist about Redken Shades EQ hair gloss

These acidic, ammonia-free hair glosses deposit a demi-permanent subtle wash of color that can last up to 24 washes while adding shine and conditioning your strands. They can be used to temporarily tone your existing color or transform your hue in just 20 minutes. Your colorist can also mix multiple Shades EQ formulas to create a customized shade. 

Hair Gloss Ideas

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Pastel Pink

If you’re looking to try fantasy hair without permanently altering your hue, you can achieve pastel pink hair using only a hair gloss. Ask your colorist about Redken Shades EQ in the shade Pastel Pink. It’s important to note: To achieve the most vibrant results, you will likely have to pre-lighten your hair—while the pink hue will be temporary, your blonde hair will be here to stay.

Good hair day by @alejcabanillas.


This gorgeous copper hair color was created using Shades EQ in shades 07C Curry and 09AA Papaya.

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Shades EQ Level 10s can help you achieve that platinum blonde hue you’ve always wanted. We love this icy color, created with the help of Shades EQ shade 010T Platinum. These shades work best for existing blondes who want to change the tone of their color temporarily.

Good hair day by @hair_bykate.

Chocolate Brown

No, you don’t need to commit to going dark if you want to test the waters of being a brunette! Redken Shades EQ can help you achieve a deeper, shinier hue without committing to a permanent color change.

Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Semi-permanent hair colors are often confused with demi-permanent hair colors, but the two are slightly different. Like demi-permanent hues, semi-permanent hair color doesn’t penetrate the hair shaft, which makes it a damage-free option for changing your hue. Semi-permanent shades, however, will begin to fade after four to 12 washes.

Semi-Permanent Hair Color Ideas

Good hair day by @korluhairartist.

Golden Brown

Fact: Golden brown hair color is universally flattering (like, on every single skin tone), and everyone should try the warm-toned shade at least once.

Good hair day by @ashleywalls_colormesalon.


Everyone thinks about going red, but committing to red hair is an entirely different story. Luckily, you can try a semi-permanent auburn hair color to test the waters of red hair without committing to the real thing.

Good hair day by @aaashleee.


If you have dark hair, a plum hair color will give your look a bit of edge while still blending well with your natural base shade.

Temporary Hair Color

If you want to play around with a different hair color and wash it out the next morning, temporary hair color is perfect for you. From hair chalk to color sprays, there are a variety of formulas on the market that can help you achieve a no-commitment hue. The best part is, since temporary hair color sits on top of the hair cuticle and washes out after one shampoo , you can experiment with it at home without your stylist’s help.

Temporary Hair Color Ideas

Good hair day by @cassderosa.

Face-Framing Color

Switch it up from blonde, face-framing highlights and try painting colorful streaks onto the front pieces of your hair. You can even use a different shade on each side for added flair.

Good hair day by @hairbyskylarbunch.

Peekaboo Highlights

If you’re going to use temporary hair color, there’s no reason not to get creative with your placement. These red and green peekaboo highlights are perfect for a holiday party.

Good hair day by @thevividvillain.

Colorful Ends

Who says the dip-dye trend is old news? We still love the look of colorful dip-dyed ends that contrast with a neutral base.

Interested in trying a new hair color? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

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