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The One Product That Can Help You Get *Super* Blonde Hair

bottle of redken shades eq and very blonde haired woman

Blonde addicts all have one thing in common: They're always plotting ways to get even brighter and more blonde. Any stylist will tell you that the number one goal of every blonde client is healthy-looking (and feeling!) platinum or ash blonde hair. In the past, they'd need to mix multiple glossing shades to achieve the tone their blonde lovers wanted. Well, have we got news for you!

Redken's latest innovation is the Shades EQ Level 10s, the highest level of toner for super bright blondes. Read on to find out how these little miracle workers can help you get your best blonde (and prettiest, too!).


What are Redken Shades EQ Level 10s?

If you're new to the hair color world, you may get caught on the differences between plain old hair color and toner. Unlike traditional dyes, which can either lift and deposit or just deposit pigment onto the hair strands, toners actually work to shape the, well, tone of the hair color.

Redken's Shades EQ glosses are well-regarded within hair salons across the country because they're easy to use use (20 minutes from beginning to end) and have a no-ammonia formula, which means no smells or itching during your color service. As an added bonus, the demi-permanent, no lift formulas fade within a few weeks...which means freedom to keep experimenting with your color!

Now that you've got the basics, onto Shades EQ Level 10s. While stylists previously combined a less-bright Level 9 and a clear coat to achieve reflective, gorgeous blonde, they now have the option to go one level higher and get a better blonde as a result!

Cassandra McGlaughlin, pro stylist and Redken brand ambassador, says the difference really is the precision. When you bring a photo of platinum hair in to your stylist, you'll know they have the tools to get exactly what you want.

"You can consistently create a super bright blonde," she says. "You get a predictable end result every time…no more hoping and praying that it doesn't turn out too dark! I've been loving the control it gives me with blonding and the bright, clear results I get each and every time."


Who should ask for Redken Shades EQ Level 10s?

If you're a bright blonde who's seeing grays or uneven color, you should be asking your stylist for Shades EQ Level 10s. The formulas are actually acidic, so expect less harsh processing and mega shine (the biggest win of all, especially if you're rough on your hair). You'll end up with even, well-blended color, and a reflective finish.

Moreover, you should ask about Shades EQ Level 10s if you want blonde hair that leans icy or neutral—the system is set up to support your every need! It's available in Delicate Natural (think buttery beige blondes) and Lavender Ice (knockout snow queen blonde).

Ready to get glossy, gorgeous color? Give your stylist a ring—you're ready for Shades EQ level 10s, which are available beginning in August.

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