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One To Watch: 25 Questions With Ashley Lee, Mizani Brand Ambassador

one to watch ashley lee

Ashley Lee, a Mizani brand ambassador and stylist, is determined to make 2020 her year, and that means nothing—not even a pandemic—can get in her way. Lee was just settling into her new digs, after moving from a midtown salon to her new Bronx salon Beyond Fab Hair Studio, when she was forced to shutter her doors due to Covid-19. Not being able to style hair was a major blow, but Lee decided to use the much-needed time off to work on a few projects, and it’s safe to say, Lee is back and better than ever.

Not only did Lee use the time to hone her already incredible hair care and styling skills, but she also launched YouTube channel Ashley Lee Styling and a line of merch—what can’t she do?! As she prepares to reopen her salon on July 1st, we caught up with the stylist to learn some of her favorite tips, tricks, and the secret to great hair.

HDC: Did you always want to be a hairstylist?

Ashley: “I was always in love with fashion and beauty but never saw it as a career option until after I graduated from college and entered the workforce, hating everything! After researching cosmetology schools, being laid off from my job allowed me to enroll, and I never looked back since.”

HDC: If you could trade lives with any stylist, who would it be?

Ashley: “I would love to trade with so many amazing stylists! But I’ll pick any stylist that gets to lay hands on Beyoncé.”

HDC: What’s your salon nickname?

Ashley: “I haven’t gotten a salon specific nickname. I’m usually ‘Ash’ to most people.”

HDC: Worst hair habit?

Ashley: “My worst hair habit for myself is throwing in a turban when I just don’t feel like styling it.”

HDC: The weirdest hair hack I know is __

Ashley: “Window cleaner as a color remover. I’ve never used it as such, but it’s definitely the weirdest thing I’ve seen done.”

HDC: My favorite part of styling hair is__

Ashley: “Seeing my client’s reaction.”

HDC: If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only bring one hair tool, which would it be?

Ashley: “A hooded dryer for sure.”

HDC: The hair product I couldn’t live without is ___

Ashley: “Mizani Foam Wrap.”

HDC: Everyone should__ at least once in their life

Ashley: “Color their hair.”

HDC: What’s the hair color you’ve always wanted to try but never had the guts?

Ashley: “I think yellow hair is so cool. It’s like a funnier version of blonde. Once I figure out how to incorporate it into my life, I will.”

HDC: Favorite shampoo?

Ashley: “I love and try all different types of clarifying shampoos because I love clean hair.”

HDC: Favorite conditioner?

Ashley: “Mizani Scalp Care.”

HDC: Favorite styling cream?

Ashley: "I love Mizani Sleek Guard for my blowouts always.”

HDC: What’s one hair secret you think everyone should know?

Ashley:“That trimming your hair regularly is a direct contributor to your length retention.”

HDC: What’s the key to healthy hair?

Ashley: “Hygiene over aesthetics.”

HDC: Favorite hair trend?

Ashley: “I love that micro link extensions are becoming popular.”

HDC: Least favorite hair trend?

Ashley: “I’m not crazy about the baby hairs.”

HDC: What is your favorite thing to do that client’s request?

Ashley: “I love doing rod sets on clients.”

HDC: Before you were a pro, what is the biggest misconception you had about being a stylist and working in the hair industry?

Ashley: “The biggest misconception that I had was that this industry was one dimensional. There are so many lanes you can go into as a stylist.”

HDC: What was your first job?

Ashley:“I worked as a sales associate at a store.”

HDC: What’s one thing people don’t know about you?

Ashley: “One thing people may not know is that I used to want to work with animals, and I have spent the night at the Bronx Zoo.”

HDC: Do you prefer day one or day two hair?

Ashley:Day two, for sure.”

HDC: How would you define your career in three words?

Ashley: “Fulfilling. Spontaneous. Challenging.”

HDC: Favorite song to play while working?

Ashley: “I don’t have a favorite song, but my vibe is definitely low key. Jhene Aiko, Lucky Daye, Ari Lennox type of vibes.”

HDC: What's the biggest hair myth you've heard?

Ashley:Relaxed hair is unhealthy.”

Interested in booking an appointment with Lee when salons open back up? Follow her on Instagram @alstyling. Book an appointment with her at Beyond Fab Hair Studio by visiting or call (347) 913-3274.

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