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One To Watch: 25 Questions With Bradley Leake

photo of Hollywood Stylist Bradley Leake

If you love sunkissed balayage and reality TV, chances are good you’ve heard of Bradley Leake before. But even if you haven’t heard his name, you’ve definitely seen his work on the manes of some of your favorite celebrities and social media influencers. Crafting stunning coiffes for red carpets, reunion episodes, and covers of magazines are the culmination of a life-long dream and 10 years of hard work. Just one glance at his impressive Instagram feed, filled with stunning updos and his signature lived-in color, will let you know he’s made it.

Leake will soon join’s Shop With A Stylist program, where you will be able to shop all of his favorite products at an exclusive price and with free shipping! Ready to learn more about one of Hollywood’s favorite stylists? Keep reading to find out his favorite hair tricks and tips, and the one thing you’d never guess about him.

Hollywood Stylist Bradley Leake Did you always want to be a hairstylist?

Bradley Leake: Yes, growing up, I was one of three identical triplets. While my brothers were drawn to other things, I always had a doll. My mom says I would just walk up and down the stairs watching the hair swish back and forth.

HDC: If you could trade lives with any stylist, who would it be?

BL: Jen Atkin. I really admire her not just for her mad hair skills, but she’s a boss babe and is really building an empire around her brand.

HDC: What’s your salon nickname?

BL: I don’t really have a nickname. Just Bradley or Brad for short.

HDC: What’s the worst hair habit?

BL: Not brushing out waves. Always use a wide-tooth comb to break them up for a more cool and less curly style.

HDC: The weirdest hair hack I know is__

BL: Your hands are your number one tool. When creating any style, don’t be afraid to use your fingers to lift the roots for volume while blow-drying. Or spray your fingertips with hairspray to eliminate fly always.

Hollywood Stylist Bradley Leake

HDC: My favorite part of hairstyling is__

BL: My favorite part of styling hair is the ability to look at someone’s features and customize a look that best suits them and their lifestyle.

HDC: If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only bring one hair tool, which would it be?

BL: I’d have to choose a flat iron because it gives so many styling options.

HDC: The hair product I can’t live without is__

BL: Redken Shades EQ. Temporary glosses are a lifesaver for us hair colorists. I like giving my guests a color change without a long-term commitment, so they are dating it and not married to it.

HDC: Everyone should __ at least once in their life.

BL: Lighten their hair.

HDC: What’s a hair color you’ve always wanted to try but never had the guts?

BL: Red. I absolutely love it when I have guests looking to go red, but I don’t know that I could personally pull it off. I love a beautifully done “natural red.”

Hollywood Stylist Bradley Leake

HDC: Favorite shampoo?

BL: I love using Colorwow Color Security Shampoo because it gently cleans the hair leaving no ingredients left behind. However, if your color-treated locks need some extra love and TLC, check out Strength Cure Shampoo from Pureology. It’s packed with ingredients to help strengthen and repair color-treated hair.

HDC: Favorite conditioner?

BL: All Soft Moisturizing Conditioner from Redken is great for those with dry or brittle hair that needs that extra punch of moisture.

HDC: Favorite styling cream?

BL: I love the consistency and flexible hold of Redken Brews Styling Cream.

HDC: What’s one hair secret you think everyone should know?

BL: The products you put on your hair will 100 percent affect how the hair is styled and how long it lasts. Find the right products for your hair type. Everyone has a different canvas.

HDC: What’s the key to healthy hair?

BL: TLC—make sure to give your hair the nutrients and love it needs by using professional products and hair masks to keep the integrity of the hair strong and healthy.

Hollywood Stylist Bradley Leake

HDC: Favorite hair trend?

BL: Money piece. This color trend of having a brighter shade around the face really highlights the face without the need for high upkeep of all over the lighter shade.

HDC: Least favorite hair trend

BL: Silver hair.

HDC: What is your favorite thing to do that client’s request?

BL: My clients love sunkissed balayage and a money piece.

HDC: What was your first job?

BL: I was a lifeguard at my local swimming pool.

Hollywood Stylist Bradley Leake

HDC: What’s one thing people don’t know about you?

BL: I’m an identical triplet!!

HDC: Do you prefer day one or day two hair?

BL: Depends on the canvas. Everyone’s hair type and texture are different. Generally, day two hair is less soft and more cooperative.

HDC: How would you define your career in three words?

BL: Driven, passionate, and humbling are three words that come to mind when describing my career. I’ve always had a passion for hair and the drive to excel in anything I put my mind to. After having a successful 10 years behind the chair, I made a career change and moved across the country to take a dive into the editorial and celebrity market, which was a very humble restart to my career, but I’m forever thankful.

Interested in learning more from Leake? Follow him on Instagram @hairbybradleyleake and check out his website

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