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One To Watch: Tik Tok Creator And Stylist Cynthia Dhimdis

photo of Tik Tok creator Cynthia Dhimids

If your TikTok “For You” page is full of hairstyle inspiration, chances are good you’ve come across Cynthia Dhimdis’ videos before. The Tik Tok creator has made a name for herself as a hairstyling guru, creating easy-to-follow hair tutorials for her over 142,000 followers. 

While working as a receptionist at a high-end hair salon, Dhimdis quickly recognized her dream of starting a career in the beauty industry. 

“I didn’t know that you could make hair a career,” Dhimdis says. “I always considered it a hobby, but I always loved doing my own hair, and that’s kind of where my passion came from.” 

After dropping out of college, Dhimdis got her professional hair license in 2017. She began learning tricks of the trade by assisting celebrity hairstylists and used that knowledge to build her large social media following. 

“I started doing styling tutorials on myself, and it became way bigger than I thought it would. I started it to promote myself as a stylist, but I realized that the everyday girl just wanted to learn hair tips,” Dhimdis says. “I found my niche is bringing value to the everyday girl in my online community, teaching them how to style their hair and giving them knowledge about products as well.” 

Dhimdis’ breakout video was a Valentine’s Day old Hollywood waves tutorial on Instagram. Now, her Tik Tok page has over 84 videos, which feature tutorials on everything from heatless wave hacks to ‘90s-inspired hairstyle ideas

“What’s great about being online is that I can reach a much bigger audience than I could ever reach in person,” Dhimdis says. 

While she’s a self-proclaimed hair styling guru, Dhimdis’ also has a few tips to share for maintaining healthy hair. She only shampoos two times a week to keep her thick strands from becoming too dry—and she always utilizes a hair mask on wash days. 

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“Since I don’t wash my hair every day, I use a hair mask every time I wash my hair, which really changed the game for making my hair feel stronger and healthier,” Dhimdis says. “I also switched to a microfiber towel and a silk pillowcase to minimize frizz and damage.” 

Want to learn more about Dhimdis? We asked her 14 questions about her favorite hair hacks, her go-to hair products, and more. The best hair hack I know is _

Cynthia Dhimdis: “I have a few. One is when you do a ponytail, a lot of people want to look down because it's just easier, but it's actually better to look up when you're creating it. That way, it doesn’t sag. It pulls it back more, and you'll have a much tighter ponytail. The other one is using dryer sheets to help with static. If you have staticky hair, you can use dryer sheets and hairspray on a toothbrush to get rid of any flyaways.” What’s one hair color you’ve always wanted to try but never had the guts?

CD: “I'm not that adventurous...I feel like there’s no crazy color that I’ve always wanted to try, but I would love to be lighter. I have such dark hair that it would be such a long process.” The hair product I couldn’t live without is _

CD: “I love the Matrix Total Results Brass Off Shampoo for when my hair gets brassy. I also love the Redken One United Multi-Benefit Hair Treatment Spray.” Favorite hair trend?

CD: “I love that the ‘90s are coming back, so cute little braids and claw clips. I love all of that, but my favorite of all time is just a simple blowout. I think that never goes out of style.” Least favorite hair trend?

CD: “Right now, I’m over the beach waves with straight ends.” Favorite Tik Tok trend?

CD: “My favorite Tik Tok trend is the ‘Things Tik Tok Made me Buy’ videos. It has put me on so many random yet useful things.  If it wasn’t for Tik Tok, I would have never known about them.” What’s one thing people don’t know about you?

CD: “I have a tiny bald spot on the back of my head from when I accidentally got dropped as a child.” What’s your secret to getting the best Instagram selfie?

CD: “Natural lighting and a selfie clicker. It seems like I'm close to the phone, but just having the clicker is useful, so you're not reaching.” Do you prefer day one or day two hair?

CD: “Day two.” What’s your go-to date hairstyle?

CD: “A side part with hair tucked behind my ear on one side and voluminous curls.” Everyone should _ at least once in their life.

CD: “Visit another country.” Who is your biggest hair inspiration?

CD:Negin Mirsalehi. She’s the ultimate hair goals.” Worst hair habit?

CD: “I always tuck my hair behind my ears and ruin the volume I created.” The hairstyle that makes me feel most confident is _

CD: “A sleek, simple blowout with body and movement.”

Interested in learning more from Dhimdis? Follow her on TikTok @cynthiadhimdis and Instagram @cynthiadhimdishair

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