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One To Watch: Sarah Crews, Kérastase Artist And Educator

sarah crews
In any profession, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ method to achieve your goals and Sarah Crews proves just that. As a hairstylist, she’s made a career for herself by taking every opportunity that comes her way—even if it didn’t follow the conventional path.

Whether it’s working behind her salon chair, taking the stage as an educator, or creating a bride’s dream hairstyle, there’s no job the Kérastase artist and educator isn’t prepared to take on.


sarah crews

Her Background

Like many stylists, Crews love of hair dates all the way back to her childhood. As a young girl, the future stylist spent hours braiding and curling every head of hair she could get her hands on. She quickly realized that her passion for hair would shape the rest of her life.

Crews attended cosmetology school at a small facility in Glasgow, Kentucky—though she admits her education was not the best start to her career.

“It was not the most ideal education, but from there I tried to do the best I could to grow in my career and learn everything I could on my own...I became an independent contractor for years and moved to Nashville,” Crews says.

As a Nashville-based stylist, Crews has had a broad variety of experiences in the industry—in and out of the salon. She’s called Studio Gaven in Franklin, Tennessee, her home for the last seven years. Outside of the salon, she’s had the opportunity to work on movies, TV, and music video sets all over Nashville.

“Living in Nashville, everybody is a singer and songwriter and everyone is trying to make it in the industry….Then just networking with artists here in Nashville, some cool opportunities would come along as well,” Crews explains.


sarah crews

Her Passion

While working behind the chair has always inspired her, Crews had her eye on the goal of becoming an educator from the very beginning.

“Like a lot of hairstylists, I think that dream has always been there to be a platform artist or on stage somewhere or just to be able to teach other people...I thought that it was time to follow through with that,” she says.

Her drive to become an educator and admiration for Kérastase hair products inspired Crews to reach out to brand’s education team.

“We carried Kérastase in our salon and I’m really just in love with the products. Everything about it seems to be what I gravitate towards and fits my aesthetic. If I were a product, that’s what I would be,” she says.

Crews flew to New York to audition for a spot on the team five years ago. She’s been traveling the country as an educator for them ever since.

Crews says that styling will always be her number one passion when it comes to hair. Weddings, however, are what drives her creativity the most—which led her to form Sarah Crews Bridal.

“I think what inspired me most is the whole fairytale of weddings in general. I just love everything around that. It was always something that I sort of gravitated towards while working in the salon and developing my own techniques and ways that I would approach wedding hairstyles,” Crews says.

The future of Sarah Crews Bridal is bright. One that Crews is looking forward to getting fully up and running in the very near future—a completely revamped name, website, and a clear initiative to make every bride’s special day the ultimate fairytale.

“I am growing this on-location service to include options beyond hair and makeup...Maybe grooming for the guys, chair massages, a gift package…anything that creates an entire experience wherever the wedding party happens to be,” Crews says.


sarah crews

Her Advice

Crews believes she has endless wisdom to pass along to fellow and future stylists. That’s why she’s begun a new Instagram account called @RealLifeStylist. There, she aims to be a resource that others in the industry can look to for advice and inspiration.

“A passion of mine is to mentor and coach other hair stylists. I don’t know what this will grow into...but the direction will eventually include a YouTube channel, blog, and educational materials both free and for a fee,” she explains.

Crews does, however, offer one piece of advice that she believes is essential for all stylists to be successful: Keep an open mind.

“Remain open to all possibilities in this industry...even create your own by following the artistic and creative ideas in your head,” Crews says. “Get your own unique creativity and those ideas out into the world and share it all with others. Don’t let fear, self-doubt or perceived inexperience stop you. Just pursue it like a toddler pursues a lollipop—without inhibition.”

Follow Sarah Crews on Instagram @HairBySarahCrews and @SarahCrewsBridal. Book an appointment with her at Studio Gaven in Franklin, TN, by calling 615-503-9788.