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Salon Spotlight: Renaissance Salon In Hillsborough, NJ

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In the business world, making it past one year is a feat. Five years? Now you’re starting to get the hang of it. Now picture this: Jen Korab, owner of Renaissance Salon in Hillsborough, New Jersey, has been running her business for 13 years. The storied salon boasts incredible customer service, a staff that never misses a hair trend, and an owner with a clear-eyed vision.

Today, Renaissance Salon has made a reputation off of its gorgeous, multidimensional hair color and elevated atmosphere. In need of a trim? To learn more about Renaissance Salon’s service and why you should pay it a visit, keep reading.

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The Brand

Like so many small businesses, Korab’s salon was born out of her desire to grow in the industry and foster the growth of other artists. She makes sure the team at Renaissance Salon seeks out new techniques to ensure customers receive the most up-to-the-minute looks possible.

Although Korab’s owned Renaissance for many years, she hasn’t yet retired to a cushy back office. On any given Tuesday, you’re likely to see her on the floor, chit-chatting with guests and taking her own appointments.

“I absolutely love to jump in, get my hands dirty, and be right there with my staff,” she says. “The business part of it is actually kind of like a side thing—I personally love just doing hair."

It’s that same work ethic which makes Korab’s team such a force in the industry. There’s nothing more inspiring to artists than watching each other create all day, every day—and that creative spirit is just one element that contributes to the salon’s success.

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The Location

While many salons focus on pristine, echoing white surfaces fit for an art museum, Korab’s vision is a little different: To her, your hair salon should feel like a better version of your know, one without the dog fur and with better chairs.

“I want it to feel very homey,” the owner says. “Basically like everybody-knows-your-name kind of feel but also with a more high end to it. You want that exclusive pampered feel in a homey environment.”

Maintaining a close-knit community within the salon is an ongoing challenge since Renaissance has a rapidly growing client list as well as an expanding staff. Today, you can find 10 styling chairs, 15 stylists, and 2 aestheticians within the salon’s walls.

New clients aren’t the only way to judge the success of the salon, either. Korab is quick to show love to the ladies who’ve been returning to Renaissance for the 13 years since she purchased it.

“What’s really nice is we have clients that have been with us since basically our doors opened.,” she says. “We maintain a very high return rate. I think it’s all about the environment we create, the comfort, the way we do hair, it all plays a part in it.”

If you often feel sweaty palms at the thought of sitting in a stylist’s chair, perhaps the key is to establish a relationship with your hair pro—the more trust between you, the better. Places like Renaissance Salon are what hair dreams are made of.

redken products at renaissance salon

The Products

Renaissance is a Redken elite salon—so just try and guess which brand’s products you’ll find on the shelves. Korab has a lengthy history with the brand that dates back to her first days as a professional stylist.

“I started working in a salon years ago that had Redken and I just kind of fell in love with the brand,” she explains. “When I opened my salon, it was one thing that I knew I absolutely wanted to have in the salon and be a part of.”

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The Services

Looking to freshen up your cut or color at Renaissance Salon? Its services are based on a tiered pricing program, so a stylist with more experience will be a bit pricier than one who’s just learning the ropes. Expect to spend $35 or more on a women’s cut and $30 or more on a blowout. Single process color starts at $60, while balayage begins at $125 and a glaze begins at $25.

Interested in a treatment over a cut or style? We don’t blame you. Olaplex will run you $15, while a Brazilian keratin blowout is $250. A perm is $85, and a beach wave is $95. For hair extensions, see a stylist for a consultation to determine the approximate cost.

The Details

Renaissance Salon is located at 411 US Highway 206 in Hillsborough, NJ. To book an appointment, call 908-874-3747 or visit Follow the salon on Facebook and Instagram @renaissancesalon.

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