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Salon Spotlight: Cheveux Salon In Brookfield, WI

salon spotlight Cheveux Salon
It was never a matter of if Ashley Brown would open a salon, it was a matter of when. Established in 2012, Cheveux Salon is the culmination of a lifelong dream for Brown. The Wisconsin-based artist has turned her passion for hair, creativity, and education into a one-stop shop for all of your hair needs.

No matter your hair color, length, or texture, Cheveux Salon is committed to helping you achieve your best hair ever. If you’re looking for a superb hair salon in the Wisconsin area, Cheveux Salon is the place for you.


The Brand

Brown is what some people may call a legacy salon owner. The stylist grew up in a hair salon—literally. Brown’s father owned two hair salons throughout her childhood and all of the time she spent watching her father work, directly influenced her chosen career path.

His passion to be a salon owner and educator is what drove me to join the industry...Growing up in a salon, I saw that all the stylists were able to express themselves creatively, meet new people, make people happy—so he definitely influenced me there.

However, Brown didn’t want to just open any old salon. After getting her career off the ground and working in several salons, she began to feel like the full-service salons she’d worked for weren’t full service enough.

“I kind of felt like there was a lack of education, especially surrounding textured hair. That’s kind of my main driving force in opening a salon so that I could really provide an environment where everyone felt welcome, no matter their hair texture,” she explains. “We focus a lot on education at my salon, so giving them the tools they need to artistically express themselves.”

Which means not only will you leave Cheveux Salon with a killer haircut and color, but also you’ll have a better understanding about how to properly care for your hair.

“We’re really big on teaching our clients the proper way to take care of their hair and the proper steps to deep conditioning. We try to give our clients the tools they need to be successful with their hair because we know in the long run that it’s going to allow us to have more success with their hair,” the stylist says.


The Location

While many salon owners spend countless hours worrying about the aesthetic of their salon, Brown is much more concerned with making sure her clients feel comfortable from the moment they walk in.

“We cater to a very diverse clientele—not just in ethnicity but also in age. We wanted everyone to feel comfortable whether they were two, 22, or 92. That was the main thing, making sure it was innovative and clean but also comfortable,” she explains. “Not necessarily feel like home, but an extension of home because we run a very close knit, family-owned business.”


The Services

The salon offers a full range of services including women’s haircuts ($35-$45), men’s haircuts ($20-$35), relaxers ($85-$110), and keratin smoothing treatment ($295+).

“At Cheveux we perform every service with integrity and our mantra in mind,” Brown says. “‘Keeping hair healthy, one strand at a time.’”


The Products

Brown began working with Mizani as a brand ambassador two years ago, but she’s been a fan of the products for more than a decade. When it came time to purchase products for her salon, she didn’t have to think twice before stocking the shelves with Mizani’s shampoos, conditioners, and styling products. While Brown says Mizani’s 25 Miracle Milk is her favorite product, her clients can’t get enough of the Thermasmooth line.

“That’s what we use the most, that’s what we sell the most. It’s very easy for clients to use as a system. That’s probably our top seller,” the owner says.

In addition to Mizani, Cheveux also carries Redken products. The best part is nearly all of the products the stylists use on their clients are available for purchase.


The Details

Cheveux Salon is located at 2425 North 124th street, Suite 1 in Brookfield, Wisconsin. To book an appointment call (262) 456-1601. You can also book online by visiting Follow the salon on Instagram and Facebook for more information.

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