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Salon Spotlight: Lamaj In The City In Washington, DC

lamaj in the city salon interior

Everybody is looking for a salon that feels like home. The average woman has been to plenty of mediocre hair appointments and come out the other side knowing she deserves better. If you’re searching for a truly exceptional end-to-end experience, you need to know about Lamaj In The City.

Designed to cater to every need of women looking to enhance their texture or temporarily get rid of it, Lamaj In The City is a sleek space that caters to the diverse needs of its clientele. Keep reading to learn about Lamaj In The City’s legacy—and why it caters to women with dark brown hair, sunny blonde hair, and everything in between.

far view of lamaj in the city main room

The Brand

Growing up, owner Jamal Edmonds was always surrounded by women. Whether it was sisters or aunts, that amount of constant talk about hairstyles piqued his interest at an early age—so it only makes sense he began styling his sisters’ hair. Fast forward two decades and Edmonds is still catering to the needs of women just the way he took care of his own family. He’s now opened Lamaj In The City twice: one in Washington, D.C.’s Capitol Heights neighborhood, and more recently in its current space.

At Lamaj In The City, texture rules—both putting it in and taking it out. The salon offers everything from advice about going natural for the very first time to extension installation and chemical treatments. Whereas naturally straight-haired women don’t always need help making their manes feel more wearable, Edmonds is cognizant that many of his clientele have never taken ownership of their texture before. That creates a uniquely trust-based relationship between his staff and his guests.

While the salon is perhaps best known for its silk treatments and blowouts, Edmonds is careful to give his clientele the information they need to keep their hair looking beautiful between appointments. Rather than arm them with flat irons, his team teaches techniques designed to prolong professional styles. From pin curls to overnight wrap styles, Lamaj In The City is all about maintaining a continuous relationship with clients—even between appointments. There’s a reason women come running back!

The Location

The most recent iteration of Lamaj In The City is a space designed around comfort and customization. Instead of bare walls and cold white furniture, clients are treated to a luxurious blend of caramel and gold tones all over the salon. The Mizani flagship proudly plays host to gallery walls featuring framed images of models of all skin colors and hair textures showing off their editorial styles.

For Edmonds, the most important thing is to create a space that’s both warm and welcoming. Although square footage may not be in abundant supply, every inch is put to work building a cohesive aesthetic. If the small Lamaj In The City team—three stylists and two assistants—has done its job, you should feel at peace from the moment you walk through the door. There’s no rushing to get you out the door or double-booking, just genuine consideration for your hair goals and your story. Think longterm needs instead of flash-in-the-pan hair color or a quick trim.

view of lamaj in the city main room

The Products

As you might have guessed by now, the Lamaj In The City is built on a strong foundation Mizani hair products. The texture-first brand supplies everything from chemical relaxers to heat protectants and volume builders. If you’re in the market to stock up on hair care supplies, know that Lamaj In The City also carries Redken hair care products.

Color more your style? Edmond also relies on Redken color to create the salon’s signature gorgeous color.

sink area of lamaj in the city

The Services

Edmonds is a branding guru, so it only makes sense that his salon’s services would be as polished as he is. At Lamaj In The City, you can pick from an assortment of pre-priced style packages to ensure your mane gets the TLC it deserves. Options include City Chic, $65, which incorporated products from Mizani’s Thermasmooth Line; City Coils, $90, a custom 3D coil-styling session; and City Lines, $120, a sleek and straight bob haircut and style that will have you looking polished in minutes.

For those seeking more standardized salon services, expect to pay $25 for a shampoo and conditioner. A lacer set will run you $80 while a wand set is $90. Hair color begins at $35, while balayage starts at $175.

When it comes to texture services, relaxer starts at $50, keratin begins at $100, and extension installations at $300. If you’re interested in locs, expect to pay $110.

The Details

Lamaj In The City is located at 809 Florida Ave NW, 2nd Floor, Washington, DC. To book an appointment, call 202-518-LITC or book online at Follow the salon on Facebook and Instagram @lamajinthecity.

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