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photo of colorist Trace Cunningham with new book True Color

Celebrity Colorist Tracey Cunningham Launches First Hair Color Handbook

Celebrity colorist Tracey Cunningham launched her first-ever book. Read on for everything you need to know about the ultimate guide to salon color.

Ask anyone in the world of salon color and they’ll surely know the name Tracey Cunningham. The celebrity colorist is one of the most sought-after professionals in the industry. She works with a variety of Hollywood’s biggest names, creating gorgeous shades of blonde, brunette, red that you’re sure to see on the red carpet and lining the front page of magazines.

It’s safe to say that Cunningham’s influence on the hair industry has been profound. She’s a trendsetter, an entrepreneur, an educator, and now, a published author. She’s currently celebrating the launch of her first book titled “True Color”.

Tracey Cunningham's True Color - The Essential Hair Color Handbook

The book delves deep into the world of salon color. Within 217 pages, Cunningham shares the history of hair color, hair color guides with photo inspiration, and advice for budding stylists. Clients can find hair color and nutrition tips for achieving a healthier mane and a hair term glossary. Not to mention: Exclusive personal photos and interviews with some of her A-list clients.

When asked about her inspiration for creating “True Color”, Cunningham’s answer is simple: To create a guide that could be helpful for anyone interested in color.

“I feel like it has something in there for everybody,” Cunningham says. “ If you're thinking about going to beauty school, if you're in beauty school, if you're out of school, if you're a client, if you want to know what’s in your water, the history of color—there just wasn’t anything like that out there, so I thought “why not?

A photo of author Tracey Cunningham. Writer of True Color - The Essential Hair Color Handbook

Photo credit: James Houston

The book also explains Cunningham’s entrepreneurial journey and how she’s made her career so successful—which, she says, all started by word of mouth recommendations.

“It was before the internet, when someone would say “Wow, I really like your color, who did it,” Cunningham explains. “Then you tell them and they book with you.”

You can also read more about the start of her work with Redken. In the book, she describes how the launch of Redken’s Shades EQ hair glosses changed her life as a colorist. After using a permanent hair color for years, she was introduced to the line while working at Sally Hershberger Salon, and she’s sworn by it ever since.

“I was obsessed as soon as I tried it, and it’s still one of my favorite products to use today,” Cunningham says in her book. “In fact, I love Shades EQ so much that it’s the reason I agreed to sign on as a Redken ambassador in the first place.”

Want to get your hands on “True Color” by Tracey Cunningham? Click here to see where the book is available.

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