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30 Gorgeous Plaited Hairstyles To Try In 2022

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Popular fashion trends come and go, and so do hairstyles. As chokers and millennial pink are on their way out, you’ll also notice certain hairstyles fading from the spotlight. While you won’t see sock buns and poofs regaining popularity anytime soon, there are some looks that never go out of style.

From everyday women to lavish A-listers, plaited hairstyles are a mainstay for almost everyone. Since plaited looks range from simple to intricate, it can be hard to know which style fits within the range of your braiding expertise. If you’re imagination only takes you as far as a single French braid, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re strands are dark brown or ash blonde, here are some of the best-plaited hairstyles for you to try this year.


Half-Up Dutch Plaited Ponytail

In the past few years, half-up hairstyles have returned in a major way. Half-up top knots and ponytails have not only taken over social media, but also set the bar even higher by putting a new spin on classic styles. If you’re looking to try your hand at a quick and easy Dutch braid, combine it with your half ponytail for a simple, everyday look.

To begin, part your hair into two equal sections on the top and bottom. Using a hair tie, fasten the top half into a ponytail. Separate the loose hair from the ponytail into three even sections. Begin your Dutch braid by pulling the left section over the middle one, followed by the same steps with the right section. Continue the process until you’ve reached the ends of your hair. When you’ve finished, secure the braid with a clear hair elastic.


Sleek Rope Braid

We’re all about sleek hair these days, and a slicked back, polished ponytail is a favorite for a night out or everyday wear. For added flair, try adding a rope braid into the mix. Start by tying your hair in a tight high ponytail. Brush through the strands of your pony and separate into two even sections. Twist each section individually in the same direction, then crisscross them to create a rope braid. Secure the braid with a hair tie and finish off the look with a few spritzes of hairspray.


Edgy Side Plait

A lot of plaited styles are designed to flatten out your mane, but this edgy side braid will let your natural volume shine. Leave the hair at the top of your head free and take a small section of hair from one side, fastening a thin braid close to the scalp. Secure the style with a bobby pin and finish it off with strong-hold hairspray. Pair this style with statement jewelry and a dramatic eye look for maximum style impact.


Faux-Hawk Plait

There are a few styles that can be worn to just about any occasion in your life. Luckily, the faux-hawk braid is equally as chic and elegant as it is edgy and fun. Whether you’re walking down the aisle or going to a rock concert, a faux-hawk braid represents the best of both worlds.

To try this style for yourself, start by using a few pumps of volumizing mousse to boost volume. Begin with a regular half ponytail at the top of your head, move down a few inches, and add another hair tie mid-ponytail. Underneath the first ponytail, section off another just below it and secure it. On the top ponytail, split the hair into two between the first and second hair tie. Pull the second ponytail from underneath through the space you created and combine the two ponytails with another hair tie.

Continue the process of creating ponytails underneath and pulling them through between each hair tie. Secure the style with a hair tie and tug on pieces of the braid for a textured, tousled look.


Festival Plaits

Festival season is upon us, which means there’s no better time to start planning out your look. If you have festival season on the brain, you’re probably dreaming of all things desert and boho. A tousled, braided top knot is the perfect Instagram-worthy look for any festival-goer.

To achieve this look, section off the top of your head and separate it evenly as if you were creating four different plaits. Make sure the braids are as tight to your scalp as possible, braiding them into a top knot. Pull several thin strands from the top knot for a perfectly undone look. Since no festival-worthy style is complete without an accessory, embellish the look with some loose glitter at the top of your mane.


Half-Plaited Rosette

The half plaited rosette may look intricate, but achieving this beautiful faux flower can be done in a few simple steps.

To begin, loosely braid small sections at the side of your head starting at your ear, stopping at the middle. Take the loose hair and both braids to the center, bringing them together with a hair tie. To create the rosette shape, create a three-strand braid with the remaining hair from the half ponytail and secure it. Roll the braid towards the top elastic to shape the rosette. Pin down the edges with bobby pins and complete the look with medium hold hairspray.


Boho Accent Plait

Accent braids are a super easy and casual way to emphasize almost any hairstyle. Since boho chic is in right now, there is no better way to finish off your look than with small, messy braids throughout your locks. We especially love the look of accent braids on wavy, textured strands.

Allow your hair to air dry, then simply add a small rope braid to the side of your head and secure it with a hair tie. With a few spritzes of texturizing spray and the perfect accessories, your bohemian look is complete.


Dutch Fishtail Plaited Updo

Looking to upgrade your messy updos for 2019? Craft a Dutch accent braid before pulling your final look together.


DNA Braid

The DNA braid is perfect for anyone who loves a styling challenge. Ask your stylists for their best tips and tricks if you’re stumped on how to recreate this intricate plaited style.


Rope Braid Half-Updo

Begin with a middle part and pick up a 2-inch segment of hair from the center of your hairline on each side of your head. Craft a rope braid with each section. Pull the braids to the back of your head and secure them with bobby pins to create a half updo.


Double Dutch Plaits

Start with a center part and form two even sections of hair on each side of your head. Clip the section you aren’t braiding first to keep it out of the way. Split the hair into three even sections beginning at your hairline. Craft a three-strand Dutch braid from the start of your hairline all the way to your ends. Use a hair elastic to hold the braid in place and repeat the same steps on the opposite side. Complete the look with a few spritzes of hairspray.


Side Swept Fishtail Ponytail

Create a deep side part and sweep your hair over your shoulder. Take a 2-inch strand of hair from the front of your hairline and split it into two even sections. Wrap the two pieces around each other to create a rope braid until you reach the nape of your neck.

Use the remaining hair to create a traditional fishtail braid and use a hair elastic to hold it in place.


Five Strand Dutch Braid

Five strand braids appear to be super complicated, but the technique is similar to some of the most popular plaits out there—with just a few extra strands to work with. With a little practice and patience, you can master the five-strand braid in no time!


Embellished Side Braid

If you’re a sucker for diamonds and pearls, why not give braid jewelry a try? Simply intertwine them throughout any braided look for an instant hint of glam.


Boho Waterfall Braid

Waterfall braids are loved for their elegance, but your strands don’t have to be super sleek to wear the look properly. Try a waterfall braid with loose, textured waves. We love the Matrix Style Link Mineral Rough Me Up Salt Infused Spray. This formula with an infusion of micro-salts softly defines the day for beach day texture.

Rosette Crown Braid

Interested in swapping your traditional crown braid for something new? This flower power crown is sure to inspire you!


Boho Braided Pigtails

This laidback, simple style is perfect for a breezy day at the beach. Simply part your hair down the middle and craft two identical three-strand plaits on each side of your head. Secure each braid with a hair elastic and apply a few spritzes of texturizing hairspray like the L'Oréal Professionnel Techni.Art Wild Stylers Next Day Hair.


Half-Crown Braid

Opt for a half-crown braid if you want the gorgeous effect of a traditional crown that also lets you show off your length.


Inverted Fishtail Braid

Gather a section of hair from the front of your hairline and divide it into two even segments. Grab a small piece of hair from the outside of the left section and cross it under the right section. Then, take an identical piece from the right section and cross it under the left. Repeat these steps, adding more hair each time you cross over until you’ve braided all of your hair. Gently pancake the braid and tie it off with a hair elastic.


Accent Side Braids

Looking for party hairstyle inspiration? These embellished accent braids are the perfect mix of sassy and chic. Whether you’re headed to a holiday party or a girls night out, you’re going to want to give this look a try!


Dutch Plaited Bun

Instead of individually tieing off each plait, gather any remaining hair into a low bun and secure it with a hair elastic.


Center Part Plaited Bun

Begin by creating a center part. Use a rattail comb to create a section that is about 1-inch wide at the center of your head. Working with the 1-inch section, craft a traditional three-strand braid beginning at the front of your hairline. Braid until you reach the nape of your neck. Pull the remaining hair to the back of your head and gather it at the nape of your neck. Wrap your strands into a low bun and secure it with a hair elastic.


Standard French Braid

This timeless style can be yours in minutes! Begin by detangling your hair with a boar bristle brush. Divide the hair at your hairline into three even sections—left, middle, and right.

Cross the right section under the middle section, then pull the left section under the right. Repeat these same steps as you continue braiding, adding more hair to the braid as you go. When you finally reach your ends, secure the braid with a hair elastic and a few spritzes of hairspray like the Matrix Total Results High Amplify Flexible Hold Hairspray.



Cornrow have been around for ages, and the protective braiding style doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. We recommend applying the Mizani 25 Miracle Nourishing Oil to your hair before you begin cornrowing. The product leaves hair manageable, shiny, and beautifully moisturized.


Tied With A Bow

The best plaited looks are all about the small details. Incorporate a hair bow into any braided look for a special touch.


Corset Braid

Whether you tie in thin leather bands, ribbon, or string, these fabric-woven braids are sure to make a statement!


Plaited Space Buns

We adore all double bun hairstyles, but plaited space buns are definitely our favorite. Begin by flipping your hair over and splitting it evenly down the middle of your part. Working with one section at a time, begin crafting a French braid starting at the nape of your neck. Continue braiding until you reach the crown of your head. Secure the braid with a hair elastic and repeat the same steps on the opposite side.

Once your braids are complete, flip your hair back upright and backcomb the remaining hair in each section to create volume. Wrap the hair in each section around the base of the elastic to form buns. Use bobby pins to hold the buns in place and lock everything in with a few spritzes of hairspray.


Undone Side Braid

Loosen a few face-framing strands of hair from your side braid to create a more casual look.


Plaited Messy Bun

Messy buns don’t have to be basic. If you’re looking to upgrade your messy bun, a three strand accent braid can instantly enhance your look.


Three Strand Infinity Braid

Take a section of hair from the crown and split it into three even segments. Pick up an additional section of hair from the left. Pull this piece under section one, over the second, and wrap it around the third. Pick up a new piece of hair from the side of your head and add it to the right section. Pull this section under the middle segment and over and around the left. Keep this piece of hair in your hand.

Without picking up any additional hair, pull this strand over and around the middle section and under and under and around the right section. Continue these steps, adding more hair every other time until you reach your ends.

Looking for more expert styling tips? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

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