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The 10 Easy Pigtail Hairstyles To Try In 2023

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The past few years have served up tons of throwback hairstyle nostalgia. From high ponytails wrapped in scrunchies to space buns, we’re continually drawing inspiration from hairstyle trends of the past. If there’s one hairstyle that’ll surely bring you back in time, it’s pigtails.

When you think of pigtails, you might recall wearing them a lot for picture day as a kid. Though the fun hairstyle has a reputation for being youthful, there are tons of stylish ways to wear them as an adult.

Not sure how to take your pigtails from cute and sweet to trendy and chic? Keep scrolling for 12 easy pigtail hairstyles you’ll love. Whether you’re looking for a bohemian hairstyle or something a bit more classic, there’s a pigtail look perfect for you.


Boho Pigtails

Boho pigtails are messy yet chic, making them perfect for everyday wear or a laid-back day at the beach. Begin by creating a middle part and apply a few spritzes of a texturizing spray like the L'Oréal Professionnel Next Day Hair Hairspray throughout your hair. The micro-propelled dry finishing spray transforms hair into next day disheveled looks with a discrete and natural touch.

Working with one side at a time, begin crafting a traditional three-strand braid starting at your ear. Continue braiding until you reach your ends and use a clear hair elastic to hold the braid in place. Repeat the same steps on the opposite side and complete the look with a flexible hold hairspray like the Matrix Total Results High-Amplify Hairspray.


Festival Braided Pigtails

If you’re preparing for festival season, you’re probably dreaming up a hairstyle that will go perfectly with your concert-wear. Why not try sprucing up your basic braided pigtails? With the right accessories and a bit of glitter, you’re all set for your next festival!


Dutch Braid Pigtails

Part your hair down the middle and create two even sections on each side of your head. Work with one section at a time and split your hair into three even segments. Beginning at the start of your hairline, begin crafting a classic Dutch braid all the way to your ends.

Use a clear elastic to secure your braid and repeat the same steps on the opposite side. Pancake each braid to make them appear full and voluminous. Complete the look with a few spritzes of high-hold hairspray like the Redken Control Addict 28. This extra strong hold anti-humidity hairspray holds hair in place for 24 hours without residue or flaking.


Bubble Pony Pigtails

If you’re obsessed with the look of a bubble ponytail, why not make it double? Bubble pony pigtails looks particularly beautiful if you have super long locks.


Curly Braided Pigtails

Flaunt your fabulous curls with these stunning braided pigtails! Part your hair down the middle and apply a dime size amount of the Mizani Lived-In Sculpting Paste throughout your mane.

Beginning at the front of your hairline, create traditional cornrow braids on each side of your head.Once you reach the mid-lengths of your hair, tie each braid off with metallic hair elastics, letting your natural spirals shine!

Braided Pigtail Buns

Flip your head over and bring all of your hair to the front so that it hangs down past your forehead. Split the hair into two even sections on each side of your head. Use a hair elastic to tie off whichever segment you aren’t working with first. Pick up a small section of hair from the nape of your neck and divide it into three even pieces.

Form a Dutch braid by crossing the left piece over the middle. Then, pull the right section over the middle. Repeat these steps as you continue braiding, adding more hair as you go. Once you reach the top of your head, secure the braid with a hair elastic. Let your hair down from the elastic on the opposite side and repeat these exact steps.

Flip your hair back over so that you’re sitting upright. Twirl the remaining loose hair around the base of each hair elastic to form two buns. Use bobby pins to hold each bun in place and apply a few spritzes of hairspray to lock the look in place.


Rainbow Pigtails

If you’re daring enough to try a full head of rainbow streaks, you’ll want a hairstyle that best accentuates your color. Opt for braided pigtails to show off all of that rainbow dimension!


Half Up Pigtail Buns

Gather the top half of your hair and split it into two even sections. Starting with either side, use a clear hair elastic to tie the segment into a high ponytail at the top of your head.

Wrap the loose hair from the ponytail around the base of the elastic to create a bun. Use bobby pins to hold the bun in place. Repeat these steps with the other section and secure the final look with a few spritzes of hairspray.


Sleek Pigtail Buns

If you’re a woman on the go, you might be looking for a hairstyle that can withstand anything your day throws at you. This sleek, sophisticated style can take you straight from work to the gym. To ensure your pigtail buns last all day long, be sure to use a hair gel like the Redken Hardwear 16 Super-Strong Sculpting Hair Gel. This hair gel gives a style the power to stay put with lasting control and serious shine.


Short Embellished Pigtails

Pigtails aren’t exclusive to those with long hair—they’re also a great option if you’re sporting a shorter chop. We love the look of braided pigtails on shorter strands. Take your pigtails to the next level by placing floral embellishments throughout the look.

Looking for more personalized hair styling tips? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

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