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Pigtails are popping up on our social media feeds, and we’re obsessed! These 34 adult pigtails styles are reminiscent of the schoolgirl classic but with chic twists that work for different hair types.

34 Easy Pigtail Hairstyles for Adults to Try In 2024

Pigtails are popping up on our social media feeds, and we’re obsessed! These 34 adult pigtails styles are reminiscent of the schoolgirl classic but with chic twists that work for different hair types.

The past few years have served up tons of throwback hairstyle nostalgia. From high ponytails wrapped in scrunchies to space buns, we’re continually drawing inspiration from hairstyle trends of the past. If there’s one hairstyle that’ll surely bring you back in time, it’s pigtails.

When you think of pigtails, you might recall wearing them a lot for picture day as a kid. Though the fun hairstyle has a reputation for being youthful, there are tons of stylish ways to wear them as an adult.

Not sure how to take your pigtails from cute and sweet to trendy and chic? Keep scrolling for 34 easy pigtail hairstyles you’ll love. Whether you’re looking for a bohemian hairstyle or something a bit more classic, there’s a pigtail look perfect for you.

Pigtails are popping up on our social media feeds, and we’re obsessed! These 34 adult pigtails styles are reminiscent of the schoolgirl classic but with chic twists that work for different hair types.

Twisted Pigtails with a Baseball Cap

Did you hear twisted pigtails are the new braided pigtails? According to ambassador Madison Sullivan (who styled these), they’re perfect for traveling, too, since when you take out the twists, you’re left with effortless waves that require no clunky heat tools. Throw a baseball cap on like our model here to keep your hair from getting roughed up on the plane ride.

Good hair day by @myguiltycrown

High Pigtails With Bangs

High pigtails are trending, but if you’re skeptical about the style looking juvenile, try adding shaggy bangs and leaving some loose pieces in the front and back. Add colorful highlights to really lean into the whole rocker chic aesthetic!

Braided Pigtails With Beanie

Classic braided pigtails topped with a beanie scream winter wonderland. But honestly, beanie season extends into the spring and fall as far as we’re concerned, so find the beanie that works for whatever the season so you have a reason to sport this cute style.

Pigtails featuring Fantasy Color

Fantasy hair colors are bright and bold all on their own—add pigtails, and you’ll lean into the e-girl aesthetic in the best way.

Pigtails With Gemini Hair

The sections of color on Gemini hair (and its cousins like color blocking) act as guidelines for your pigtails, plus the hairstyle will emphasize your playful dye job.

Half-Up Double Bubble Pony Pigtails

​​If you’re obsessed with the look of a bubble ponytail, why not make it double? Bubble pony pigtails look particularly beautiful if you have super long locks. It works in a half-up style, too, like pictured above.

Good hair day by @hairbybradleyleake

Festival Dutch Braids

Part your hair down the middle and create two even sections on each side of your head. Work with one section at a time and split your hair into three even segments. Beginning at the start of your hairline, begin crafting a classic Dutch braid all the way to your ends.

Use a clear elastic to secure your braid and repeat the same steps on the opposite side. Pancake each braid to make them appear full and voluminous. Complete the look with a few spritzes of high-hold hairspray like the Redken Thermal Spray High Hold. This extra strong hold anti-humidity hairspray holds hair in place for 24 hours without residue or flaking.

Optional: Add in gold hair rings to make this style festival season ready!

Good hair day by @jadajenkinsco

Slick Pigtail Braids on Natural Hair

If you don’t think you can pull off the pigtail trend because your hair texture is more coarse, think again. Mizani artist Jada Jenkins shows us how it’s done with the help of braiding hair and absolutely no heat!

Pigtails With Wispy Bangs

Wispy bangs (also known these days as Korean air bangs) are trending right, so why not pair the recycled style with another throwback look? Enter: pigtails!

High Pigtails

We know what you’re thinking—high pigtails scream pre-school, but hear us out first! High pigtails are fun for sporting events paired with a jersey or festival season adorned in glitter. The thing to remember with this style is the right place and time mean everything.

Curly Half-up Pigtails

Curls instantly add a fun pop to pigtails. If you have a tighter curl pattern and still want to show off some length, pull only the top section of your hair into pigtails for this half-up hairstyle that is easy to do.

Good hair day by @smolinstravel

Voluminous Braided Pigtails

The key to faking these voluminous pigtail braids is pancaking. If you’re not familiar with the term, let us explain. Pancaking is simply pulling your thumbs through the loops of your braids to just enough to loosen them and make them look plumper.

Good hair day by @dremalczewska

Boho Pigtails

Boho pigtails are messy yet chic, making them perfect for everyday wear or a laid-back day at the beach. Begin by creating a middle part and apply a few spritzes of a texturizing spray like the L'Oréal Professionnel Next Day Hair Hairspray throughout your hair. The micro-propelled dry finishing spray transforms hair into next-day disheveled looks with a discrete and natural touch.

Working with one side at a time, begin crafting a traditional three-strand braid starting at your ear. Continue braiding until you reach your ends, and use a clear hair elastic to hold the braid in place. Repeat the same steps on the opposite side and complete the look with a flexible hold hairspray like the Redken Brushable Hairspray.

Sleek Pigtails

Sweep day two glass hair up into pigtails for a silky smooth spin on this classic ‘do. Use a serum like Kérastase Nutri-Supplement Split Ends Hair Serum on lengths to keep split ends from ruining your sleek look.

Pigtails With Beach Waves

The summer season deserves its own spin on traditional pigtails, don’t you think? Add a touch of summer to your pigtails with a few spritzes of Redken Beach Spray. You’ll be left with beach waves free of salt, so get all the texture without any of the damage.

Good hair day by @rachmartino

Loose Boxer Braids

Perfection is overrated—just look at these undone braided pigtails! They’re ideal for your next yoga session, where you can leave any qualms you have about perfection on the mat.

Good hair day by @annette_updo_artist

Festival Braided Pigtails

If you’re preparing for festival season, you’re probably dreaming up a hairstyle that will go perfectly with your concert wear. Why not try sprucing up your basic braided pigtails? With the right accessories and a bit of glitter, you’re all set for your next festival!

Good hair day by @dayvidwilson

Textured Pigtails

Flaunt your fabulous textured hair with these stunning braided pigtails! Part your hair down the middle and beginning at the front of your hairline, creating traditional cornrow braids on each side of your head. Once you reach the mid-lengths of your hair, tie each braid off with metallic hair elastics, letting your natural spirals shine! For a finished look, slick down baby hair with Mizani Artful Edges Edge Control Gel.

Pigtails With a Side Part

Are you a strictly middle-part type of person? Take a walk on the wild side by combining your pigtails with a side part.

Pigtails With a Zig-Zag Part

…Or put an end to the middle part vs. side part debate once and for all by pairing your pigtails with a zig-zag part. See how it’s done here!

Good hair day by @miloszhairstylist

Box Braid Pigtails

Is your protective style looking a little too lived in? Refresh box braids that you’ve been wearing for a while by pulling them up into pigtails. Your new style will hide any imperfections.

Editor tip: Run a pump of Mizani Foam Wrap over each braid before creating your pigtails for an overall sleeker finish to your look.

Good hair day by @mr_alexandrycosta

Loop Braid Pigtails

This take on pigtails is very trendy right now, so why not jump on the bandwagon? Just create braided pigtails like you normally would and tuck the tails into the top elastic to create a loop.

Braided Pigtail Buns

Flip your head over and bring all of your hair to the front so that it hangs down past your forehead. Split the hair into two even sections on each side of your head. Use a hair elastic to tie off whichever segment you aren’t working with first. Pick up a small section of hair from the nape of your neck and divide it into three even pieces.

Form a Dutch braid by crossing the left piece over the middle. Then, pull the right section over the middle. Repeat these steps as you continue braiding, adding more hair as you go. Once you reach the top of your head, secure the braid with a hair elastic. Let your hair down from the elastic on the opposite side and repeat these exact steps.

Flip your hair back over so that you’re sitting upright. Twirl the remaining loose hair around the base of each hair elastic to form two buns. Use bobby pins to hold each bun in place, and apply a few spritzes of hairspray to lock in the entire look.

Pigtails With Ribbon

You can pull off this trendy accessory with pigtails in two ways. After executing your pigtails, take a ribbon and thread it through a 3-strand braid, or use your ribbons to tie cute bows over your hair elastics, securing your pigtails in place. You can try both at once if you prefer a maximalist ribbon style!

Pigtails With Extensions

We’re loving the security blanket hair trend this winter, so if you aren’t quite yet ready to give up your extensions just yet, add pigtails!

Good hair day by @nesti_skorupka

Twisted Pigtail Buns

Let’s be clear; it doesn’t have to be festival season to sport space buns. Now that we got that out of the way, the style starts off with pigtails twisted and wrapped around the base. Lock into place with bobby pins and Matrix’s Vavoom Freezing Spray. It has a 24-hour hold, and it’s humidity resistance, so even if you do decide to take these for a spin at a festival, they’ll hold up rain or shine.

Good hair day by @ruthroche

Cowgirl Copper Pigtails

We’re obsessed with this rustic brown and vibrant copper mix being dubbed Cowgirl Copper this season. If you’ve given the shade a try, we suggest pulling your ginger locks back into two pigtails to channel big cowgirl vibes.

Champagne Blonde Pigtails

This look-at-me blonde almost shines brighter when styled into pigtails. We suggest asking your salon about Redken Shades EQ in Gold Rose to achieve a similar color and adding shine spray to really let those champagne strands pop.

Pigtails With Shaggy Hair

Shaggy cuts like the highly in-demand wolf cut look effortlessly pulled into pigtails since the shorter layers of this cut will fall around the face. We recommend trying if you’re into a slight bedhead vibe.

Teased Pigtails

Big, teased roots are back! Do double the teasing by backcombing the tails of your pigtails as well for a look that’s reminiscent of Southern glamour.

Good hair day by @designmehair

Puffy Pigtails

Airy volume gives these thick boho pigtails the ultimate wow factor. Try this look on freshly washed hair as opposed to second-day hair so product build-up doesn’t get in the way of you achieving that same airy vibe.

Classic Bubble Braid Pigtails

When it comes to braids, bubble braids are foolproof—see our simple guide here. Just don’t forget to match your hair elastics to your hair shade!

Afro Puffs

‘90s nostalgia is everywhere these days, so we aren’t surprised that afro puffs are trending again. Grab a high-hold gel like Mizani True Textures Sleek Holding Hair Gel, made for curls and coils to mimic these cute puffs.

Jet Black Pigtails

A certain spooky schoolgirl that blew up our TV screens this past fall put jet-black pigtails back on the map—not to mention the rise of goth trends! Here’s a way to give the goth aesthetic a whirl without fully diving in.

Discover more hairspiration on, and use our Salon Locator to find a professional near you to expertly execute any of these hairstyles.

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