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The Twilighting Hair Technique Is A Fresh Take On Highlights For Brunettes

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2020 is officially the year of the brunette and while we’re only less than a month in, we’re already seeing fresh hair color techniques fine-tuned for darker strands. If the beginning of a new year (and a new decade) is inspiring you to make a change, you’ll want to know all about the newest color trend to hit the internet: The twilighting hair technique.

Wondering how twilighting can upgrade your brunette? We tapped Nick Stenson, Matrix artistic director, to find out everything you need to know about this low-maintenance technique.

What is twilighting?

If the name twilighting instantly makes you think of the warm tones in the sky just moments before a sunrise or sunset, you’re on the right track! Unlike your typical brightening, platinum highlights, twilighting is all about adding warmth and depth to brunette hair—just like the warm, golden hues that line the sky during twilight. Because this trend is meant to enhance your base color, it works best for brunettes.

“This technique will be used more often to create warmer tones in the hair—hence the name Twilight. Think of the golden tones in the sky at twilight time of day,” Stenson says.

Wondering exactly how twilighting is done? Typically, your colorist will use foils or a hand- painted highlighting technique to add golden streaks throughout your strands. Because twilighting is all about accentuating your base color, your look can be as subtle or bold as you want. While this technique is intended for brunettes, Stenson says it can also be customized to add warmth to lighter hues.

It’s important to note: Your colorist will likely need to use bleach to achieve your look. Bleach will always cause damage, but your colorist will work to improve the look and feel of your hair before you leave the salon.

What kind of maintenance does twilighting require?

Salon color is an investment, so it would be a shame not to take care of your hue between salon appointments. Along with your color change, you’ll also need to make a few changes to your hair care routine. For everyday color maintenance, Stenson recommends Biolage ColorLast Shampoo and Conditioner. This system nourishes and protects to help maintain the depth, tone, and shine of color-treated hair.

Because twilighting involves adding warmth to your strands, you might notice some brassy tones after a few weeks. That’s why Stenson recommends swapping your regular shampoo and conditioner with a purple shampoo like Matrix Total Results Brass Off Shampoo and Conditioner once a week. This color-depositing system neutralizes brassy tones while refreshing hair with cool tones.

If your strands are feeling the effects of bleach damage, add a weekly hair mask like Matrix Total Results Miracle Creator Nourishing Strengthening Mask to your routine. This multi-tasking hair mask intensely nourishes, revitalizes, and strengthens hair in just 60 seconds.

Interested in trying the twilighting technique? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

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